Patrick R. Norris

États-Unis Nationalité américaine

Aussi appelé : Patrick Norris

Légende : Non vu Vu Wishé

Réalisation de séries

My So-Called Life (Angela, 15 ans)
1x16 Resolutions05/01/1995
Malibu Shores (Couleur Pacifique)
1x06 Cheating Hearts06/04/1996
1x08 Jake Gets a Job09/11/1996
1x12 New Year's Eve04/01/1997
Party of Five (1994) (La vie à cinq)
4x05 Fight or Flight22/10/1997
The Visitor (Le Visiteur)
1x11 Miracles19/12/1997
C-16: FBI (C-16)
1x10 Green Card04/06/1998
The Net (Traques sur Internet)
1x05 Death of an Angel15/08/1998
1x02 What To Do With Vallery When You're Dead03/10/1998
1x13 The Last Temptation of Val06/02/1999
1x16 ThunderVal27/02/1999
2x01 Return of The Owl25/09/1999
2x02 Big Top Val02/10/1999
3x01 Survi-Val07/10/2000
3x21 It's Val's Wonderful Life12/05/2001
Cupid (1998) (Love Therapy)
1x05 First Loves24/10/1998
Dawson's Creek (Dawson)
2x09 The Election16/12/1998
2x17 Psychic Friends10/03/1999
3x03 None of the Above13/10/1999
3x18 Neverland05/03/2000
Xena: Warrior Princess (Xena, la guerrière)
4x11 Daughter of Pomira23/01/1999
Nash Bridges
4x20 Power Play16/04/1999
Once and Again (Deuxième chance)
1x08 The Past is Prologue09/11/1999
3x14 The Gay-Straight Alliance11/03/2002
1x20 Max to the Max01/05/2000
1x22 Destiny (2)15/05/2000
2x04 Summer of '4723/10/2000
2x09 Max in the City (2)27/11/2000
2x10 A Roswell Christmas Carol18/12/2000
2x18 It's Too Late and It's Too Bad30/04/2001
2x20 Off the Menu14/05/2001
2x21 The Departure21/05/2001
3x03 Significant Others23/10/2001
3x09 Samuel Rising18/12/2001
3x11 I Married an Alien29/01/2002
3x16 Crash30/04/2002
The Division (Division d'élite)
1x08 Don't Ask25/02/2001
1x20 High on the Hog01/07/2001
Star Trek: Enterprise
1x23 Fallen Hero08/05/2002
2x09 Singularity20/11/2002
American Dreams (Mes plus belles années)
1x04 Pryor Knowledge20/10/2002
The Twilight Zone (2002) (La Treizième Dimension)
1x18 Hunted13/11/2002
1x20 Sanctuary20/11/2002
The O.C. (Newport Beach)
1x09 The Heights05/11/2003
1x21 The Goodbye Girl03/03/2004
1x27 The Ties That Bind05/05/2004
4x02 The Gringos08/11/2006
4x11 The Dream Lover18/01/2007
4x15 The Night Moves15/02/2007
Boston Public
4x13 Chapter Seventy-Nine30/01/2004
North Shore (North Shore : Hôtel du Pacifique)
1x02 Tessa21/06/2004
1x09 Ties That Bind06/09/2004
1x12 Bellport27/09/2004
1x15 The Big One18/11/2004
1x03 The Boy in the Tree27/09/2005
1x04 Hello, Deli26/10/2005
5x21 Oracle04/05/2006
Friday Night Lights
1x07 Homecoming14/11/2006
2x15 May the Best Man Win08/02/2008
3x06 It Ain't Easy Being J.D. McCoy05/11/2008
4x03 In the Skin of a Lion11/11/2009
4x06 Stay09/12/2009
5x05 Kingdom01/12/2010
Army Wives (American Wives)
1x03 The Art of Separation17/06/2007
1x09 Nobody's Perfect29/07/2007
Hidden Palms (Les secrets de Palm Springs)
1x06 Dangerous Liasons27/06/2007
Side Order of Life
1x04 What Price Truth?05/08/2007
Gossip Girl (2007)
1x04 Bad News Blair10/10/2007
1x10 Hi, Society05/12/2007
2x05 The Serena Also Rises29/09/2008
2x12 It's a Wonderful Lie01/12/2008
2x22 Southern Gentlemen Prefer Blondes27/04/2009
4x08 Juliet Doesn't Live Here Anymore08/11/2010
4x22 The Wrong Goodbye16/05/2011
6x09 The Revengers10/12/2012
1x07 Chuck Versus the Alma Mater05/11/2007
2x04 Chuck Versus the Cougars20/10/2008
2x15 Chuck Versus the Beefcake02/03/2009
3x10 Chuck Versus the Tic Tac15/03/2010
4x14 Chuck Versus the Seduction Impossible07/02/2011
4x16 Chuck Versus the Masquerade21/02/2011
5x02 Chuck Versus the Bearded Bandit04/11/2011
2x02 Crush Landing02/09/2008
2x19 Social Studies25/05/2009
3x02 Our Fathers07/09/2009
3x19 The First Last22/03/2010
4x05 Home Coming and Going31/01/2011
Make It or Break It (Championnes à tout prix)
1x10 All That Glitters24/08/2009
2x01 Friends Close, Enemies Closer28/06/2010
Melrose Place (2009) (Melrose Place : Nouvelle Génération)
1x07 Windsor20/10/2009
The Vampire Diaries
2x03 Bad Moon Rising23/09/2010
2x09 Put Yourself Out There16/11/2010
3x07 Forced Family Fun01/11/2011
3x08 In-Between08/11/2011
4x04 The Talk02/10/2012
4x05 There's Something I Need to Tell You09/10/2012
5x03 Nipple Confusion10/10/2013
5x04 In Dreams Begin Responsibilities17/10/2013
6x03 The Waiting Room09/10/2014
Pretty Little Liars
2x09 Picture This09/08/2011
3x07 Crazy24/07/2012
3x10 What Lies Beneath14/08/2012
3x24 A Dangerous GAme19/03/2013
1x10 No Doubt20/09/2011
1x11 I am Jenna Hamilton27/09/2011
Hart of Dixie
1x13 Sweetie Pies & Sweaty Palms06/02/2012
1x18 Bachelorettes & Bullets16/04/2012
2x10 Blue Christmas11/12/2012
3x13 Act Naturally10/02/2014
The Client List
1x04 Ring True29/04/2012
1x08 Games People Play03/06/2012
The Carrie Diaries
1x12 A First Time for Everything01/04/2013
Witches of East End
1x09 A Parching Imbued01/12/2013
2x02 The Son Also Rises13/07/2014
2x07 Art of Darkness24/08/2014
2x10 Tomorrow Never Comes11/12/2013
2x15 They Don't Make 'Em Like My Daddy Anymore26/02/2014
About a Boy
2x06 About a Balcony25/11/2014
2x20 About a Love in the Air20/07/2015
1x07 Maternity Liv28/04/2015
1x07 Go08/11/2015
The Path
1x05 The Hole20/04/2016
1x06 Breaking and Entering27/04/2016
2x09 Oz15/03/2017
2x10 Restitution22/03/2017
3x02 A Beast, No More17/01/2018
3x04 De Rerum Natura24/01/2018
Secrets & Lies (US)
2x02 The Husband02/10/2016
Marvel's Runaways
1x06 Metamorphosis12/12/2017
1x04 Victory Party03/04/2018
1x05 We've Got All Our Junk10/04/2018
1x09 ‘Faith' is a fine invention01/11/2019
1x10 I felt a Funeral, in my Brain01/11/2019