Rob Wright

États-Unis Nationalité américaine

Légende : Non vu Vu Wishé

Créateur de série

Année Série Statut Moyenne / Nombre de votes
2012 The Mob Doctor (Mob Doctor) Terminée

Scénariste de séries

The Magnificent Seven (Les 7 mercenaires)
2x03 Love and Honor22/01/1999
Walker, Texas Ranger
8x06 The Lynn Sisters30/10/1999
8x13 Vision Quest08/01/2000
8x15 Thunderhawk05/02/2000
8x23 The Bachelor Party13/05/2000
9x01 Home of the Brave07/10/2000
9x05 The Winds of Change (1)04/11/2000
9x07 Turning Point (3)18/11/2000
9x10 Faith16/12/2000
9x14 Saturday Night10/02/2001
9x18 Legends21/04/2001
Law & Order (New York Police Judiciaire)
12x19 Slaughter10/04/2002
Haunted (US)
1x03 Fidelity08/10/2002
1x05 Blind Witness22/10/2002
1x03 29 Seconds06/08/2003
1x09 Bad Company01/10/2003
1x10 Town Without Pity08/10/2003
Touching Evil (US) (Les forces du mal)
1x06 Memorial16/04/2004
Charmed (1998)
7x07 Someone to Witch Over Me31/10/2004
7x15 Show Ghouls20/02/2005
7x22 Something Wicca This Way Goes22/05/2005
8x05 Rewitched23/10/2005
8x11 Mr. & Mrs. Witch08/01/2006
8x17 Generation Hex16/04/2006
Crossing Jordan (Preuve à l'appui)
6x04 Crazy Little Thing Called Love11/02/2007
6x15 Dead Again02/05/2007
Las Vegas
5x05 Run, Cooper, Run19/10/2007
5x11 A Cannon Carol07/12/2007
5x18 Three Weddings and a Funeral (1)15/02/2008
Knight Rider (2008) (Le retour de K2000)
1x03 Knight of the Iguana08/10/2008
1x10 Don't Stop The Knight07/01/2009
1x14 Fight Knight04/02/2009
Drop Dead Diva
3x03 Dream Big10/07/2011
3x09 You Bet Your Life21/08/2011
4x03 Freak Show17/06/2012
4x09 Ashes to Ashes05/08/2012
3x03 A Dish Best Served Cold08/11/2013
3x11 The Good Soldier17/01/2014
3x20 My Fair Wesen02/05/2014
Ash vs. Evil Dead
1x09 Bound in Flesh26/12/2015
The Librarians (Flynn Carson et les nouveaux aventuriers)
3x02 And the Fangs of Death27/11/2016
3x09 And the Fatal Separation15/01/2017
Lethal Weapon (L'arme fatale)
1x15 As Good As It Getz15/02/2017
2x05 Let It Ride07/11/2017
2x19 Leo Getz Hitched17/04/2018
4x03 Man of Steel28/10/2018
4x08 Bunker Hill02/12/2018
4x14 Stand and Deliver10/03/2019
4x18 Crime and Punishment21/04/2019
5x05 Dangerous Liaisons03/11/2019
5x12 Back from the Future (2)16/02/2020
5x16 Alex in Wonderland22/03/2020
6x05 Prom Night!27/04/2021