Tawnia McKiernan

États-Unis Nationalité américaine

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Légende : Non vu Vu Wishé

Réalisation / Long-métrages

Année Film Durée (min) Moyenne / Nombre de votes
2012 L'enfer au paradis : le destin tragique d'Alice H. (TV) (Secrets of Eden (TV)) 85
Moyenne de tous ses films12.5

Réalisation de séries

Renegade (Le Rebelle)
4x20 The Dollhouse15/04/1996
5x13 Hard Rain13/01/1997
Silk Stalkings (Les dessous de Palm Beach)
7x13 Slip-Up14/12/1997
8x09 The Loneliest Number18/10/1998
8x19 A Clockwork Florida Orange04/04/1999
3x09 Get Vallery13/01/2001
3x20 Molar Ice Cap05/05/2001
4x09 Kayus Ex Machina17/11/2001
NYPD Blue (New York Police Blues)
9x14 Hand Job05/03/2002
10x10 Healthy McDowell Movement10/12/2002
11x03 Shear Stupidity07/10/2003
12x06 The Vision Thing09/11/2004
10-8: Officers on Duty (Shérifs à Los Angeles)
1x09 Let It Bleed30/11/2003
ER (Urgences)
10x18 Where There's Smoke08/04/2004
13x04 Parenthood12/10/2006
13x15 Dying Is Easy08/02/2007
14x15 ...As the Day She Was Born17/04/2008
Las Vegas
2x16 Can You See What I See?07/02/2005
2x22 Letters, Lawyers and Loose Women02/05/2005
3x05 Big Ed De-cline17/10/2005
3x13 The Bitch is Back09/01/2006
Jonny Zero
1x06 Bounty18/02/2005
The Closer (2005) (The Closer : L.A. enquêtes prioritaires)
1x10 The Butler Did It15/08/2005
1x06 The Man in the Wall15/11/2005
8x14 The Doll in the Derby04/02/2013
Windfall (Windfall : Des dollars tombés du ciel)
1x04 Running with the Devil29/06/2006
E-Ring (DOS : Division des Opérations Spéciales)
1x17 Friends and Enemies30/11/2006
1x08 Karma01/02/2007
1x10 Poison15/02/2007
1x12 Investigator01/03/2007
Close to Home (Close to Home : Juste cause)
2x16 Internet Bride23/02/2007
Women's Murder Club
1x06 Play Through the Pain15/11/2007
Army Wives (American Wives)
2x06 Thicker Than Water13/07/2008
Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles (Terminator : Les Chroniques de Sarah Connor)
2x06 The Tower Is Tall But The Fall Is Short20/10/2008
7x12 Mr. Monk and the Lady Next Door23/01/2009
8x09 Happy Birthday, Mr. Monk16/10/2009
Psych (Psych : Enquêteur malgré lui)
4x05 Shawn Gets the Yips11/09/2009
5x13 We'd Like to Thank the Academy08/12/2010
Warehouse 13
1x11 Nevermore15/09/2009
2x04 Age Before Beauty27/07/2010
2x06 Around the Bend10/08/2010
2x07 For the Team17/08/2010
3x03 Love Sick25/07/2011
3x07 Past Imperfect22/08/2011
3x09 Shadows12/09/2011
In Plain Sight (2008) (US Marshals, protection des témoins)
3x12 Witsec Stepmother23/06/2010
Royal Pains
2x10 Whole Lotto Love12/08/2010
4x12 Hurts Like A Mother05/09/2012
5x12 A Trismus Story04/09/2013
Burn Notice
5x10 Army of One25/08/2011
7x08 Nature Of The Beast01/08/2013
Fairly Legal (Facing Kate)
2x07 Teenage Wasteland27/04/2012
Leverage (Les Justiciers)
5x04 The French Connection Job12/08/2012
5x11 The Low Low Price Job27/11/2012
Covert Affairs
3x12 Wishful Beginnings23/10/2012
2x20 Kiss of the Muse07/05/2013
3x08 Twelve Days of Krampus13/12/2013
4x04 Dyin' on a Prayer14/11/2014
Devious Maids
1x06 Walking the Dog28/07/2013
1x07 Taking a Message04/08/2013
2x02 The Dark at the Top of the Stairs27/04/2014
2x03 Dangerous Liaisons04/05/2014
Mistresses (US)
1x09 Guess Who's Coming to Dinner29/07/2013
The Mentalist (Mentalist)
6x05 The Red Tattoo27/10/2013
Criminal Minds (Esprits criminels)
9x12 The Black Queen15/01/2014
10x11 The Forever People14/01/2015
10x22 Protection29/04/2015
11x12 Drive20/01/2016
11x19 Tribute30/03/2016
12x05 The Anti-Terror Squad09/11/2016
13x05 Lucky Strikes25/10/2017
Blue Bloods
4x19 Secret Arrangements11/04/2014
5x08 Power of the Press21/11/2014
5x18 Bad Company13/03/2015
The Librarians (Flynn Carson et les nouveaux aventuriers)
1x09 And the City of Light18/01/2015
Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments
1x04 Raising Hell02/02/2016
NCIS: Los Angeles
7x18 Exchange Rate14/03/2016
8x01 High-Value Target25/09/2016
8x12 Kulinda08/01/2017
9x03 Assets15/10/2017
10x11 Joyride16/12/2018
12x10 The Frogman's Daughter14/02/2021
12x12 Can't Take My Eyes Off You28/02/2021
Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders (Esprits criminels : Unité sans frontières)
1x12 El Toro Bravo25/05/2016
Pretty Little Liars
7x02 Bedlam28/06/2016
Blindspot (Blindspot : mémoire tatouée)
2x09 Why Let Cooler Pasture Deform16/11/2016
2x12 Luthors13/02/2017
3x12 For Good29/01/2018
4x15 O Brother, Where Art Thou?17/03/2019
5x10 The Bottle Episode19/01/2020
5x16 Alex in Wonderland22/03/2020
MacGyver (2016)
1x16 Hook17/02/2017
2x10 War Room + Ship08/12/2017
Famous in Love
1x01 Pilot18/04/2017
1x05 Connecting Flights22/10/2018
3x13 Chapter Forty-Eight: Requiem for a Welterweight27/02/2019
Blood & Treasure
1x04 The Secret of Macho Grande04/06/2019
1x05 The Brotherhood of Serapis11/06/2019
NCIS: Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS : Enquêtes spéciales)
17x12 Flight Plan14/01/2020
17x14 On Fire28/01/2020
17x15 Lonely Hearts11/02/2020
18x05 Head of the Snake19/01/2021
The Magicians
5x09 Cello Squirrel Daffodil04/03/2020