Eric Laneuville

États-Unis Nationalité américaine

Né le 14 juillet 1952 (70 ans) • La Nouvelle-Orléans, Louisiane (États-Unis)

Légende : Non vu Vu Wishé

Acteur | Films

Année Film Rôle Moyenne / Nombre de votes
1996 Incitation au meurtre (Twisted Desire) Detective Daniels
1979 Force One (A Force of One) Charlie Logan
1974 La Ceinture noire (Black Belt Jones) Quincy
1971 Le survivant (The Omega Man) Richie
Moyenne de tous ses films11.33
Juste ceux en tant que principal ou secondaire (3 films)11.39

Acteur | Séries

Année Série Rôle Moyenne / Nombre de votes
2001 Scrubs Dr Lamar
1982 Hôpital St Elsewhere (St. Elsewhere) Luther Hawkins
1981 Capitaine Furillo (Hill Street Blues) Wilbur Harmon
1973 Police Story (1973) Dracula
1972 Sanford and Son Ron
1972 Sanford and Son Daniel
Moyenne de toutes ses séries15.18

Réalisation / Long-métrages

Année Film Durée (min) Moyenne / Nombre de votes
2010 La double vie de Samantha (The Client List) 88
2004 La star et l'enfant (Naughty or Nice) 90
1995 De l'amour à l'enfer (If Someone Had Known)86
1994 Les soupçons d'une mère (Someone She Knows)130
Moyenne de tous ses films12.96

Réalisation / Court-métrages

Année Film Durée (min) Moyenne / Nombre de votes
2003 L.A. Confidential (court-métrage)47
Moyenne de tous ses films13.97

