Lee Shallat-Chemel

pas de portrait

Née le 15 juin 1943 (76 ans)

États-Unis Nationalité américaine

Légende : Non vu Vu Wishé

Réalisation / Long-métrages

Année Film Durée (min) Moyenne / Nombre de votes
2005 Greener Mountains89

Réalisation de séries

Stacked (Les lectures d'une blonde)
2x10 You're Getting Sleepy00/00/0000
2x11 The Third Date00/00/0000
2x12 The Day the Music Died00/00/0000
2x14 The Headmaster00/00/0000
2x13 Poker00/00/0000
1x02 Beat the Candidate20/04/2005
1x03 A Fan For All Seasons27/04/2005
2x01 Nobody Says I Love You09/11/2005
2x02 Two Faces of Eve16/11/2005
2x03 Darling Nikki30/11/2005
2x05 iPod14/12/2005
2x07 Goodwizzle Hunting28/12/2005
2x09 Romancing the Stones11/01/2006
1x09 Nick Sick00/00/0000
1x11 Andy the Stand-Up00/00/0000
Family Ties (Sacrée Famille)
2x16 Ready or Not09/02/1984
3x08 4 Rms Ocn Vu08/11/1984
3x13 Karen II, Alex 013/12/1984
3x22 Cold Storage07/03/1985
4x15 Fool for Love23/01/1986
Diff'rent Strokes (Arnold & Willy)
7x20 A Camping We Will Go23/02/1985
Full House (US) (La Fête à la maison)
1x13 Sisterly Love08/01/1988
1x18 Just One of the Guys04/03/1988
1x19 The Seven-Month Itch (1)11/03/1988
2x04 D.J.'s Very First Horse04/11/1988
Northern Exposure (Bienvenue en Alaska)
3x12 Our Tribe13/01/1992
Mad About You (Dingue de toi)
2x02 Bing, Bang, Boom23/09/1993
2x08 Surprise11/11/1993
2x12 Paul is Dead06/01/1994
2x17 Instant Karma14/02/1994
The Nanny (Une nounou d'enfer)
1x01 The Nanny03/11/1993
1x02 Smoke Gets in Your Lies10/11/1993
1x03 My Fair Nanny17/11/1993
1x04 The Nuchslep24/11/1993
1x05 Here Comes the Brood06/12/1993
1x06 The Butler, the Husband, the Wife and Her Mother08/12/1993
1x07 Imaginary Friend15/12/1993
1x08 Christmas Episode22/12/1993
1x09 Personal Business29/12/1993
2x01 Fran-Lite12/09/1994
2x03 Everybody Needs a Bubby26/09/1994
2x04 Material Fran03/10/1994
2x05 Curse of the Grandmas10/10/1994
2x06 The Nanny Napper17/10/1994
2x08 Pishke Business31/10/1994
2x09 Stock Tip07/11/1994
2x10 The Whine Cellar14/11/1994
2x11 When You Pish upon a Star21/11/1994
2x12 Take Back Your Mink21/11/1994
2x13 The Strike28/11/1994
2x14 I've Got a Secret12/12/1994
2x15 Kindervelt Days02/01/1995
2x16 Canasta Masta09/01/1995
2x18 The Nanny Behind the Man23/01/1995
2x19 A Fine Friendship06/02/1995
2x20 Lamb Chop's on the Menu13/02/1995
2x22 What the Butler Sang27/02/1995
2x25 The Chatterbox15/05/1995
2x26 Fran Gets Mugged22/05/1995
Newsradio (Infos FM)
2x19 Presence14/04/1996
2x20 Coda21/04/1996
Spin City
1x02 The Great Pretender24/09/1996
1x03 The Apartment01/10/1996
1x04 Pride and Prejudice08/10/1996
1x05 The Rivals15/10/1996
1x06 A Star is Born22/10/1996
1x07 Grand Illusion29/10/1996
1x08 The High and the Mighty12/11/1996
1x09 Meet Tommy Dugan19/11/1996
1x10 The Competition26/11/1996
1x11 Dog Day Afternoon10/12/1996
1x12 Criss Cross17/12/1996
1x13 Bye Bye Love07/01/1997
1x14 Starting Over14/01/1997
1x15 Gabby's Song28/01/1997
1x16 Kiss Me, Stupid11/02/1997
1x17 An Affair to Remember18/02/1997
1x18 Snowbound25/02/1997
1x19 Striptease04/03/1997
1x20 Deaf Becomes Her18/03/1997
1x21 Hot in the City01/04/1997
1x22 Bone Free29/04/1997
1x23 The Mayor Who Came to Dinner06/05/1997
