David Boyd

États-Unis Nationalité américaine

Légende : Non vu Vu Wishé

Réalisation de séries

Friday Night Lights
1x12 What to Do While You're Waiting10/01/2007
1x20 Mud Bowl28/03/2007
2x05 Let's Get It On02/11/2007
2x07 Pantherama!16/11/2007
3x10 The Giving Tree10/12/2008
5x03 The Right Hand of the Father10/11/2010
Bionic Woman
1x06 The List07/11/2007
The Walking Dead
2x06 Secrets20/11/2011
3x13 Arrow on the Doorpost10/03/2013
4x05 Internment10/11/2013
5x02 Strangers19/10/2014
5x13 Forget08/03/2015
6x07 Heads Up22/11/2015
7x04 Service13/11/2016
8x10 The Lost and the Plunderers04/03/2018
9x10 Omega17/02/2019
10x03 Ghosts20/10/2019
10x17 Home Sweet Home28/02/2021
10x18 Find Me07/03/2021
10x21 Diverged28/03/2021
Once Upon a Time
3x04 Nasty Habits20/10/2013
Once Upon a Time in Wonderland
1x11 Heart of the Matter20/03/2014
2x20 Tomorrowland07/05/2014
1x10 Collapse25/05/2014
The Night Shift
1x06 Coming Home01/07/2014
2x04 Shock to the Heart16/03/2015
2x05 Ghosts23/03/2015
2x09 Parenthood13/04/2015
Mind Games
1x08 Royal Fiasco29/07/2014
Gang Related
1x11 La Luz Verde31/07/2014
Sleepy Hollow
2x08 Heartless10/11/2014
12 Monkeys
1x05 The Night Room13/02/2015
1x13 Waiting for the Man13/02/2015
Murder in the First (First Murder)
2x08 Out of the Shadows27/07/2015
4x08 Hector Lives10/09/2015
5x01 A Fog That Won't Lift23/09/2016
5x04 The Judas Wolf23/09/2016
Shades of Blue (Shades of Blue : Une flic entre deux feux)
1x07 Undiscovered Country18/02/2016
1x08 Good Cop, Bad Cop25/02/2016
3x07 Straight Through the Heart29/07/2018
3x08 Cry Havoc05/08/2018
Containment (Alerte Contagion)
1x07 Inferno31/05/2016
Queen of the South (Reine du Sud)
1x08 Billete de Magia11/08/2016
2x01 El Cuerpo De Cristo08/06/2017
2x06 El Camino de la Muerte13/07/2017
2x13 La Última Hora Mata31/08/2017
3x10 La Muerte23/08/2018
Aquarius (US)
2x09 Sexy Sadie27/08/2016
The Mist
1x02 Withdrawal29/06/2017
1x06 A Little Faith04/09/2020
1x07 Goodnight Mars04/09/2020