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Réalisation de séries

The Office (US)
6x21 Happy Hour25/03/2010
7x23 The Inner Circle (2/2)05/05/2011
8x07 Pam's Replacement10/11/2011
8x15 Tallahassee16/02/2012
8x18 Last Day In Florida08/03/2012
9x02 Roy's Wedding27/09/2012
9x11 Suit Warehouse17/01/2013
9x19 Stairmageddon11/04/2013
Parks and Recreation
3x15 The Bubble19/05/2011
New Girl
2x22 Bachelorette Party09/04/2013
The Goldbergs (Les Goldberg)
1x09 Stop Arguing and Start Thanking19/11/2013
1x06 Prank King29/10/2014
1x18 Sex, Lies and Vasectomies01/04/2015
2x01 The Word23/09/2015
2x07 Charlie in Charge11/11/2015
3x04 Who's Afraid of the Big Black Man?12/10/2016
3x05 The Purge26/10/2016
Fresh Off the Boat (Bienvenue chez les Huang)
1x06 Fajita Man24/02/2015
3x06 WWJD: What Would Jessica Do?29/11/2016
Other Space
1x06 Power-less19/05/2015
1x07 First Contact26/05/2015
1x08 Finale02/06/2015
The Muppets
1x07 Pig's in a Blackout10/11/2015
1x08 Too Hot to Handler17/11/2015
1x10 Single All the Way08/12/2015
Angie Tribeca
2x07 Boyz II Dead18/07/2016
2x03 Guns, Pills and Birds06/10/2016
2x21 Tornado04/05/2017
3x01 Grand Re-Opening28/09/2017
3x22 Town Hall03/05/2018
4x01 Back to School04/10/2018
The Mick (Very Bad Nanny)
1x10 The Baggage21/02/2017
1x17 The Intruder02/05/2017
2x02 The Friend03/10/2017
2x04 The Haunted House17/10/2017
2x13 The Dump23/01/2018
2x14 The Church06/02/2018
2x15 The Juice27/02/2018
2x20 The Graduate03/04/2018
1x04 Emily Dates a Henchman23/02/2017
Trial & Error
1x08 Chapter 8: A Change in Defense04/04/2017
1x10 Chapter 10: A Hostile Jury11/04/2017
1x12 Chapter 12: The Defense Rests18/04/2017
2x07 Chapter 7: A Family Affair16/08/2018
2x08 Chapter 8: Bad Instincts16/08/2018
Me, Myself & I
1x05 Family Tree23/10/2017