Michael Katleman

États-Unis Nationalité américaine

Légende : Non vu Vu Wishé

Créateur de série

Année Série Statut Moyenne / Nombre de votes
1995 VR.5 Terminée

Réalisation / Long-métrages

Année Film Durée (min) Moyenne / Nombre de votes
2007 Primeval 93
Moyenne de tous ses films12

Réalisation de séries

1x12 Parallel Lives00/00/0000
1x01 Pilot10/03/1995
1x02 Dr. Strangechild17/03/1995
1x10 Control Freak28/04/1995
China Beach
3x21 The Gift23/04/1990
4x07 One Giant Leap17/11/1990
Quantum Leap (1989) (Code Quantum)
3x11 Runaway - July 4, 196404/01/1991
Beverly Hills, 90210 (Beverly Hills)
2x13 Halloween31/10/1991
Northern Exposure (Bienvenue en Alaska)
3x09 Get Real09/12/1991
3x15 Democracy in America24/02/1992
3x21 It Happened in Juneau04/05/1992
4x02 Midnight Sun05/10/1992
4x14 Grosse Point, 4823001/02/1993
5x08 Heal Thyself15/11/1993
The X-Files (X-Files : Aux frontières du réel)
1x06 Shadows22/10/1993
American Gothic (1995)
1x02 A Tree Grows in Trinity29/09/1995
Space: Above and Beyond (Space 2063)
1x08 The Enemy12/11/1995
The Burning Zone (Burning Zone : menace imminente)
1x04 Arms of Fire24/09/1996
ER (Urgences)
3x13 Fortune's Fools30/01/1997
Cupid (1998) (Love Therapy)
1x14 The Children's Hour11/02/1999
Dawson's Creek (Dawson)
3x12 A Weekend in the Country19/01/2000
Dark Angel
1x02 Heat10/10/2000
1x10 Red16/01/2001
Gilmore Girls
1x05 Cinnamon's Wake02/11/2000
1x14 That Damn Donna Reed22/02/2001
1x15 Christopher Returns01/03/2001
1x18 The Third Lorelai22/03/2001
2x02 Hammers and Veils09/10/2001
2x05 Nick & Nora/Sid & Nancy30/10/2001
2x08 The Ins and Outs of Inns20/11/2001
1x14 Zero12/03/2002
1x18 Drone30/04/2002
3x03 Extinction15/10/2003
Birds of Prey (Les Anges de la nuit)
1x02 Slick16/10/2002
Taken (Disparition)
1x10 Taken13/12/2002
1x04 Little Miss Lost03/03/2003
1x22 Fear Itself12/05/2003
Karen Sisco
1x07 Nobody's Perfect12/11/2003
Tru Calling (Tru Calling : Compte à rebours)
1x05 Haunted04/12/2003
1x13 Drop Dead Gorgeous18/03/2004
1x17 Death Becomes Her15/04/2004
1x20 Two Weddings and a Funeral29/04/2004
2x01 Perfect Storm31/03/2005
2x04 Last Good Day14/04/2005
American Dreams (Mes plus belles années)
2x11 Beyond the Wire11/01/2004
Jack & Bobby (Jack et Bobby)
1x15 Time Out of Life16/02/2005
Reunion (Réunion : Destins brisés)
1x07 199201/12/2005
Drive (2007)
1x06 Rearview15/07/2007
Life on Mars (US)
1x02 The Real Adventures of the Unreal Sam Tyler16/10/2008
1x05 Things to Do in New York When You Think You're Dead06/11/2008
1x10 Let All the Children Boogie11/02/2009
1x17 Life Is a Rock01/04/2009
Eastwick (Les mystères d'Eastwick)
1x03 Madams and Madames07/10/2009
1x10 Tea and Psychopathy16/12/2009
1x13 Pampered and Tampered14/02/2010
Life UneXpected
1x10 Family Therapized22/03/2010
1x12 Fathers and Sons01/06/2010
The Vampire Diaries
2x16 The House Guest24/02/2011
Off the Map (Off the Map : Urgences au bout du monde)
1x09 There's Nothing to Fix09/03/2011
Jane by Design
1x03 The Birkin17/01/2012
Scandal (US)
1x04 Enemy of the State26/04/2012
3x07 Everything’s Coming Up Mellie14/11/2013
Rizzoli & Isles (Rizzoli & Isles : Autopsie d'un meurtre)
3x01 What Doesn't Kill You05/06/2012
3x10 Melt My Heart to Stone14/08/2012
3x15 No More Drama in My Life25/12/2012
4x01 We Are Family25/06/2013
4x13 Tears of a Clown25/02/2014
5x01 A New Day17/06/2014
5x09 It Takes a Village12/08/2014
5x18 Family Matters17/03/2015
Falling Skies
2x03 Compass24/06/2012
Dallas (2012)
1x08 No Good Deed25/07/2012
King & Maxwell
1x01 Pilot10/06/2013
1x11 Give Me a Torch28/04/2014
The Last Ship
1x07 SOS03/08/2014
1x08 Two Sailors Walk Into a Bar...10/08/2014
3x01 The Scott Effect19/06/2016
3x02 Rising Sun19/06/2016
How to Get Away with Murder (Murder)
1x11 Best Christmas Ever05/02/2015
1x02 Fight or Flight07/07/2015
1x09 Murmuration25/08/2015
1x13 That Great Big Hill of Hope15/09/2015
2x01 The Day of the Beast28/06/2016
2x02 Caraquet28/06/2016
2x09 Sins of the Father16/08/2016
2x10 The Yellow Brick Road23/08/2016
2x13 Clementine06/09/2016
3x01 No Place Like Home29/06/2017
3x02 Diaspora06/07/2017
3x06 Oz is Oz03/08/2017
3x13 The Barrier21/09/2017
Designated Survivor
1x06 The Interrogation09/11/2016
1x02 Bond, Jane Bond06/06/2018
FBI: International
1x01 Pilot21/09/2021
1x02 The Edge28/09/2021
1x09 One Kind of Madman04/01/2022
1x15 Shouldn't Have Left Her29/03/2022
1x18 On These Waters26/04/2022