Daniel Attias

États-Unis Nationalité américaine

Né le 4 décembre 1951 (71 ans) • Los Angeles, Californie (États-Unis)

Aussi appelé : Dan Attias

Légende : Non vu Vu Wishé

Réalisation / Long-métrages

Année Film Durée (min) Moyenne / Nombre de votes
1985 Peur bleue (Silver Bullet) 95
Moyenne de tous ses films12.86

Réalisation de séries

Miami Vice (Deux flics à Miami)
3x09 Baby Blues21/11/1986
Beauty and the Beast (1987) (La Belle et la Bête)
2x08 Labyrinths20/01/1989
21 Jump Street
4x08 Stand by Your Man13/11/1989
4x21 Unfinished Business09/04/1990
Beverly Hills, 90210 (Beverly Hills)
1x09 The Gentle Art of Listening06/12/1990
1x14 East Side Story14/02/1991
1x19 April Is the Cruelest Month11/04/1991
2x02 The Party Fish18/07/1991
2x04 Anaconda01/08/1991
2x08 Wild Fire12/09/1991
2x11 Leading from the Heart10/10/1991
2x14 The Next Fifty Years07/11/1991
2x21 Everybody's Talkin' `Bout It06/02/1992
2x23 Cardio Funk27/02/1992
2x24 The Pit and the Pendulum19/03/1992
3x03 Too Little, Too Late/Paris 7500129/07/1992
3x05 Shooting Star/American in Paris12/08/1992
3x13 Rebel with a Cause11/11/1992
3x29 Commencement (1)19/05/1993
3x30 Commencement (2)19/05/1993
4x09 Otherwise Engaged03/11/1993
4x23 A Pig Is a Boy Is a Dog02/03/1994
4x30 Vital Signs11/05/1994
5x09 Intervention02/11/1994
Jake and the Fatman (La loi est la loi)
4x12 Let's Call the Whole Thing Off02/01/1991
Melrose Place (1992)
1x02 Friends and Lovers15/07/1992
1x09 Responsibly Yours09/09/1992
1x12 Polluted Affairs21/10/1992
Northern Exposure (Bienvenue en Alaska)
4x12 Revelations11/01/1993
5x01 Three Doctors20/09/1993
5x10 First Snow13/12/1993
6x12 Mi Casa, Su Casa11/01/1995
6x20 Buss Stop24/04/1995
Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman (Docteur Quinn, femme médecin)
2x02 Sanctuary02/10/1993
3x18 Cooper vs. Quinn (2)04/02/1995
3x19 What is Love?11/02/1995
The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr. (Brisco County)
1x07 Pirates08/10/1993
Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman (Loïs et Clark, les nouvelles aventures de Superman)
3x03 Contact01/10/1995
The Client (Le Client)
1x09 Child's Play14/11/1995
Party of Five (1994) (La Vie à cinq)
2x07 Where There's Smoke15/11/1995
2x15 Benefactors31/01/1996
2x21 Spring Breaks (1)27/03/1996
3x06 Going Home25/09/1996
3x18 MYOB05/02/1997
4x06 Immediate Family29/10/1997
4x15 Here and Now28/01/1998
4x20 Square One (1)22/04/1998
5x02 Separation Anxiety23/09/1998
5x05 The Baby04/11/1998
5x15 Whatever Works10/02/1999
5x23 I'll Show You Mine05/05/1999
5x25 Otherwise Engaged19/05/1999
6x02 Naked12/10/1999
6x06 Too Close09/11/1999
6x08 Faith, Hope and Charity30/11/1999
6x16 Blast from the Past14/03/2000
Mr. & Mrs. Smith (M. et Mme Smith)
1x05 The Grape Escape18/10/1996
Early Edition (Demain à la une)
1x11 Christmas21/12/1996
1x19 The Cat13/04/1997
2x02 The Medal04/10/1997
2x22 Second Sight23/05/1998
Ally McBeal
1x09 The Dirty Joke17/11/1997
The Practice (The Practice : Donnell & Associés)
2x17 Burden of Proof19/01/1998
