Anson Williams

États-Unis Nationalité américaine

Né le 25 septembre 1949 (72 ans)

Anson Williams

Légende : Non vu Vu Wishé

Acteur | Séries

Année Série Rôle Moyenne / Nombre de votes
2015 The Odd Couple (2015) Clayton
1974 Les jours heureux (Happy Days) Warren "Potsie" Weber
Moyenne de toutes ses séries13.31
Juste en tant que principal ou secondaire13.8

Réalisation / Long-métrages

Année Film Durée (min) Moyenne / Nombre de votes
1991 American Murder (All-American Murder)94
1989 Tendres mensonges (TV) (Little White Lies (TV))76
Moyenne de tous ses films9

Réalisation de séries

Diagnosis Murder (Diagnostic : Meurtre)
1x03 Murder at the Telethon12/11/1993
1x05 The 13 Million Dollar Man03/12/1993
1x10 Murder with Mirrors21/01/1994
1x12 Reunion with Murder04/02/1994
SeaQuest DSV (SeaQuest, police des mers)
2x12 Meltdown08/01/1995
2x22 Splashdown21/05/1995
2x21 Blindsided13/09/1995
3x01 Brave New World (2)20/09/1995
3x05 Chains of Command01/11/1995
3x07 Equilibrium15/11/1995
3x12 Reunion28/01/1996
Melrose Place (1992)
4x26 The Burning Couch11/03/1996
5x07 Young Doctors in Heat11/11/1996
5x30 Ultimatums and the Single Guy28/04/1997
6x04 The Doctor Is In... Deep29/09/1997
6x08 A Shot in the Dark10/11/1997
6x19 Last Train to Baghdad (1)09/02/1998
6x20 Last Train to Baghdad (2)09/02/1998
7x15 Fiddling on the Roof16/11/1998
7x26 How Amanda Got Her Groove Back01/03/1999
7x30 The Daughterboy19/04/1999
Hercules: The Legendary Journeys (Hercule)
2x19 King for a Day30/03/1996
3x04 Mummy Dearest02/11/1996
Beverly Hills, 90210 (Beverly Hills)
6x29 Ticket to Ride08/05/1996
7x02 Here We Go Again28/08/1996
7x25 Heaven Sent09/04/1997
8x16 Illegal Tender14/01/1998
8x29 Ricochet06/05/1998
9x01 The Morning After16/09/1998
9x14 I'm Married27/01/1999
9x25 Agony05/05/1999
10x20 Ever Hear the One About the Exploding Father?15/03/2000
Xena: Warrior Princess (Xena, la guerrière)
2x02 Remember Nothing07/10/1996
The Pretender (Le Caméléon)
1x10 The Better Part of Valor11/01/1997
Star Trek: Voyager
3x22 Real Life23/04/1997
4x24 Demon06/05/1998
5x18 Course: Oblivion03/03/1999
2x04 Sharing Cher14/10/1997
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
6x09 Statistical Probabilities24/11/1997
7x10 It's Only a Paper Moon30/12/1998
Love Boat: The Next Wave (La croisière s'amuse, nouvelle vague)
1x04 How Long Has This Been Going On?04/05/1998
2x04 Reunion30/10/1998
7th Heaven (7 à la maison)
3x03 Cutters05/10/1998
4x04 Come Drive with Me11/10/1999
The Net (Traques sur Internet)
1x21 Chem Lab20/03/1999
Sabrina, the Teenage Witch (1996) (Sabrina, l'apprentie sorcière)
4x12 Sabrina, Nipping at Your Nose17/12/1999
5x01 Every Witch Way but Loose22/09/2000
5x10 Sabrina's Perfect Christmas15/12/2000
5x16 Sabrina, The Muse16/02/2001
5x17 Beach Blanket Bizarro23/03/2001
6x10 Deliver Us from E-mail18/01/2002
6x12 Sabrina and the Candidate01/02/2002
7x08 Bada-Ping!15/11/2002
7x13 Sabrina in Wonderland31/01/2003
7x15 Cirque du Sabrina14/02/2003
Charmed (1998)
2x12 Awakened03/02/2000
3x04 All Halliwell's Eve26/10/2000
3x19 The Demon Who Came In from the Cold26/04/2001
Baywatch (Alerte à Malibu)
11x04 Dangerous Games23/10/2000
11x05 Stone Cold30/10/2000
11x07 Dream Girl13/11/2000
11x15 A Good Man in a Storm19/02/2001
11x16 My Father the Hero26/02/2001
11x19 Trapped23/04/2001
Titans (2000)
1x12 She Stoops to Conquer28/03/2001
Lizzie McGuire
1x11 Bad Girl McGuire04/05/2001
1x22 The Untitled Stan Jansen Project21/09/2001
1x31 Gordo's Bar Mitzvah18/01/2002
2x05 Working Girl29/03/2002
2x14 Just Like Lizzie09/08/2002
2x25 Bunkies21/02/2003
The Secret Life of the American Teenager (La vie secrète d'une ado ordinaire)
1x07 Absent12/08/2008
1x13 Baked Nevada12/01/2009
1x15 That's Enough of That26/01/2009
2x04 Ciao13/07/2009
2x08 A New Kind of Green10/08/2009
2x10 Knocked Up, Who's There?24/08/2009
2x12 Be My, Be My Baby07/09/2009
2x16 Just Say Me25/01/2010
2x20 Mistakes Were Made22/02/2010
2x22 Good Girls & Boys08/03/2010
2x24 Ben There, Done That22/03/2010
3x04 Goodbye, Amy Juergens28/06/2010
3x08 The Sounds of Silence26/07/2010
3x10 My Girlfriends Back09/08/2010
3x12 Sweet and Sour23/08/2010
3x13 Up All Night30/08/2010
3x16 Mirrors04/04/2011
3x18 Another Proposal18/04/2011
3x20 Moving In and Out02/05/2011
3x22 Loose Lips16/05/2011
3x24 It's Not Over Till It's Over30/05/2011
3x26 …or Not To Be06/06/2011
4x02 Another One Closes20/06/2011
4x06 Don't Go in There!18/07/2011
4x10 4-1-115/08/2011
4x15 Defiance02/04/2012
4x20 Strange Familiar07/05/2012
4x22 The Text Best Thing21/05/2012
5x05 Past History16/07/2012
5x11 Half Over27/08/2012
5x17 Fraid So15/04/2013