Elodie Keene

États-Unis Nationalité américaine

Née le 10 avril 1949 (74 ans) • Berkeley, Californie (États-Unis)

Légende : Non vu Vu Wishé

Réalisation | Téléfilms

Année Film Durée (min) Moyenne / Nombre de votes
1998 Le chemin de l'espoir (Point Last Seen)96

Réalisation de séries

North Shore (US) (North Shore : Hôtel du Pacifique)
1x21 The End00/00/0000
1x13 Leverage04/11/2004
ER (Urgences)
1x06 Chicago Heat20/10/1994
1x17 The Birthday Party16/02/1995
NYPD Blue (New York Police Blues)
2x08 You Bet Your Life06/12/1994
2x17 Dirty Socks21/03/1995
3x04 Heavin' Can Wait14/11/1995
3x13 A Tushful of Dollars13/02/1996
My So-Called Life (Angela, 15 ans)
1x19 In Dreams Begin Responsibilities26/01/1995
Strange Luck (Drôle de Chance)
1x04 She Was06/10/1995
Murder One
1x09 Chapter Nine31/12/1995
2x03 Chapter Three, Year Two24/10/1996
American Gothic (1995)
1x09 Resurrector10/01/1996
Spy Game (Jeux d'espions)
1x01 Why Spy?03/03/1997
Ally McBeal
1x15 Once in a Lifetime23/02/1998
2x14 Pyramids on the Nile15/02/1999
The Practice (The Practice : Donnell & Associés)
2x27 Duty Bound04/05/1998
C-16: FBI (C-16)
1x13 Hitting Olansky02/07/1998
To Have and to Hold (Les frères McGrail)
1x03 Tangled Up in You14/10/1998
Cupid (1998) (Love Therapy)
1x04 A Truly Fractured Fairy Tale17/10/1998
1x18 Happy Birthday27/04/1999
2x15 Things Change27/02/2000
Charmed (1998)
1x20 The Power of Two12/05/1999
1x01 Once in a Lifetime28/09/1999
1x10 Fall on Your Knees09/12/1999
1x20 We Are Family04/05/2000
2x06 Style and Substance Abuse (1)03/11/2000
2x16 Fag09/03/2001
Family Law (US) (Associées pour la loi)
1x12 Media Relations10/01/2000
1x22 Love and Money01/05/2000
2x21 Americans30/04/2001
2x24 Planting Seeds21/05/2001
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (New York Unité Spéciale)
2x06 Noncompliance24/11/2000
Judging Amy (Amy)
2x13 The Beginning, the End, and the Murky Middle13/02/2001
3x11 Crime and Puzzlement18/12/2001
3x23 Nobody Expects the Spanish Inquisition14/05/2002
4x05 Cause For Alarm29/10/2002
Boston Public
1x18 Chapter Eighteen23/04/2001
2x18 Chapter Forty22/04/2002
3x08 Chapter Fifty-Two16/12/2002
1x09 My Day Off20/11/2001
Once and Again (Deuxième chance)
3x15 One Step (Parent) Backward18/03/2002
Hack (Le Justicier de l'ombre)
1x10 All Night Long06/12/2002
The Wire (Sur écoute)
2x03 Hot Shots15/06/2003
2x04 Hard Cases22/06/2003
1x05 Kurt Dempsey19/08/2003
1x12 Antonia Ramos14/10/2003
2x03 Manya Mabika06/07/2004
2x09 Rose & Raven Rosenberg17/08/2004
2x14 Trudy Nye21/09/2004
3x01 Momma Boone20/09/2005
3x02 Kiki27/09/2005
4x03 Monica Wilder19/09/2006
4x05 Dawn Budge03/10/2006
5x08 Duke Collins18/12/2007
6x11 Dan Daley06/01/2010
Joan of Arcadia (Le Monde de Joan)
1x13 Recreation16/01/2004
2x08 Friday Night12/11/2004
2x21 Common Thread15/04/2005
American Dreams (Mes plus belles années)
2x15 Shoot the Moon07/03/2004
Medical Investigation (NIH : alertes médicales)
1x11 The Unclean03/12/2004
1x18 The Black Book25/02/2005
The Closer (2005) (The Closer : L.A. enquêtes prioritaires)
1x03 The Big Picture27/06/2005
2x03 Slippin'26/06/2006
2x05 To Protect and to Serve10/07/2006
3x06 Dumb Luck23/07/2007
3x10 Culture Shock20/08/2007
4x04 Live Wire04/08/2008
