Silent Tokyo: And So This Is Xmas

Un film de Takafumi Hatano
Ecrit par Masahiro Yamaura
Avec Hidetoshi Nishijima, Koichi Sato, Alice Hirose...

1 h 39


Japon Japon

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Titre(s) alternatif(s)

サイレント・トーキョー And so this is Xmas

Date de sortie

4 Décembre 2020
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On Christmas Eve, a TV broadcasting station receives a phone call. The caller warns "I have set up a bomb at Ebisu in Tokyo." A contract worker for the TV broadcasting station and a housewife are accused by the Ebisu police as being the culprits. During this chaotic situation, a mysterious man silently watches as everything unfolds. A video clip is then uploaded to an online video website. The video contains a demand to talk with the Prime Minister during a live broadcast or a bomb will be detonated at 6 pm in Shibuya, Tokyo. Who is behind the bombings and who will stop them?
(source: asianWiki)

Adapté d'un roman de Takehiko Hata.

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