Michael Offer

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Etats-Unis Nationalité américaine

Légende : Non vu Vu Wishé

Créateur de série

Année Série Chaine Statut
2008 The Passion BBC terminée

Réalisation / Long-métrages

Année Film Durée (min) Moyenne sur 20 - nbre de votes
1998 Terre violente (The Violent Earth)360
Moyenne de tous ses films14

Réalisation de séries

Water Rats (Brigade des mers)

3x28 Trust (2)11/08/1998
3x29 War Games (3)18/08/1998
4x07 End Game06/04/1999
4x08 Tomorrow Never Comes13/04/1999

The Jury (UK)

1x01 Episode One17/02/2002
1x02 Episode Two24/02/2002

The Bill (Brigade volante)

18x74 Episode 06320/11/2002
18x75 Episode 06420/11/2002

Murder Investigation Team (Division Enquêtes Criminelles)

1x01 Moving Targets03/05/2003
1x02 Daddy's Little Girl10/05/2003

Holby City

5x49 A Friend in Need09/09/2003
5x50 Love nor Money16/09/2003
6x09 Sixty Minutes02/12/2003
6x10 Oedipus Wrecks09/12/2003
6x21 Honour Thy Father24/02/2004
6x22 The Kindness of Strangers02/03/2004

Silent Witness (Affaires non classées)

10x01 Cargo (1/2)16/07/2006
10x02 Cargo (2/2)17/07/2006

The State Within (Affaires d'Etats)

1x01 Episode 102/11/2006
1x02 Episode 209/11/2006
1x03 Episode 316/11/2006
1x04 Episode 423/11/2006
1x05 Episode 530/11/2006
1x06 Episode 607/12/2006

The Unit (The Unit - Commando d'élite)

2x20 In Loco Parentis10/04/2007
4x14 The Last Nazi15/02/2009

The Passion

1x01 Episode 116/03/2008
1x02 Episode 217/03/2008
1x03 Episode 321/03/2008
1x04 Episode 423/03/2008

Lie to Me

2x02 Truth or Consequences05/10/2009
2x18 Headlock02/08/2010
3x11 Saved17/01/2011


1x04 Fustercluck29/09/2010

The Chicago Code

1x09 St. Valentine's Day Massacre18/04/2011
1x11 Black Sox09/05/2011


1x12 Land of the Dead23/09/2012

Last Resort

1x03 Eight Bells11/10/2012
1x05 Skeleton Crew25/10/2012
1x07 Nuke It Out15/11/2012
1x13 Controlled Flight Into Terrain24/01/2013


1x19 Unfinished Business03/04/2013


2x01 Unquiet Mind27/05/2013
2x13 Bad Medicine26/08/2013
3x07 Population 2514/07/2014
3x10 Ashes to Ashes04/08/2014
4x07 Highway Robbery10/09/2015
4x10 What Happens on the Rez...10/09/2015
5x10 The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of23/09/2016

Almost Human

1x02 Skin18/11/2013


2x11 Mis Dos Padres15/01/2014


1x07 Bang and Blame20/04/2014

Gang Related

1x04 Perros12/06/2014

How to Get Away with Murder (Murder)

1x01 Pilot25/09/2014
1x10 Hello Raskolnikov29/01/2015


4x04 Iron in the Fire19/10/2014

Person of Interest

4x10 The Cold War16/12/2014


1x06 A Whiter Shade of Pale25/06/2015

The Family

1x09 Betta Male24/04/2016

Taken (2017)

1x02 Ready06/03/2017

Still Star-Crossed

1x01 In Fair Verona, Where We Lay Our Scene29/05/2017

Marvel's The Punisher

2x08 My Brother's Keeper18/01/2019