5x09 The Deal10/12/2000
5x20 The Case of Harland Bassett29/04/2001
6x03 Killing Time30/09/2001
The Sopranos (Les Soprano)
1x02 46 Long17/01/1999
3x09 The Telltale Moozadell22/04/2001
4x08 Mergers & Acquisitions03/11/2002
1x06 The Dirty Joke02/11/1999
Time of Your Life (US) (Sarah)
1x10 The Time She Turned 2124/01/2000
1x17 The Time They Got Busy25/03/2006
Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Buffy contre les vampires)
5x08 Shadow21/11/2000
5x14 Crush13/02/2001
1x06 Reckoning18/11/2001
1x20 The Solution21/04/2002
2x03 Cipher13/10/2002
2x07 The Counteragent17/11/2002
3x02 Succession05/10/2003
3x08 Breaking Point23/11/2003
4x08 Echoes23/02/2005
Six Feet Under (Six pieds sous terre)
2x07 Back to the Garden14/04/2002
3x08 Tears, Bones and Desire20/04/2003
3x11 Death Works Overtime11/05/2003
4x02 In Case of Rapture20/06/2004
4x08 Coming And Going08/08/2004
5x02 Dancing For Me13/06/2005
CSI: Miami (Les Experts : Miami)
1x09 Kill Zone18/11/2002
The Wire (Sur écoute)
2x08 Duck and Cover27/07/2003
3x05 Straight and True17/10/2004
4x06 Margin of Error15/10/2006
5x04 Transitions27/01/2008
The O.C. (Newport Beach)
1x04 The Debut26/08/2003
3x04 Slumber22/10/2003
American Dreams (Mes plus belles années)
2x17 Chasing the Past21/03/2004
3x03 Leaders of the Pack10/10/2004
1x04 Date Night08/08/2004
2x05 Neighbors03/07/2005
2x08 Oh, Mandy24/07/2005
2x11 Blue Balls Lagoon14/08/2005
2x12 Good Morning Saigon21/08/2005
3x16 Gotcha!29/04/2007
3x17 Return of the King06/05/2007
4x11 No Cannes Do26/08/2007
7x05 Bottoms Up01/08/2010
8x03 One Last Shot07/08/2011
Boston Legal (Boston Justice)
1x03 Catch and Release17/10/2004
1x04 Control28/11/2004
1x05 Flashpants05/12/2004
House M.D. (Dr House)
1x10 Histories08/02/2005
2x01 Acceptance13/09/2005
2x03 Humpty Dumpty27/09/2005
2x12 Distractions14/02/2006
3x07 Son of a Coma Guy14/11/2006
5x19 Locked In30/03/2009
7x02 Selfish27/09/2010
8x02 Transplant10/10/2011
Lost (Lost, les disparus)
1x18 Numbers02/03/2005
6x12 Everybody Loves Hugo13/04/2010
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia (Philadelphia)
1x03 Underage Drinking: A National Concern18/08/2005
1x05 Gun Fever30/08/2005
1x06 The Gang Finds a Dead Guy08/09/2005
2x02 The Gang Goes Jihad29/06/2006
2x03 Dennis and Dee Go on Welfare06/07/2006
2x04 Mac Bangs Dennis' Mom06/07/2006
2x05 Hundred Dollar Baby13/07/2006
2x06 The Gang Gives Back20/07/2006
2x07 The Gang Exploits a Miracle27/07/2006
2x08 The Gang Runs for Office03/08/2006
2x09 Charlie Goes America All Over Everybody's Ass10/08/2006
2x10 Dennis and Dee Get a New Dad17/08/2006
9x04 Mac and Dennis Buy a Timeshare25/09/2013
9x06 The Gang Saves the Day09/10/2013
9x08 Flowers for Charlie23/10/2013
9x09 The Gang Makes Lethal Weapon 630/10/2013
Commander in Chief
1x07 First Scandal08/11/2005
3x02 I Am Not the Fine Man You Take Me For18/06/2006
3x02 I Am Not the Fine Man You Take Me For18/06/2006
Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip
1x11 The Christmas Show04/12/2006
Big Love
2x08 Kingdom Come30/07/2007
