Steven A. Adelson

États-Unis Nationalité américaine

Aussi appelé : Steve Adelson, Steven Adelson

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Réalisation de séries

1x11 Instinct19/12/2008
2x06 Fragments13/11/2009
2x10 Sleepers18/12/2009
3x04 Trail Of Blood05/11/2010
3x09 Vigilante10/12/2010
3x18 Carentan06/06/2011
4x03 Untouchable21/10/2011
Beauty and the Beast (2012)
1x05 Saturn Returns08/11/2012
1x15 Any Means Possible14/03/2013
2x10 Ancestors20/01/2014
2x20 Ever After23/06/2014
4x04 Something's Gotta Give23/06/2016
Haven (Les Mystères de Haven)
3x11 Last Goodbyes07/12/2012
1x03 27417/01/2014
2x01 San Jose16/01/2015
2x02 Reunion23/01/2015
2x07 Cross-Pollination27/02/2015
2x08 Vade in Pace06/03/2015
2x13 O Brave New World10/04/2015
The Tomorrow People (US)
1x15 Enemy of My Enemy05/03/2014
The Blacklist (Blacklist)
1x18 Milton Bobbit31/03/2014
2x05 The Front20/10/2014
2x14 T. Earl King VI05/03/2015
2x21 Karakurt07/05/2015
3x03 Eli Matchett15/10/2015
1x05 Blame It on Leo28/07/2015
2x03 Collision Point05/07/2016
The Player (US)
1x06 The Norseman29/10/2015
1x11 This is Your Brian on Drugs15/12/2015
2x15 Da Bomb25/01/2016
3x04 Little Boy Lost17/10/2016
3x20 Broken Wind20/03/2017
12 Monkeys
2x08 Lullaby06/06/2016
3x07 Causality20/05/2017
1x02 Tempus Fugit02/01/2017
1x03 Ties That Bind02/01/2017
1x09 Out of Darkness02/01/2017
1x10 Into the Light02/01/2017
2x02 Cheers, Bitch18/01/2018
2x01 Two Zero One18/01/2018
2x09 F.G.B.15/03/2018
2x10 There's No Home for You Here22/03/2018
1x06 Chapter Six: Faster, Pussycats! Kill! Kill!02/03/2017
2x22 Chapter Thirty-Five: Brave New World16/05/2018
4x18 Chapter Seventy-Five: Lynchian29/04/2020
5x04 Chapter Eighty: Purgatory10/02/2021
5x05 Chapter Eighty-One: The Homecoming17/02/2021
Sleepy Hollow
4x10 Insatiable10/03/2017
The Exorcist (L'Exorciste)
2x07 Help Me17/11/2017
Dynasty (2017) (Dynastie (2017))
1x11 I Answer to No Man24/01/2018
MacGyver (2016)
2x17 Bear Trap + Mob Boss09/03/2018
Siren (US)
1x04 On the Road12/04/2018
2x12 Serenity27/06/2019
3x09 A Voice in the Dark21/05/2020
The Code (US)
1x04 Back on the Block29/04/2019
Katy Keene
1x02 Chapter Two: You Can't Hurry Love13/02/2020
Motherland: Fort Salem
1x01 Say the Words18/03/2020
1x02 My Witches25/03/2020