Réalisation de séries

Midnight Caller (Jack Killian, l'homme au micro)
1x12 Promise to a Dead Man07/03/1989
1x16 Wait Until Midnight02/05/1989
2x13 Kid Salinas06/02/1990
2x14 A Snitch in Time (1)20/02/1990
3x01 The Class of 198028/09/1990
3x06 Life Without Possibility (1)02/11/1990
3x07 Life Without Possibility (2)09/11/1990
3x14 Play Blotto... and Die08/02/1991
3x17 The Added Starter05/04/1991
3x21 City of Lost Souls (1)03/05/1991
Doogie Howser, M.D. (Docteur Doogie)
2x01 Doogenstein12/09/1990
2x06 Doogie Sings the Blues17/10/1990
3x02 Doogie Has Left the Building (1)02/10/1991
3x03 Doogie Has Left the Building (2)09/10/1991
3x13 Dangerous Reunions08/01/1992
4x01 There's a Riot Going On23/09/1992
Reasonable Doubts (La voix du silence)
1x09 One Woman's Word29/11/1991
Quantum Leap (1989) (Code Quantum)
4x11 The Play's the Thing - September 9, 196908/01/1992
Dream On
3x01 And Bimbo Was His Name-O (1)06/06/1992
3x02 And Bimbo Was His Name-O (2)06/06/1992
4x02 The French Conception09/06/1993
5x04 Steinway to Heaven13/07/1994
NYPD Blue (New York Police Blues)
1x11 From Hare to Eternity14/12/1993
ER (Urgences)
2x02 Summer Run28/09/1995
Pandora's Clock (Destination inconnue)
1x01 Part 110/11/1996
1x02 Part 211/11/1996
Rescue 77 (Premiers secours)
1x01 Pilot15/03/1999
1x04 The Wedding23/03/1999
1x05 Remember Me (1)29/03/1999
1x07 Tunnel Vision26/04/1999
1x01 Mr. Monk and the Candidate (1)12/07/2002
4x01 Mr. Monk and the Other Detective08/07/2005
My Wife and Kids (Ma famille d'abord)
3x26 Graduation (1)21/05/2003
3x27 Graduation (2)21/05/2003
4x01 From Dummy to Daddy24/09/2003
4x02 The Sweet Hairafter24/09/2003
4x03 Jr. Executive01/10/2003
4x09 Marathon12/11/2003
4x23 Calvin Goes to Work31/03/2004
The District (Washington Police)
4x17 Family Values28/02/2004
Gilmore Girls
5x08 The Party's Over09/11/2004
American Dreams (Mes plus belles années)
3x12 For Richer, For Poorer23/01/2005
Medium (Médium)
1x10 The Other Side of the Tracks14/03/2005
Kevin Hill
1x21 Sacrificial Lambs11/05/2005
Everybody Hates Chris (Tout le monde déteste Chris)
1x02 Everybody Hates Keisha29/09/2005
1x05 Everybody Hates Fat Mike20/10/2005
1x06 Everybody Hates Halloween27/10/2005
Lost (Lost, les disparus)
2x07 The Other 48 Days16/11/2005
2x19 S.O.S.12/04/2006
3x10 Tricia Tanaka Is Dead28/02/2007
3x19 The Brig02/05/2007
4x06 The Other Woman06/03/2008
Girlfriends (US)
6x10 My Business, Not Your Business28/11/2005
6x13 The It Girl06/02/2006
6x14 Work in Progress13/02/2006
6x15 Oh, Hell Yes: The Seminar20/02/2006
7x14 Time to Man Up12/02/2007
Ghost Whisperer
1x12 Undead Comic16/12/2005
1x17 Demon Child03/03/2006
2x05 A Grave Matter20/10/2006
2x07 A Vicious Cycle03/11/2006
2x17 The Walk-In23/02/2007
3x03 Haunted Hero12/10/2007
3x06 Double Exposure02/11/2007
3x13 Home But Not Alone04/04/2008
3x17 Stranglehold09/05/2008
4x01 Firestarter03/10/2008
4x06 Imaginary Friends and Enemies07/11/2008
4x10 Ball & Chain19/12/2008
4x11 Life on the Line09/01/2009
4x20 Stage Fright24/04/2009
5x02 See No Evil02/10/2009
5x20 Blood Money07/05/2010
Invasion (2005)
1x18 Re-Evolution19/04/2006
Prison Break
2x06 Subdivision25/09/2006
Six Degrees
1x08 Get a Room30/03/2007
1x13 A Simple Twist of Fate10/09/2007
2x06 Noche de Suenos14/08/2007
3x08 From Fear to Eternity23/09/2008
Psych (Psych : Enquêteur malgré lui)
2x06 Meat Is Murder, but Murder Is Also Murder17/08/2007
3x08 Gus Walks into a Bank12/09/2008
1x12 The Mortal Cure18/01/2008
Raising the Bar (Raising the Bar : Justice à Manhattan)
1x05 Bagels and Locks29/09/2008
2x02 Rules of Engagement15/06/2009
The Game (US)
3x10 The Negotiation Episode09/01/2009
5x03 The Black People Episode24/01/2012
5x04 Grand Opening, Grand Closing31/01/2012
5x06 The Tricks Episode14/02/2012
5x07 Matchmaker, Matchmaker...Mind Your Business!28/02/2012
5x08 Keep Your Friends Close and Your Prostitute Closer06/03/2012
