Frederick E.O. Toye

Né le 26 septembre 1967 à Los Angeles, Californie (Etats-Unis) (52 ans)

Etats-Unis Nationalité américaine

Aussi appelé : Fred Toye

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Légende : Non vu Vu Wishé

Réalisation de séries

4x13 Tuesday30/03/2005
5x02 ...1...06/10/2005
5x04 Mockingbird20/10/2005
5x13 30 Seconds03/05/2006
5x16 Reprisal22/05/2006
Invasion (2005)
1x16 The Fittest08/03/2006
The 4400 (Les 4400)
3x11 The Gospel According to Collier13/08/2006
Ghost Whisperer
2x03 Drowned Lives06/10/2006
2x04 The Ghost Within13/10/2006
2x18 Children of Ghosts30/03/2007
3x07 Unhappy Medium09/11/2007
3x09 All Ghosts Lead to Grandview23/11/2007
3x14 The Gravesitter11/04/2008
Brothers & Sisters
1x06 For the Children29/10/2006
1x10 Light the Lights10/12/2006
Lost (Lost, les disparus)
3x18 D.O.C.25/04/2007
1x02 Out of the Past05/10/2007
1x04 Fever19/10/2007
1x16 Sonata16/05/2008
1x12 Chuck Versus the Undercover Lover24/01/2008
3x05 Chuck Versus First Class25/01/2010
3x15 Chuck Versus the Role Models03/05/2010
4x17 Chuck Versus the First Bank of Evil28/02/2011
5x09 Chuck Versus the Kept Man06/01/2012
CSI: NY (Les Experts : Manhattan)
5x02 Page Turner01/10/2008
7x15 Vigilante18/02/2011
8x01 Indelible23/09/2011
1x09 The Dreamscape25/11/2008
1x10 Safe02/12/2008
1x11 Bound20/01/2009
1x15 Inner Child07/04/2009
1x19 The Road Not Taken05/05/2009
3x15 Subject 1325/02/2011
4x16 Nothing as It Seems30/03/2012
Melrose Place (2009) (Melrose Place : Nouvelle Génération)
1x04 Vine29/09/2009
V (2009)
1x03 A Bright New Day17/11/2009
1x09 Heretic's Fork27/04/2010
The Good Wife
1x22 Hybristophilia18/05/2010
2x20 Foreign Affairs12/04/2011
3x04 Feeding the Rat16/10/2011
3x13 Bitcoin for Dummies15/01/2012
3x14 Another Ham Sandwich29/01/2012
4x05 Waiting for the Knock28/10/2012
4x19 The Wheels of Justice31/03/2013
5x07 The Next Week10/11/2013
5x07 The Next Week10/11/2013
6x05 Shiny Objects19/10/2014
6x10 The Trial23/11/2014
7x17 Shoot20/03/2016
Miami Medical
1x12 Down to the Bone25/06/2010
1x09 A Night to Forget01/12/2010
Hawaii Five-O (2010)
1x11 Palekaiko (Paradise)06/12/2010
2x19 Kalele (Faith)19/03/2012
3x02 Kanalua (Doubt)01/10/2012
Falling Skies
1x04 Grace03/07/2011
1x05 Silent Kill10/07/2011
Rizzoli & Isles (Rizzoli & Isles : Autopsie d'un meurtre)
2x09 Gone Daddy Gone05/09/2011
3x07 Crazy for You17/07/2012
Person of Interest
1x07 Witness03/11/2011
1x21 Many Happy Returns03/05/2012
2x07 Critical15/11/2012
2x15 Booked Solid14/02/2013
3x02 Nothing to Hide01/10/2013
3x09 The Crossing19/11/2013
3x21 Beta29/04/2014
4x03 Wingman07/10/2014
4x16 Blunt24/02/2015
4x21 Asylum28/04/2015
5x10 The Day the World Went Away31/05/2016
1x10 Nobody's Fault But Mine26/11/2012
1x19 Children of Men27/05/2013
2x05 One Riot, One Ranger23/10/2013
2x17 Why We Fight19/03/2014
1x13 Road Trip29/01/2013
Almost Human
1x12 Beholder24/02/2014
1x12 Second Chance15/06/2014
1x08 Skin19/11/2014
1x18 The Woods27/04/2015
NCIS: New Orleans (NCIS : Nouvelle-Orléans)
2x13 Undocumented19/01/2016
11.22.63 (22.11.63)
1x02 The Kill Floor22/02/2016
1x04 The Eyes of Texas07/03/2016
1x06 Past as Prologue: Notes Toward a Post-Reagan Theory of Party Alliance, Tribalist, and Loyalty31/07/2016
1x07 The Power of Euphemism: How Torture Became a Matter of Debate in American Politics07/08/2016
1x06 The Adversary06/11/2016
1x07 Trompe L'Oeil13/11/2016
2x10 The Passenger24/06/2018
Designated Survivor
1x07 The Traitor16/11/2016
1x10 The Oath14/12/2016
1x14 Commander-in-Chief29/03/2017
1x17 The Ninth Seat19/04/2017
1x21 Brace for Impact17/05/2017
2x02 Sting of the Tail04/10/2017
The Good Fight
2x07 Day 45015/04/2018
American Gods
2x02 The Beguiling Man17/03/2019
The Boys
1x04 The Female of the Species26/07/2019