Michael Uppendahl

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Aussi appelé : Mike Uppendahl

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Année Film Durée (min) Moyenne / Nombre de votes
2020 Quad (Adam)100
Moyenne de tous ses films14

Réalisation de séries

5x17 Thank You for Not Smoking16/03/2003
5x18 Amanda Moves Out30/03/2003
6x06 The Unbelievable Wrongness of Talking19/11/2003
6x11 Snow Means Snow14/01/2004
Mad Men
2x09 Six Month Leave28/09/2008
3x04 The Arrangements06/09/2009
3x10 The Color Blue18/10/2009
4x02 Christmas Comes But Once a Year01/08/2010
4x09 The Beautiful Girls19/09/2010
5x07 At the Codfish Ball29/04/2012
6x04 To Have and to Hold21/04/2013
6x08 The Crash19/05/2013
7x02 A Day's Work20/04/2014
7x09 New Business12/04/2015
6x07 Pinwheels and Whirligigs04/10/2010
American Horror Story
1x06 Piggy, Piggy09/11/2011
2x03 Nor'easter31/10/2012
2x04 I Am Anne Frank (1/2)07/11/2012
3x04 Fearful Pranks Ensue30/10/2013
3x06 The Axeman Cometh13/11/2013
4x03 Edward Mordrake (1/2)22/10/2014
4x05 Pink Cupcakes05/11/2014
5x09 She Wants Revenge09/12/2015
5x11 Battle Royale06/01/2016
3x18 Choke01/05/2012
4x06 Glease15/11/2012
1x02 The Dark Road10/06/2012
The Walking Dead
4x06 Live Bait17/11/2013
TURN: Washington's Spies (TURN)
1x05 Epiphany04/05/2014
2x08 Providence25/05/2015
1x06 Acceptable Limits31/08/2014
2x09 Brooklyn08/12/2015
Shameless (US)
5x10 South Side Rules22/03/2015
2x01 Waiting for Dutch12/10/2015
2x03 The Myth Of Sisyphus26/10/2015
2x04 Fear and Trembling02/11/2015
3x02 The Principle of Restricted Choice26/04/2017
3x04 The Narrow Escape Problem10/05/2017
4x09 East/West15/11/2020
Scream Queens
1x06 Seven Minutes in Hell20/10/2015
1x08 Mommie Dearest10/11/2015
1x09 Ghost Stories17/11/2015
Marvel's Daredevil
2x08 Guilty as Sin18/03/2016
Fear the Walking Dead
2x04 Blood in the Streets01/05/2016
1x02 Chapter 215/02/2017
1x03 Chapter 322/02/2017
1x08 Chapter 829/03/2017
Castle Rock
1x01 Severance25/07/2018
1x03 Local Color25/07/2018
The Hot Zone
1x01 Arrival27/05/2019
1x02 Cell H27/05/2019
1x06 Hidden29/05/2019
Hunters (2020)
1x08 The Jewish Question21/02/2020
1x10 Eilu v' Eilu21/02/2020
1x03 Outlaws01/05/2020
1x05 Jump01/05/2020
1x04 Angel of Mercy: Part Two18/09/2020
1x05 The Dance18/09/2020