Victor Nelli Jr.

États-Unis Nationalité américaine

Los Angeles, Californie (États-Unis)

Aussi appelé : Victor Nelli

Légende : Non vu Vu Wishé

Réalisation de séries

The Bernie Mac Show
2x17 The Incredible Bulk16/04/2003
3x01 Eye of the Tiger30/11/2003
3x11 Make Room for Caddy07/03/2004
3x13 It's Mac-ademic22/03/2004
4x03 Being Bernie Mac22/09/2004
4x05 My Privacy14/01/2005
4x08 Stone Nuts28/01/2005
4x11 You Don't Know Squad18/02/2005
5x02 Wrestling with a Sticky Situation23/09/2005
5x03 Marathon Mac30/09/2005
5x04 The Big Payback07/10/2005
5x20 Spinning Wheels07/04/2006
Method & Red
1x08 Neighborhood Watch08/09/2004
4x22 My Big Move12/04/2005
4x25 My Changing Ways10/05/2005
5x05 My New God17/01/2006
5x06 My Missed Perception17/01/2006
5x18 My New Suit11/04/2006
6x15 My Long Goodbye05/04/2007
6x16 My Words of Wisdom12/04/2007
Kitchen Confidential
1x09 Let's Do Brunch16/11/2005
The Office (US)
2x14 The Carpet26/01/2006
2x18 Take Your Daughter To Work Day16/03/2006
My Name Is Earl (Earl)
1x23 BB04/05/2006
2x16 Blow08/02/2007
2x20 Two Balls, Two Strikes19/04/2007
Jake in Progress
2x08 The Two Jakes30/09/2006
Gilmore Girls
7x04 'S Wonderful, 'S Marvelous17/10/2006
Help Me Help You
1x08 Perverse Psychology14/11/2006
My Boys
1x04 The Slump05/12/2006
1x07 Free Agent19/12/2006
1x14 Promise of a New Season30/07/2007
1x17 Dirty Little Secrets13/08/2007
1x21 110 Percent Solution10/09/2007
Everybody Hates Chris (Tout le monde déteste Chris)
2x10 Everybody Hates Kris11/12/2006
3x04 Everybody Hates Blackie22/10/2007
Big Day
1x11 Magic Hour09/01/2007
In Case of Emergency
1x09 Your Goose Is Cooked21/03/2007
1x11 Happy Endings04/04/2007
1x12 Disorder in the Court11/04/2007
Ugly Betty
1x21 Secretaries Day03/05/2007
2x02 Family/Affair04/10/2007
2x12 Odor in the Court17/01/2008
2x18 Jump22/05/2008
3x01 The Manhattan Project25/09/2008
3x03 Crimes of Fashion09/10/2008
3x07 Crush'd06/11/2008
3x09 When Betty Met YETI20/11/2008
3x19 The Sex Issue19/03/2009
3x23 Curveball21/05/2009
4x02 The Butterfly Effect (2)16/10/2009
4x03 Blue on Blue23/10/2009
4x08 The Bahamas Triangle04/12/2009
4x13 Chica and the Man03/02/2010
4x20 Hello Goodbye14/04/2010
1x02 The Measure of a Manmeet30/09/2010
1x04 Jolly Vindaloo Day14/10/2010
1x07 Truly, Madly, Pradeeply04/11/2010
1x12 Sari, Charlie27/01/2011
1x13 Training Day03/02/2011
1x17 Todd's Holi War17/03/2011
1x21 Rajiv Ties the Baraat (1)05/05/2011
1x22 Rajiv Ties The Baraat (2)12/05/2011
Wilfred (US)
1x08 Anger11/08/2011
1x09 Compassion18/08/2011
1x10 Isolation18/08/2011
Once Upon a Time
1x06 The Shepherd04/12/2011
2x02 The Witch of East Chatswin24/10/2012
2x16 How to Be a Baby06/03/2013
Don't Trust the B---- in Apartment 23
2x02 Love & Monsters...30/10/2012
Made in Jersey
1x04 Payday01/12/2012
4x12 Heroic Origins02/05/2013
6x08 Intro to Recycled Cinema28/04/2015
The Michael J. Fox Show
1x02 Neighbor26/09/2013
The Goldbergs (Les Goldberg)
1x06 Who Are You Going to Telephone?29/10/2013
1x08 The Kremps12/11/2013
1x18 For Your Own Good18/03/2014
1x19 The President's Fitness Test01/04/2014
2x08 Rode a Hoverboard03/12/2014
2x13 Van People18/02/2015
2x20 Just Say No15/04/2015
4x12 Snow Day11/01/2017
Raising Hope
4x16 The One Where They Get High28/02/2014
Brooklyn Nine-Nine
1x20 Fancy Brudgom11/03/2014
2x05 The Mole02/11/2014
2x13 Payback11/01/2015
3x21 Maximum Security05/04/2016
4x20 The Slaughterhouse16/05/2017
5x11 The Favor12/12/2017
Surviving Jack
1x01 Pilot27/03/2014
1x07 The Gift of Hunger12/11/2014
1x19 The Real World08/04/2015
1x22 Please Don’t Ask, Please Don’t Tell06/05/2015
2x05 Churched21/10/2015
2x11 Plus Two Isn't a Thing06/01/2016
Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce (Guide to Divorce)
1x06 Rule No 33: When in Doubt, Run Away06/01/2015
House of Lies
4x04 We Can Always Just Overwhelm The Vagus Nerve With Another Sensation01/02/2015
Devious Maids
3x07 The Turning Point13/07/2015
3x08 Cries and Whispers20/07/2015
4x09 Much Ado About Buffing01/08/2016
4x10 Grime and Punishment08/08/2016
1x04 Mannequin04/01/2016
1x08 Wedding Day Sale01/02/2016
2x01 Strike22/09/2016
2x09 Black Friday10/11/2016
3x06 Health Fund02/11/2017
3x07 Christmas Eve05/12/2017
3x09 Golden Globes Party11/01/2018
4x16 Easter18/04/2019
4x19 Scanners09/05/2019
5x03 Forced Hire10/10/2019
5x17 Zephra Cares27/02/2020
6x01 Essential29/10/2020
6x02 California (2)05/11/2020
6x08 Ground Rules04/02/2021
6x14 Perfect Store25/03/2021
The Middle
7x12 Birds of a Feather13/01/2016
8x04 True Grit01/11/2016
9x06 The Setup07/11/2017
9x12 The Other Man09/01/2018
1x08 Sexual Awakening01/02/2016
The Real O'Neals
1x08 The Real Book Club19/04/2016
1x12 H-e-r-- Hero11/01/2017
Chicago Justice
1x11 AQD30/04/2017
The Bold Type (De celles qui osent)
1x02 O Hell No11/07/2017
1x09 Before Tequila Sunrise29/08/2017
1x10 Carry the Weight05/09/2017
2x01 Feminist Army12/06/2018
2x02 Rose Colored Glasses12/06/2018
2x09 Trippin31/07/2018
3x01 The New Normal09/04/2019
3x10 Breaking Through the Noise11/06/2019
4x09 5, 6, 7, 819/03/2020
4x10 Some Kind of Wonderful26/03/2020
God Friended Me
1x14 The Trouble with the Curve17/02/2019
2x01 Joy29/09/2019
2x21 Miracles26/04/2020
The Blacklist (Blacklist)
7x14 Twamie Ullulaq10/04/2020
Grand Crew
1x02 Wine and Serendipity14/12/2021