Russell Lee Fine

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Etats-Unis Nationalité américaine

Aussi appelé : Russell Fine

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Réalisation de séries

White Collar (FBI : Duo très spécial)
2x14 Payback22/02/2011
3x01 On Guard07/06/2011
3x12 Upper West Side Story24/01/2012
3x16 Judgment Day28/02/2012
4x08 Ancient History04/09/2012
4x10 Vested Interest18/09/2012
4x14 Shoot The Moon19/02/2013
4x16 In The Wind05/03/2013
5x03 One Last Stakeout31/10/2013
5x13 Diamond Exchange30/01/2014
1x01 Pilot06/06/2013
1x02 Guadalajara Dog13/06/2013
1x07 Goodbye High25/07/2013
1x12 Pawn12/09/2013
2x01 The Line11/06/2014
2x06 The Unlucky One23/07/2014
2x12 Echoes03/09/2014
2x13 Faith 710/09/2014
Intelligence (2014)
1x12 The Event Horizon24/03/2014
Sleepy Hollow
2x12 Paradise Lost05/01/2015
3x02 Whispers in the Dark08/10/2015
3x02 Whispers in the Dark08/10/2015
3x05 Dead Men Tell No Tales (2)29/10/2015
3x05 Dead Men Tell No Tales (2)29/10/2015
3x08 Novus Ordo Seclorum19/11/2015
3x08 Novus Ordo Seclorum19/11/2015
3x15 Incommunicado18/03/2016
3x15 Incommunicado18/03/2016
3x18 Ragnarok08/04/2016
4x01 Columbia06/01/2017
4x07 Loco Parentis17/02/2017
4x11 The Way of the Gun17/03/2017
4x13 Freedom31/03/2017
Hemlock Grove
3x01 A Place to Fall23/10/2015
3x09 Damascus23/10/2015
3x10 Brian's Song23/10/2015
Bull (2016)
1x21 How to Dodge a Bullet09/05/2017
1x06 Chip Off the Ol' Block09/08/2017
1x03 What Happened24/05/2019