6x17 Miss Me a Little When I'm Gone13/08/2013
6x19 Extra Butter...Extra Salt...27/08/2013
6x20 The Hospital Episode03/09/2013
8x06 Acting Class and Rebound ASS11/02/2015
8x07 Sexual Healing25/02/2015
Lie to Me
1x03 A Perfect Score04/02/2009
2x05 Grievous Bodily Harm26/10/2009
3x18 Exposed02/03/2009
Royal Pains
1x08 The Honeymoon's Over30/07/2009
Warehouse 13
1x10 Breakdown08/09/2009
The Mentalist (Mentalist)
2x03 Red Badge08/10/2009
2x15 Red Herring04/03/2010
3x06 Pink Chanel Suit28/10/2010
3x21 Like A Redheaded Stepchild05/05/2011
4x02 Little Red Book29/09/2011
4x09 The Redshirt08/12/2011
4x18 Ruddy Cheeks09/03/2012
5x11 Days of Wine & Roses06/01/2013
6x04 Red Listed20/10/2013
6x18 Forest Green20/04/2014
Trauma (US)
1x09 Thank You23/11/2009
CSI: NY (Les Experts : Manhattan)
6x11 Second Chances16/12/2009
7x02 Unfriendly Chat01/10/2010
7x04 Sangre Por Sangre15/10/2010
7x11 To What End?07/01/2011
7x20 Nothing For Something29/04/2011
8x12 Brooklyn ‘Til I Die03/02/2012
9x15 Seth and Apep08/02/2013
Hawaii Five-O (2010)
1x18 Loa Aloha (The Long Goodbye)21/02/2011
2x16 I Helu Pu (The Reckoning)13/02/2012
3x10 Huaka'i kula (Field Trip)10/12/2012
Body of Proof
2x03 Missing04/10/2011
2x09 Gross Anatomy29/11/2011
3x10 Committed23/04/2013
NCIS: Los Angeles
3x14 Partners07/02/2012
4x20 Purity09/04/2013
5x13 Allegiance14/01/2014
6x17 Savoir Faire09/03/2015
7x02 Citadel28/09/2015
7x14 Come Back25/01/2016
8x08 Parallel Resistors13/11/2016
8x17 Queen Pin12/03/2017
1x20 Legacy09/05/2012
2x07 The Bottle Imp12/10/2012
2x08 The Other Side19/10/2012
3x02 PTZD01/11/2013
3x21 The Inheritance09/05/2014
4x05 Cry Luison21/11/2014
4x12 Marechaussee06/02/2015
5x01 The Grimm Identity30/10/2015
5x11 Key Move04/03/2016
Mistresses (US)
1x06 Payback08/07/2013
3x09 Unreliable Witness06/08/2015
3x10 What Could Have Been13/08/2015
Blue Bloods
4x06 Growing Boys01/11/2013
4x15 Open Secrets28/02/2014
5x02 Forgive and Forget03/10/2014
5x19 Through the Looking Glass03/04/2015
6x09 Hold Outs20/11/2015
6x19 Blast from the Past08/04/2016
7x06 Whistleblowers28/10/2016
8x06 Brushed Off03/11/2017
9x10 Authority Figures07/12/2018
11x12 Happy Endings16/04/2021
Grey's Anatomy
11x14 The Distance05/03/2015
12x16 When It Hurts So Bad31/03/2016
1x08 The Cheese Stands Alone18/08/2015
1x05 Necrosis and New Beginnings21/10/2015
1x21 Wooberite & The Women of Rosewood18/05/2016
2x03 Eddie & the Empire State of Mind06/10/2016
2x14 White Matter & the Ways Back03/02/2017
DC's Legends of Tomorrow
2x10 The Legion of Doom31/01/2017
Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (Marvel : Les Agents du S.H.I.E.L.D.)
4x18 No Regrets18/04/2017
5x10 Past Life02/02/2018
7x02 Know Your Onions03/06/2020
Chicago Fire
5x20 Carry Me02/05/2017
6x19 Where I Want to Be19/04/2018
7x03 Thirty Percent Sleight of Hand10/10/2018
7x16 Fault in Him27/02/2019
8x08 Seeing Is Believing13/11/2019
8x18 I'll Cover You25/03/2020
8x20 51's Original Bell15/04/2020
9x03 Smash Therapy13/01/2021
9x12 Natural Born Firefighter21/04/2021
9x14 What Comes Next12/05/2021
Lethal Weapon (L'arme fatale)
2x05 Let It Ride07/11/2017
2x09 Fools Rush In05/12/2017
3x12 The Roger and Me15/01/2019
3x14 A Game of Chicken19/02/2019
Wisdom of the Crowd
1x13 The Tipping Point14/01/2018
How to Get Away with Murder (Murder)
5x07 I Got Played08/11/2018
The Code (US)
1x11 Don and Doff15/07/2019
Station 19 (Grey's Anatomy : Station 19)
3x03 Eulogy06/02/2020
1x11 This is Not a Drill30/04/2020
Chicago P.D. (Chicago Police Department)
8x06 Equal Justice10/02/2021
FBI: Most Wanted (Most Wanted Criminals)
2x07 Winner02/03/2021
The Equalizer (2021)
2x03 Leverage24/10/2021
2x09 Bout That Life09/01/2022
2x18 Exposed15/05/2022

Scénariste de séries

Rescue 77 (Premiers secours)
1x07 Tunnel Vision26/04/1999
Ghost Whisperer
4x06 Imaginary Friends and Enemies07/11/2008