Independence of Japan

Nippon Dokuritsu

Un film de Japon Shunya Ito
Ecrit par Japon Shunya Ito
Avec Japon Munetaka Aoki, Japon Miyoko Asada, Japon Rie Miyazawa...


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18 décembre 2020
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Immediately after the end of World War II, in Japan occupied by GHQ, there were two men who were on par with GHQ. The names are Shigeru Yoshida and Jiro Shirasu. In the late fall of the year of the end of the war, Yoshida, who had just become Foreign Minister, entrusted Shirasu, 24 years younger, to negotiate with GHQ. Shirasu, who had retired from the front lines of overseas business and devoted himself to agriculture in the suburbs, decided to help Yoshida. The two men face fierce negotiations, resisting GHQ, which is trying to push forward with constitutional amendment under the leadership of the United States. What was in their hearts was the earliest thought of Japan's independence. A human drama that depicts the bond between two people who are as old as their parents and their children, and their passion and determination for the future of Japan, who are willing to argue with each other.
(source : mvtk)

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