1x24 Mayor Over Miami13/05/1997
Just Shoot Me! (Voilà !)
2x03 Old Boyfriends28/10/1997
2x04 La Cage04/11/1997
2x05 King Lear Jet11/11/1997
1x05 My Dinner With Becker07/12/1998
1x08 Physician, Heal Thyself11/01/1999
1x16 Limits and Boundaries08/03/1999
2x16 Old Yeller14/02/2000
1x05 Titus Integritous17/04/2000
The Bernie Mac Show
1x04 Bernie Mac, Ladies Man28/11/2001
1x14 Back in the Day20/02/2002
1x16 Mac 10127/03/2002
1x18 Stop Having Sex17/04/2002
1x20 Kelly's Heroes08/05/2002
1x21 Sweet Home Chicago (1)15/05/2002
2x04 Mac Local 13706/11/2002
2x13 Raging Election26/02/2003
2x16 Chess Wars09/04/2003
2x18 Maid Man23/04/2003
2x20 The Other Sister07/05/2003
3x04 Laughing Matters21/12/2003
4x09 Jack & Jacqueline04/02/2005
5x10 Some Church Bull02/12/2005
5x12 Fumes of Détente06/01/2006
5x21 Growing Pains14/04/2006
Judging Amy (Amy)
3x14 The Extinction of the Dinosaurs22/01/2002
George Lopez (Une famille du tonnerre)
1x04 Max's Big Adventure17/04/2002
2x01 Who's Your Daddy?02/10/2002
2x02 Token of Unappreciation09/10/2002
2x07 The Wedding Dance13/11/2002
2x11 Meet the Cuban Parents11/12/2002
2x12 This Old Casa08/01/2003
Andy Richter Controls the Universe (Le monde merveilleux d'Andy Richter)
2x05 Relationship Ripcord17/12/2002
That's So Raven (Phénomène Raven)
1x06 Smell of Victory31/01/2003
1x06 Check Tease20/10/2003
Arrested Development (Arrested Development: Les nouveaux pauvres)
1x11 Public Relations25/01/2004
1x19 Best Man for the Gob04/04/2004
1x21 Not Without My Daughter25/04/2004
2x01 The One Where Michael Leaves (2/2)07/11/2004
2x03 Amigos21/11/2004
Gilmore Girls
5x04 Tippecanoe and Taylor, Too12/10/2004
6x17 I'm OK, You're OK04/04/2006
7x01 The Long Morrow26/09/2006
7x03 Lorelai's First Cotillion10/10/2006
7x07 French Twist14/11/2006
7x08 Introducing Lorelai Planetarium21/11/2006
7x11 Santa's Secret Stuff23/01/2007
7x13 I'd Rather Be in Philadelphia06/02/2007
7x15 I'm a Kayak, Hear Me Roar20/02/2007
7x17 Gilmore Girls Only06/03/2007
7x19 It's Just Like Riding a Bike24/04/2007
7x21 Unto the Breach08/05/2007
7x22 Bon Voyage15/05/2007
The Suite Life of Zack and Cody (La Vie de palace de Zack et Cody)
1x05 Grounded on the 23rd Floor08/04/2005
Living with Fran (Du côté de chez Fran)
2x01 A Year of Living with Fran16/09/2005
2x05 Ahead of the Plan with Fran14/10/2005
Hannah Montana
1x01 Lilly, Do You Want To Know A Secret? (Pilot)24/03/2006
1x10 O Say, Can You Remember the Words?30/06/2006
Side Order of Life
1x11 Aliens30/09/2007
Samantha Who? (Samantha Qui ?)
1x02 The Job22/10/2007
1x12 The Butterflies21/04/2008
1x13 The Gallery Show28/04/2008
2x02 Out of Africa20/10/2008
2x04 The Building03/11/2008
2x05 Help!10/11/2008
2x07 The Farm24/11/2008
2x10 My Best Friend's Boyfriend26/03/2009
2x12 The Amazing Racist09/04/2009
2x13 The Debt16/04/2009
2x14 The Rock Star25/06/2009
2x15 Todd's Job02/07/2009
2x16 The Sister02/07/2009
2x18 The First Date09/07/2009
Gossip Girl
1x08 Seventeen Candles14/11/2007
4x06 Easy J25/10/2010
The Starter Wife (Starter Wife)
2x04 Mollywood24/10/2008
2x07 The French Disconnection14/11/2008
Ugly Betty
3x12 Sisters on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown22/01/2009
