Millicent Shelton

États-Unis Nationalité américaine

Saint-Louis, Missouri (États-Unis)

Légende : Non vu Vu Wishé

Réalisation / Long-métrages

Année Film Durée (min) Moyenne / Nombre de votes
2022 End of the Road89
2012 Meurtres à Charlotte (Hornet's Nest)120
Moyenne de tous ses films13.6

Réalisation de séries

The Bernie Mac Show
5x01 Father Knows Best23/09/2005
5x08 Pop Pop Goes the Weasel11/11/2005
Everybody Hates Chris (Tout le monde déteste Chris)
1x14 Everybody Hates Valentine's Day09/02/2006
2x07 Everybody Hates Promises13/11/2006
2x14 Everybody Hates the Substitute12/02/2007
4x18 Everybody Hates the Car27/03/2009
My Name Is Earl (Earl)
2x04 Larceny of a Kitty Cat12/10/2006
Big Day
1x07 Boobzilla26/12/2006
Girlfriends (US)
7x15 Willie He or Won't He III: This Time It's Personal19/02/2007
8x04 Losing It22/10/2007
8x05 Good Grief29/10/2007
8x06 Spree to Be Free05/11/2007
The Loop
2x10 The Stranger01/07/2007
Lincoln Heights (Retour à Lincoln Heights)
2x06 The Cost of a T-Shirt09/10/2007
30 Rock
3x16 Apollo, Apollo26/03/2009
4x16 Floyd25/03/2010
Saving Grace
3x06 Am I Going to Lose Her?21/07/2009
Ruby and the Rockits
1x06 Hot for Spanish Teacher25/08/2009
Parks and Recreation
2x09 The Camel12/11/2009
Cougar Town (Bienvenue à Cougar Town)
1x11 Rhino Skin06/01/2010
90210 (90210 : Beverly Hills - Nouvelle Génération)
2x18 Another Another Chance13/04/2010
3x03 2021 Vision27/09/2010
3x15 Revenge with the Nerd14/02/2011
4x04 Let the Games Begin04/10/2011
4x09 A Thousand Words15/11/2011
My Boys
4x05 The NTO15/08/2010
Leverage (Les Justiciers)
3x12 The King George Job29/08/2010
3x12 Poof! You're Dead10/01/2011
1x01 Pilot19/07/2011
Warehouse 13
3x11 Emily Lake03/10/2011
4x11 The Living and the Dead29/04/2013
Pan Am
1x08 Unscheduled Departure13/11/2011
5x05 The Ride-Along05/02/2012
Jane by Design
1x14 The Second Chance26/06/2012
Go On
1x06 Big League Chew09/10/2012
4x07 Together13/11/2012
5x07 Speaking of Baggage07/11/2013
Dallas (2012)
2x05 Trial and Error18/02/2013
2x11 Let Me In01/04/2013
The Fosters
1x08 Clean22/07/2013
1x15 Padre10/02/2014
The Divide
1x06 And the Little Ones Get Caught13/08/2014
The Flash (2014) (Flash (2014))
1x06 The Flash is Born18/11/2014
2x13 Welcome to Earth-209/02/2016
3x10 Borrowing Problems from the Future24/01/2017
Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce (Guide to Divorce)
1x12 Rule No. 92: Don't Do the Crime If You Can't Do the Time17/02/2015
1x15 The Dozens25/02/2015
2x03 Dr. Hell No07/10/2015
2x13 Keeping Up With the Johnsons20/01/2016
3x13 Good Dre Hunting18/01/2017
4x11 Inheritance09/01/2018
5x15 #justakidfromcompton19/03/2019
6x20 A Game of Chicken07/04/2020
1x07 Trust No One16/04/2015
1x08 Sisters of Dinah23/04/2015
American Crime
1x10 Episode Ten07/05/2015
2x09 The Seed of Evil03/09/2015
2x10 House of Sacrifice10/09/2015
1x10 Aortic Atresia And Art Installations02/12/2015
2x16 Benzodiazepine & The Benjamins17/02/2017
Shades of Blue (Shades of Blue : Une flic entre deux feux)
1x09 Live Wire Act03/03/2016
1x10 What Devil Do10/03/2016
The Originals
3x19 No More Heartbreaks29/04/2016
Empire (2015)
2x16 The Lyon Who Cried Wolf04/05/2016
3x03 What Remains Is Bestial05/10/2016
3x16 Absent Child10/05/2017
4x14 False Face25/04/2018
Star (US)
1x08 Mama's Boy15/02/2017
Scandal (US)
6x05 They All Bow Down09/03/2017
Shots Fired
1x02 Hour Two: Betrayal of Trust29/03/2017
2x21 Resist15/05/2017
3x06 I Hate New York27/08/2017
Marvel's Runaways
1x08 Tsunami26/12/2017
Marvel's Jessica Jones
2x05 AKA The Octopus08/03/2018
Marvel's Luke Cage
2x06 The Basement22/06/2018
3x05 The Coffin22/07/2018
3x12 Patron Saint06/09/2018
3x05 High-Like09/09/2018
Tell Me a Story
1x07 Chapter 7: Betrayal13/12/2018
2x06 Lost and Found09/01/2020
Future Man
2x11 Dia De Los Robots11/01/2019
2x12 The Brain Job11/01/2019
1x12 Vanishing Point21/01/2019
The Walking Dead
9x14 Scars17/03/2019
2x13 Fight or Flight01/04/2019
3x16 The One That Got Away27/04/2020
Titans (2018)
2x11 E.L._.O.15/11/2019
3x03 Hank & Dove12/08/2021
3x04 Blackfire19/08/2021
Hunters (2020)
1x06 (Ruth 1:16)21/02/2020
1x03 Higher Ground26/07/2020
2x08 The Death Drop31/07/2022
Locke & Key (Locke and Key)
2x07 Best Laid Plans22/10/2021
2x08 Irons in the Fire22/10/2021
The Equalizer (2021)
2x17 What Dreams May Come08/05/2022
The Night Agent
1x09 The Devil We Know23/03/2023
1x10 Fathers23/03/2023