Fred Gerber

États-Unis Nationalité américaine

Légende : Non vu Vu Wishé

Réalisation / Long-métrages

Réalisation de séries

Threat Matrix (Agence Matrix)
1x16 Cambodia00/00/0000
1x02 Veteran's Day25/09/2003
1x07 Alpha-12630/10/2003
1x09 Cold Cash13/11/2003
1x14 Extremist Makeover29/01/2004
China Beach
2x10 Psywars01/03/1989
3x04 Who's Happy Now?11/10/1989
3x09 How to Stay Alive in Vietnam (1)29/11/1989
3x18 Skylark14/03/1990
Cop Rock
1x04 A Three-Corpse Meal17/10/1990
1x11 Bang the Potts Slowly26/12/1990
Midnight Caller (Jack Killian, l'homme au micro)
3x08 Ryder on the Storm16/11/1990
Law & Order (New York Police Judiciaire)
1x21 Sonata for a Solo Organ02/04/1991
2x01 Confession17/09/1991
2x17 Sisters of Mercy03/03/1992
4x09 Born Bad16/11/1993
5x06 Competence02/11/1994
6x06 Paranoia15/11/1995
Sisters (Les Sœurs Reed)
2x07 The Family Way09/11/1991
2x21 Pandora's Box25/04/1992
3x21 Some Other Time01/05/1993
Reasonable Doubts (La voix du silence)
1x13 The Shadow of Death17/01/1992
The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr. (Brisco County)
1x06 Riverboat01/10/1993
The X-Files (X-Files : Aux frontières du réel)
1x11 Eve10/12/1993
ER (Urgences)
1x21 House of Cards06/04/1995
1x23 Love Among the Ruins04/05/1995
Eerie, Indiana: The Other Dimension (Marshall et Simon : Une nouvelle dimension)
1x04 Time Flies28/02/1998
1x14 I'm Okay, You're Really Weird16/05/1998
Total Recall 2070
1x04 Self-Inflicted02/02/1999
Family Law (US) (Associées pour la loi)
1x03 All God's Creatures04/10/1999
1x06 The Nanny25/10/1999
1x09 Holt vs. Holt22/11/1999
1x13 Human Error17/01/2000
1x17 Metamorphosis28/02/2000
1x19 Playing God20/03/2000
1x21 Second Chance24/04/2000
2x02 One Mistake09/10/2000
2x03 Affairs of State16/10/2000
2x04 Going Home23/10/2000
2x10 Generations11/12/2000
2x13 Separation29/01/2001
2x16 Liar's Club (2)26/02/2001
2x22 Recovery07/05/2001
3x01 Irreparable Harm24/09/2001
3x02 Moving On01/10/2001
3x05 Against All Odds22/10/2001
3x08 Security12/11/2001
3x13 To Protect and To Serve14/01/2002
3x16 Celano v. Foster04/03/2002
3x19 Admissions08/04/2002
3x21 Alienation of Affection27/05/2002
Code Name: Eternity (Code Eternity)
1x01 Ethaniel's Story14/05/2000
1x18 Laura's Story17/09/2000
Hack (Le Justicier de l'ombre)
1x07 Husbands and Wives (2)08/11/2002
1x11 Obsession20/12/2002
1x21 True Lies (1)25/04/2003
Judging Amy (Amy)
4x16 Sixteen Going on Seventeen18/02/2003
5x20 Slade's Chophouse27/04/2004
6x03 Legacy19/10/2004
6x16 The Paper War15/03/2005
Desperate Housewives
1x07 Anything You Can Do21/11/2004
1x09 Suspicious Minds12/12/2004
1x11 Move On09/01/2005
House M.D. (Dr House)
1x16 Heavy29/03/2005
2x06 Spin15/11/2005
2x17 All In11/04/2006
The Inside (The Inside : dans la tête des tueurs)
1x08 Aidan20/07/2005
Prison Break
1x15 By the Skin and the Teeth27/03/2006
Traveler (Traveler : Ennemis d'État)
1x02 The Retreat30/05/2007
1x06 The Trader27/06/2007
Lincoln Heights (Retour à Lincoln Heights)
2x08 An Eye for an Eye23/10/2007
3x08 Price You Pay04/11/2008
1x17 47 Hours and 11 Minutes05/05/2008
1x21 Barely Legal02/06/2008
2x07 Formally Yours07/10/2008
3x06 Lost and Founders05/10/2009
In Plain Sight (2008) (US Marshals, protection des témoins)
1x06 High Priced Spread06/07/2008
3x02 When Mary Met Marshall07/04/2010
3x02 What About Bob?05/08/2008
The Unit (The Unit - Commando d'élite)
4x08 Into Hell (2)16/11/2008
Reaper (Le diable et moi)
2x12 Business Casualty19/05/2009
1x05 Summer Nights28/06/2009
Make It or Break It (Championnes à tout prix)
1x07 Run, Emily, Run03/08/2009
1x15 Loves Me, Loves Me Not01/02/2010
2x02 All or Nothing05/07/2010
2x12 Free People04/04/2011
Defying Gravity
1x04 H2IK16/08/2009
1x05 Rubicon23/08/2009
1x08 Love, Honor, Obey13/09/2009
Eastwick (Les mystères d'Eastwick)
1x09 Tasers and Mind Erasers02/12/2009
90210 (90210 : Beverly Hills - Nouvelle Génération)
2x14 Girl Fight16/03/2010
Haven (Les Mystères de Haven)
1x13 Spiral08/10/2010
2x06 Audrey Parker's Day Off19/08/2011
Beauty and the Beast (2012)
1x12 Cold Turkey07/02/2013
2x05 Reunion04/11/2013
2x17 Beast is the New Black02/06/2014
2x21 Operation Fake Date30/06/2014
Witches of East End
1x04 A Few Good Talismen27/10/2013
Reign (Reign : Le destin d'une reine)
1x08 Fated12/12/2013
1x13 The Consummation06/03/2014
2x01 The Plague02/10/2014
2x02 Drawn and Quartered09/10/2014
2x09 Acts of War04/12/2014
2x22 Burn14/05/2015
3x02 Betrothed16/10/2015
3x12 No Way Out02/05/2016
3x16 Clans06/06/2016
4x02 A Grain of Deception17/02/2017
4x04 Playing with Fire03/03/2017
4x08 Uncharted Waters07/04/2017
Motive (Motive : le mobile du crime)
2x07 Pitfall17/04/2014
Designated Survivor
2x05 Suckers25/10/2017
Good Witch (Un soupçon de magie)
4x03 Daddy's Home13/05/2018
4x04 Family Time20/05/2018
Step Up: High Water
2x10 Hip-Hopera20/03/2019
Firefly Lane (Toujours là pour toi)
1x07 Total Eclipse of the Hart03/02/2021
1x08 Mawaige03/02/2021
Mystery 101
1x06 Killer Timing21/03/2021

Scénariste de séries

Traveler (Traveler : Ennemis d'État)
1x06 The Trader27/06/2007