In the Motherhood
1x05 Shepfather25/06/2009
1x07 In Sickness and In Health02/07/2009
Better Off Ted
1x10 Trust and Consequences14/07/2009
2x07 Change We Can't Believe In05/01/2010
2x10 Lust in Translation19/01/2010
2x13 Swag the Dog17/06/2010
The Middle
1x02 The Cheerleader07/10/2009
1x04 The Trip21/10/2009
1x12 The Neighbor06/01/2010
1x20 TV or Not TV14/04/2010
1x21 Worry Duty28/04/2010
2x04 The Quarry13/10/2010
2x08 Errand Boy17/11/2010
2x12 The Big Chill12/01/2011
2x14 Valentine's Day II09/02/2011
2x21 Mother's Day II04/05/2011
2x23 The Bridge18/05/2011
3x01 Forced Family Fun: Part 1 of 221/09/2011
3x04 Major Changes05/10/2011
3x06 Bad Choices19/10/2011
3x08 Heck's Best Thing02/11/2011
3x13 The Map11/01/2012
3x15 Valentine's Day III08/02/2012
3x17 The Sit Down22/02/2012
3x19 The Paper Route14/03/2012
3x21 The Guidance Counselor02/05/2012
3x23 The Telling16/05/2012
4x01 Last Whiff of Summer Part 126/09/2012
4x02 Last Whiff of Summer Part 226/09/2012
4x05 The Hose17/10/2012
4x07 The Safe07/11/2012
4x11 Life Skills09/01/2013
4x13 The Friend23/01/2013
4x17 Wheel of Pain27/02/2013
4x19 The Bachelor03/04/2013
4x21 From Orson with Love01/05/2013
4x23 The Ditch15/05/2013
5x01 The Drop Off25/09/2013
5x03 The Potato09/10/2013
5x05 Halloween IV: The Ghost Story30/10/2013
5x07 Thanksgiving V20/11/2013
5x09 The Christmas Tree11/12/2013
5x11 War of the Hecks15/01/2014
5x13 Hungry Games05/02/2014
5x17 The Walk26/03/2014
5x19 The Wind Chimes23/04/2014
5x20 The Optimist30/04/2014
5x21 Office Hours07/05/2014
5x24 The Wonderful World of Hecks21/05/2014
6x01 Unbraceable You24/09/2014
6x04 The Table22/10/2014
6x05 Halloween V29/10/2014
6x07 Thanksgiving VI19/11/2014
6x09 The Christmas Wall10/12/2014
6x12 Hecks on a Train04/02/2015
6x13 Valentine's Day VI11/02/2015
6x15 Steaming Pile of Guilt25/02/2015
6x23 Mother's Day Reservations06/05/2015
7x01 Not Your Brother's Drop Off23/09/2015
7x03 The Shirt07/10/2015
7x05 Land of the Lost21/10/2015
7x07 Homecoming II: The Tailgate11/11/2015
7x09 The Convention02/12/2015
7x11 The Rush06/01/2016
7x13 Floating 5020/01/2016
7x15 Hecks at a Movie17/02/2016
7x17 The Wisdom Teeth16/03/2016
7x19 Crushed06/04/2016
7x20 Survey Says…13/04/2016
7x22 Not Mother's Day04/05/2016
7x24 The Show Must Go On18/05/2016
8x01 The Core Group11/10/2016
8x03 Halloween VIII: The Heckoning25/10/2016
8x05 Road Kill15/11/2016
8x07 Look Who's Not Talking29/11/2016
8x09 A Very Marry Christmas13/12/2016
8x15 Dental Hijinks21/02/2017
8x17 Exes and Ohhhs14/03/2017
8x20 Adult Swim18/04/2017
8x22 The Final Final09/05/2017
9x01 Vive La Hecks03/10/2017
9x03 Meet the Parents17/10/2017
9x05 Role of a Lifetime31/10/2017
9x09 The 200th05/12/2017
9x11 New Year's Revelations02/01/2018
9x14 Guess Who's Coming to Frozen Dinner06/02/2018
Cougar Town (Bienvenue à Cougar Town)
1x09 Here Comes My Girl25/11/2009
4x02 Fools Rush In10/01/2011
Raising Hope
2x13 Tarot Cards07/02/2012
3x09 Squeak Means Squeak04/12/2012
3x16 Yo Zappa Do (2)05/02/2013

Scénariste de séries

Life on a Stick (Hot Dog Family)
1x10 Some Drinkin' and Some Foolin' Around00/00/0000
1x11 Soupless in Seattle00/00/0000
1x12 Wouldn't It Be Nice?00/00/0000