3x01 Block Party18/01/2009
3x06 Come, Ye Saints22/02/2009
3x06 Come, Ye Saints22/02/2009
3x08 Rough Edges08/03/2009
3x08 Rough Edges08/03/2009
3x10 Sacrament22/03/2009
3x10 Sacrament22/03/2009
4x01 Free At Last10/01/2010
4x04 The Mighty and Strong31/01/2010
4x06 Under One Roof14/02/2010
4x06 Under One Roof14/02/2010
5x10 Where Men and Mountains Meet20/03/2011
The Nine (The Nine : 52 heures en enfer)
1x08 Turning Point01/08/2007
1x07 We Are Not Animals11/09/2007
2x07 Out of Time05/11/2007
3x06 Dying of the Light20/10/2008
Friday Night Lights
2x11 Jumping The Gun11/01/2008
Grey's Anatomy
5x15 Before and After12/02/2009
Hung (Le Réjouisseur)
1x10 A Dick and a Dream or Fight the Honey13/09/2009
2x01 Just the Tip27/06/2010
2x10 Even Steven or Luckiest Kid in Detroit12/09/2010
3x04 Fuck Me, Mr. Drecker or Let's Not Go to Jail23/10/2011
Three Rivers
1x09 Win-Loss05/06/2010
1x09 Wish Someone Would Care13/06/2010
1x05 Not Without My Daughter20/10/2010
Raising Hope
1x18 Cheaters19/04/2011
2x04 Henderson, Nevada-Adjacent Baby! Henderson, Nevada-Adjacent!05/10/2011
3x12 Lord of the Ring15/01/2013
1x03 Clean Skin16/10/2011
2x09 Two Hats25/11/2012
4x10 13 Hours in Islamabad07/12/2014
5x08 All About Allison22/11/2015
5x10 New Normal06/12/2015
6x09 Sock Puppets19/03/2017
7x10 Clarity15/04/2018
8x09 In Full Flight05/04/2020
New Girl
1x14 Bully21/02/2012
1x06 Chemistry12/03/2012
The Killing (US)
2x02 My Lucky Day01/04/2012
3x05 Scared and Running23/06/2013
3x12 The Road to Hamelin04/08/2013
True Blood
5x06 Hopeless15/07/2012
5x09 Everybody Wants To Rule The World05/08/2012
6x02 The Sun23/06/2013
The Walking Dead
3x06 Hounded18/11/2012
Ray Donovan
1x05 The Golem28/07/2013
2x05 Irish Spring10/08/2014
3x03 Come and Knock on Our Door26/07/2015
3x10 One Night in Yerevan13/09/2015
1x02 Unearth16/03/2014
1x07 Schemes of the Devil27/04/2014
1x08 Torn Apart04/05/2014
The Americans
2x05 The Deal26/03/2014
3x08 Divestment18/03/2015
4x07 Travel Agents27/04/2016
4x07 Travel Agents27/04/2016
5x09 IHOP02/05/2017
6x03 Urban Transport Planning11/04/2018
1x04 Antoinette27/06/2014
1x07 Beggarman25/07/2014
1x09 Care and Feeding27/08/2014
1x12 The Gun Model12/10/2014
2x02 Fatherland20/10/2015
1x08 Part 820/03/2015
Battle Creek
1x07 Mama’s Boy12/04/2015
True Detective
2x07 Black Maps and Motel Rooms02/08/2015
Masters of Sex
3x09 High Anxiety06/09/2015
Feed the Beast
1x05 Gimme a T28/06/2016
1x06 The Wild West05/07/2016
Chance (US)
1x06 The Unflinching Spark16/11/2016
1x09 Camera Obscura07/12/2016
1x03 Slow Hand19/07/2017
2x01 Sightlines19/07/2018
3x01 Protect and Swerve10/07/2019
Seven Seconds
1x08 Bailed Out23/02/2018
Castle Rock
1x02 Habeas Corpus25/07/2018
The Boys
1x07 The Self-Preservation Society26/07/2019
The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel (Mme Maisel, femme fabuleuse)
3x02 It's the Sixties, Man!06/12/2019
1x06 The Wobble08/06/2020
Penny Dreadful: City of Angels
1x09 Sing, Sing, Sing21/06/2020
Lucky Hank
1x03 Escape30/03/2023
1x04 The Goose Boxer06/04/2023
Rabbit Hole
1x05 Tom16/04/2023