Omar Madha

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Légende : Non vu Vu Wishé

Réalisation de séries

Clocking Off
2x06 The Lads16/05/2001
2x07 Martin's Story23/05/2001
Spooks (MI-5)
4x07 Syria20/10/2005
4x08 The Russian27/10/2005
5x01 Gas and Oil, part 117/09/2006
5x02 Gas and Oil, part 217/09/2006
6x01 The Virus, part 116/10/2007
6x02 The Virus, part 216/10/2007
Law & Order: UK (Londres, Police Judiciaire)
1x01 Care23/02/2009
1x03 Vice09/03/2009
1x04 Episode 415/12/2009
1x05 Episode 522/12/2009
The Good Wife (US)
1x18 Doubt06/04/2010
Law & Order: Criminal Intent (New York Section Criminelle)
9x03 Broad Channel13/04/2010
1x14 Blowback04/01/2011
Big Love
5x04 The Oath06/02/2011
1x03 Episode 314/02/2011
1x04 Episode 415/02/2011
Covert Affairs
2x15 What's The Frequency, Kenneth?29/11/2011
1x09 Of Mouse and Man20/01/2012
1x21 Big Feet11/05/2012
2x10 The Hour of Death02/11/2012
2x11 To Protect and Serve Man09/11/2012
4x18 Mishipeshu17/04/2015
Gossip Girl (2007)
5x19 It Girl, Interrupted09/04/2012
2x04 When Push Comes to Shove13/08/2012
666 Park Avenue
1x11 Sins of the Fathers05/02/2013
1x03 The Devil in the Dark29/04/2013
1x05 The Serpent's Egg13/05/2013
Do No Harm
1x11 But I'm Allergic to Cats31/08/2013
Person of Interest
3x03 Lady Killer08/10/2013
2x07 The Patriot Act06/11/2013
Almost Human
1x05 Blood Brothers09/12/2013
1x02 Beginner's Luck16/03/2014
The 100 (Les 100)
1x10 I Am Become Death21/05/2014
2x09 Remember Me21/01/2015
2x15 Blood Must Have Blood (1)04/03/2015
4x08 God Complex29/03/2017
5x05 Shifting Sands22/05/2018
24 (24 Heures Chrono)
9x05 Day 9: 3:00 P.M.-4:00 P.M.26/05/2014
9x06 Day 9: 4:00 P.M.-5:00 P.M.02/06/2014
1x06 Love Is a Battlefield05/11/2014
1x12 Dominoes15/12/2014
2x03 Fish Filet05/10/2015
2x09 US vs. UN vs. UK16/11/2015
2x20 Djibouti Call21/03/2016
2x22 Hard Knox11/04/2016
3x06 Bat Poop Crazy31/10/2016
3x13 Faux Money Maux Problems16/01/2017
3x18 Don't Burst My Bubble27/02/2017
4x06 Queen Scary30/10/2017
The Blacklist (Blacklist)
3x04 The Djinn22/10/2015
Code Black
1x11 Black Tag09/12/2015
MacGyver (2016)
1x07 Can Opener04/11/2016
Lethal Weapon (L'arme fatale)
2x04 Flight Risk17/10/2017
S.W.A.T. (2017)
1x11 K-town18/01/2018
The Rookie (The Rookie : Le flic de Los Angeles)
1x13 Caught Stealing19/02/2019
Another Life
1x01 Across the Universe25/07/2019
1x02 Through the Valley of Shadows25/07/2019
Prodigal Son
1x05 The Trip21/10/2019
2x03 Alma Mater26/01/2021
2x04 Take Your Father to Work Day02/02/2021
Doom Patrol
2x04 Sex Patrol02/07/2020
3x06 1917 Patrol14/10/2021
3x07 Bird Patrol21/10/2021
2x07 If You Wait by the River Long Enough13/11/2020
2x08 All Enemies, Foreign and Domestic20/11/2020
Star Trek: Discovery
3x09 Terra Firma, Part 110/12/2020