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Année Film Durée (min) Moyenne / Nombre de votes
2016 L'île aux secrets (TV) (Sea Change (TV))90
Moyenne de tous ses films13.38

Réalisation de séries

Killer Instinct (Instinct de tueur)
1x12 Love Hurts00/00/0000
Queer as Folk (US)
3x11 Poster May Lead to the Truth25/05/2003
4x03 Starting a Whole New Life02/05/2004
5x05 Excluding and Abstemiousness12/06/2005
Radio Free Roscoe
1x03 About a Girl01/08/2003
1x10 Crush Me26/09/2003
1x17 Written in the Stars19/12/2003
Kevin Hill
1x20 Through the Looking Glass04/05/2005
Beautiful People (US)
1x10 It's All Uphill Here from Here13/03/2006
1x16 And the Winner Is...24/04/2006
Angela's Eyes
1x05 Undercover Eyes13/08/2006
1x11 In Your Eyes01/10/2006
Three Moons Over Milford
1x03 Moonstruck20/08/2006
Kyle XY
2x06 Does Kyle Dream of Electric Fish16/07/2007
2x08 What's The Frequency, Kyle?30/07/2007
2x15 The Future's So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades21/01/2008
3x01 It Happened One Night12/01/2009
3x03 Electric Kiss26/01/2009
Being Erica (Les Vies rêvées d'Erica Strange)
1x02 What I Am Is What I Am12/01/2009
1x03 Plenty of Fish19/01/2009
1x10 Mi Casa, Su Casa Loma11/03/2009
1x13 Leo01/04/2009
2x04 Cultural Revolution13/10/2009
2x08 Under My Thumb10/11/2009
2x12 The Importance of Being Erica08/12/2009
3x08 Physician, Heal Thyself10/11/2010
3x11 Adam's Family01/12/2010
4x11 Dr. Erica12/12/2011
Make It or Break It (Championnes à tout prix)
1x08 All's Fair in Love, War and Gymnastics10/08/2009
1x12 Follow The Leader11/01/2010
1x17 Hope and Faith15/02/2010
2x08 Rock Bottom17/08/2010
2x10 At the Edge of the Worlds31/08/2010
2x18 Dog Eat Dog16/05/2011
Pretty Little Liars
1x07 The Homecoming Hangover20/07/2010
1x16 Je Suis une Amie07/02/2011
1x21 Monsters in the End14/03/2011
2x08 Save The Date02/08/2011
2x16 Let The Water Hold Me Down16/01/2012
The Vampire Diaries
3x03 The End of the Affair29/09/2011
3x14 Dangerous Liaisons09/02/2012
3x19 Heart of Darkness19/04/2012
3x21 Before Sunset03/05/2012
4x01 Growing Pains11/10/2012
4x05 The Killer08/11/2012
4x14 Down the Rabbit Hole14/02/2013
4x20 The Originals25/04/2013
4x23 Graduation16/05/2013
5x09 The Cell05/12/2013
5x11 500 Years of Solitude23/01/2014
5x22 Home15/05/2014
6x14 Stay12/02/2015
6x22 I'm Thinking of You All the While14/05/2015
7x02 Never Let Me Go15/10/2015
7x19 Somebody That I Used to Know22/04/2016
8x15 We're Planning a June Wedding03/03/2017
1x07 We Need to Talk About Danny23/07/2013
The Originals
1x01 Always and Forever03/10/2013
1x03 Tangled Up in Blue15/10/2013
1x05 Sinners and Saints29/10/2013
1x13 Crescent City04/02/2014
1x15 Le Grand Guignol04/03/2014
2x15 They All Asked For You09/03/2015
3x13 Heart-Shaped Box19/02/2016
4x05 I Hear You Knocking14/04/2017
Reign (Reign : Le destin d'une reine)
1x19 Toy Soldiers24/04/2014
Orphan Black
3x04 Newer Elements of Our Defense09/05/2015
1x01 Bangarang19/06/2015
1x02 The Sugar Point Run26/06/2015
1x05 A Glitch in the System17/07/2015
Recovery Road
1x06 Heaven Backwards29/02/2016
Containment (Alerte Contagion)
1x04 With Silence and Tears10/05/2016
1x11 Nothing Gold Can Stay05/07/2016
Designated Survivor
1x08 The Results30/11/2016
1x18 Lazarus26/04/2017
2x01 One Year In27/09/2017
2x03 Outbreak11/10/2017
2x10 Line of Fire13/12/2017
2x15 Summit28/03/2018
2x20 Bad Reception02/05/2018
2x22 Run16/05/2018
3x01 #thesystemisbroken07/06/2019
1x01 This is the Part Where You Run25/10/2018
1x04 Hope is Not the Goal15/11/2018
The Unsettling
1x01 Pilot15/07/2019
1x02 The Hand That Pulls the Strings15/07/2019
1x03 The Mouth That Speaks in Tongues15/07/2019
1x04 The Eyes That See the Light15/07/2019
1x05 The Holy Flame Controls Us All15/07/2019
1x06 Follow the Pure Path15/07/2019
1x07 Holy of One15/07/2019
1x08 Holy of All15/07/2019