4x11 Good Faith26/01/2009
Medium (Médium)
2x04 Light Sleeper10/10/2005
1x05 The Naked Truth31/10/2005
Night Stalker (Night Stalker : Le Guetteur)
1x07 The Sea (2)07/02/2006
Conviction (2006)
1x11 Indiscretion12/05/2006
Angela's Eyes
1x04 Eyes of the Father06/08/2006
Reunion (Réunion : Destins brisés)
1x10 199511/10/2006
1x13 199825/10/2006
Criminal Minds (Esprits criminels)
2x08 Empty Planet08/11/2006
Day Break
1x10 What If He's Free29/01/2007
1x09 This is Not Your Father's Hostage Situation27/02/2007
House M.D. (Dr House)
3x18 Airborne10/04/2007
Drive (2007)
1x04 No Turning Back23/04/2007
State of Mind
1x07 O Rose, Thou Art Sick26/08/2007
Big Shots
1x08 The Way We Weren't29/11/2007
Life (US)
2x03 The Business of Miracles06/10/2008
2x12 Trapdoor17/12/2008
2x16 Hit Me Baby25/02/2009
Saving Grace
2x09 Do You Believe in Second Chances?09/03/2009
1x10 Haunted24/04/2009
1x06 Vitamin D07/10/2009
1x08 Mash-Up21/10/2009
1x12 Mattress02/12/2009
1x17 Bad Reputation04/05/2010
1x21 Funk01/06/2010
4x19 Sweet Dreams18/04/2013
5x11 City of Angels11/03/2014
Eastwick (Les mystères d'Eastwick)
1x04 Fleas and Casserole14/10/2009
Lie to Me
2x09 Fold Equity30/11/2009
NCIS: Los Angeles
1x12 Past Lives12/01/2010
Pretty Little Liars
1x03 To Kill a Mocking Girl22/06/2010
2x03 My Name Is Trouble28/06/2011
2x19 The Naked Truth06/02/2012
1x05 Movie Night26/07/2010
1x08 Birthdays16/08/2010
1x10 Parents Weekend (2)30/08/2010
Hawaii Five-O (2010)
1x10 Heihei (Race)22/11/2010
The Lying Game
1x05 Over Exposed12/09/2011
The Mentalist (Mentalist)
4x12 My Bloody Valentine19/01/2012
5x09 Black Cherry25/11/2012
6x07 The Great Red Dragon17/11/2013
1x05 Money For Nothing16/07/2012
Covert Affairs
3x06 Hello Stranger21/08/2012
Hart of Dixie
2x03 If It Makes You Happy16/10/2012
3x02 Friends in Low Places14/10/2013
Animal Practice
1x06 The Two George Colemans24/10/2012
The Fosters
1x14 Family Day03/02/2014
2x02 Take Me Out23/06/2014
2x13 Stay26/01/2015
3x05 Going South06/07/2015
3x13 If and When08/02/2016
3x17 Sixteen07/03/2016
3x04 I Feel Sorry for Me15/10/2014
Jane the Virgin
1x10 Chapter Ten19/01/2015
3x13 Mirror03/03/2015
NCIS: New Orleans (NCIS : Nouvelle-Orléans)
1x20 Rock-A-Bye-Baby14/04/2015
2x07 Broken Hearted03/11/2015
Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (Marvel : Les Agents du S.H.I.E.L.D.)
3x17 The Team19/04/2016
Devious Maids
4x07 Blood, Sweat, and Smears18/07/2016
4x08 I Saw the Shine25/07/2016
American Horror Story
6x07 Chapter 726/10/2016
1x07 Heartbreaker10/01/2017
1x08 Back to Black17/01/2017
Chicago Justice
1x04 Judge Not12/03/2017
The Blacklist: Redemption
1x05 Borealis 30123/03/2017
Taken (2017)
1x07 Solo10/04/2017
2x08 Strelochnik23/03/2018
4x04 Nuke Kids on the Block16/10/2017
S.W.A.T. (2017)
1x12 Contamination01/02/2018
1x10 Banana Heart Banana10/08/2018
All American
1x04 Lose Yourself07/11/2018
Chicago Med
4x16 Old Flames, New Sparks27/02/2019
5x14 It May Not Be Forever12/02/2020
Dynasty (2017) (Dynastie (2017))
2x20 New Lady In Town10/05/2019
FBI: Most Wanted (Most Wanted Criminals)
1x05 Invisible11/02/2020
2x03 Deconflict08/12/2020
Paradise Lost
1x08 Getting to the Other Side13/04/2020
1x07 Polishing the Mirror13/04/2020
1x04 Not Our First Rodeo04/10/2022