Christine Moore

États-Unis Nationalité américaine

Légende : Non vu Vu Wishé

Réalisation de séries

The Wire (Sur écoute)
3x10 Reformation28/11/2004
4x02 Soft Eyes17/09/2006
Law & Order: Criminal Intent (New York Section Criminelle)
6x06 Masquerade31/10/2006
9x10 Disciple01/06/2010
CSI: NY (Les Experts : Manhattan)
3x11 Raising Shane29/11/2006
3x20 What Schemes May Come11/04/2007
4x05 Down the Rabbit Hole24/10/2007
4x14 Playing With Matches06/02/2008
4x15 DOA for A Day02/04/2008
4x20 Taxi14/05/2008
5x07 Dead Inside12/11/2008
6x12 Criminal Justice13/01/2010
7x03 Damned If You Do08/10/2010
8x16 Sláinte27/04/2012
9x16 Blood Actually15/02/2013
Jericho (US)
1x17 One Man's Terrorist04/04/2007
CSI: Miami (Les Experts : Miami)
6x06 Sunblock29/10/2007
The Cleaner
1x04 Chaos Theory05/08/2008
Three Rivers
1x01 Place of Life04/10/2009
1x04 Code Green25/10/2009
1x05 Shame, Shame, Shame09/05/2010
Body of Proof
1x04 Talking Heads12/04/2011
2x01 Love Thy Neighbor20/09/2011
2x07 Hard Knocks01/11/2011
2x08 Love Bites15/11/2011
2x11 Falling for You03/01/2012
2x13 Sympathy for the Devil17/01/2012
3x04 Mob Mentality12/03/2013
3x06 Fallen Angel26/03/2013
The Protector (2011)
1x06 Beef24/07/2011
Hawaii Five-O (2010)
2x14 Pu’olo (The Package)16/01/2012
3x04 Popilikia (Misfortune)15/10/2012
Blue Bloods
2x18 No Questions Asked30/03/2012
3x22 The Bitter End03/05/2013
4x11 Ties That Bind20/12/2013
Army Wives (American Wives)
6x19 Centennial05/08/2012
7x08 Jackpot28/04/2013
1x11 Paiutes08/01/2013
1x18 Scoundrels19/04/2013
1x13 The Red Team31/01/2013
2x06 An Unnatural Arrangement31/10/2013
3x07 The Adventure of the Nutmeg Concoction11/12/2014
3x08 End of Watch18/12/2014
3x13 Hemlock05/02/2015
4x03 Tag, You're Me19/11/2015
4x08 A Burden of Blood14/01/2016
4x18 Ready or Not27/03/2016
5x01 Folie à Deux02/10/2016
5x16 Fidelity12/03/2017
5x23 Scrambled14/05/2017
Covert Affairs
4x11 Dead17/10/2013
5x13 She Believes20/11/2014
NCIS: Los Angeles
5x15 Tuhon25/02/2014
6x10 Reign Fall08/12/2014
11x01 Let Fate Decide29/09/2019
1x05 Designated Allies13/04/2014
3x20 Revolution27/04/2014
Rizzoli & Isles (Rizzoli & Isles : Autopsie d'un meurtre)
5x05 The Best Laid Plans15/07/2014
5x14 Foot Loose24/02/2015
6x07 A Bad Seed Grows28/07/2015
3x06 Stray Bullet03/08/2014
1x07 More in Heaven and Earth20/08/2014
2x02 Morphoses08/07/2015
2x05 The New Frontier29/07/2015
2x12 Double Vision09/09/2015
1x14 Charades18/01/2015
2x11 The Old College Try07/12/2015
2x16 Fractured08/02/2016
2x21 Twist and Shout28/03/2016
3x05 Plight at the Museum24/10/2016
3x16 Keep it in Check, Mate13/02/2017
3x23 Something Burrowed, Something Blew01/05/2017
1x10 Emotional Contagion01/09/2015
1x12 The Assassination of Eddie Morra05/01/2016
Bosch (Harry Bosch)
2x04 Who's Lucky Now?11/03/2016
3x07 Right Play21/04/2017
Conviction (2016)
1x05 The 1% Solution07/11/2016
1x06 #staywoke14/11/2016
Hand of God
2x03 You Can't Go Back10/03/2017
MacGyver (2016)
1x19 Compass31/03/2017
1x21 Cigar Cutter14/04/2017
5x09 Rails + Pitons + Pulley + Pipe + Salt19/02/2021
Training Day
1x11 Tunnel Vision06/05/2017
1x03 Lifetime Achievement20/02/2020
1x07 Vic02/04/2020
3x18 Edge of Nowhere22/04/2020
The Equalizer (2021)
1x07 Hunting Grounds02/05/2021
CSI: Vegas
1x07 In the Blood17/11/2021
1x09 Waiting in the Wings01/12/2021
NCIS: Hawaiʻi
1x17 Breach21/03/2022