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Légende : Non vu Vu Wishé

Réalisation de séries

Charmed (1998)
1x16 Which Prue Is It, Anyway?03/03/1999
2x02 Morality Bites07/10/1999
2x08 P3 H2O09/12/1999
2x16 Murphy's Luck30/03/2000
3x02 Magic Hour12/10/2000
3x21 Look Who's Barking10/05/2001
4x07 Brain Drain08/11/2001
4x17 Saving Private Leo28/03/2002
5x08 A Witch in Time10/11/2002
6x04 The Power of Three Blondes12/10/2003
1x10 The Balance15/12/1999
Resurrection Blvd.
1x12 Aniversario04/09/2000
1x18 La Visita08/01/2001
2x04 Secretos, Mentiras, y Expectativas17/07/2001
2x10 Partida28/08/2001
2x14 Lito25/09/2001
2x19 Ansiedad30/10/2001
3x01 En un Momento26/06/2002
3x04 Un Miembro de la Familia17/07/2002
3x06 Las Tristesas de Zeke31/07/2002
3x13 Resureccion18/09/2002
Dawson's Creek (Dawson)
4x07 You Had Me at Goodbye15/11/2000
Touched by an Angel (Les anges du bonheur)
9x13 A Time for Every Purpose01/02/2003
One Tree Hill (Les Frères Scott)
1x13 Hanging by a Moment10/02/2004
The 4400 (2004) (Les 4400)
2x13 Mommy's Bosses (2)28/08/2005
1x13 Loyalty12/09/2005
2x03 Obsession07/10/2005
2x08 In Plain Sight18/11/2005
2x14 Harvest27/01/2006
2x24 Hot Shot19/05/2006
3x01 Spree (1)22/09/2006
3x06 Longshot27/10/2006
3x21 The Art Of Reckoning27/04/2007
3x24 The Janus List18/05/2007
4x09 Graphic23/11/2007
4x13 Black Swan04/04/2008
4x18 When World's Collide16/05/2008
5x06 Magic Show07/11/2008
Surface (2005)
1x08 Submersible Setback14/11/2005
The Mentalist (Mentalist)
1x05 Redwood28/10/2008
CSI: NY (Les Experts : Manhattan)
5x11 Forbidden Fruit17/12/2008
Life (US)
2x13 Re-Entry04/02/2009
2x20 Initiative 3801/04/2009
Ghost Whisperer
4x16 Ghost Busted27/02/2009
5x18 Dead Eye09/04/2010
Lie to Me
1x06 Do No Harm11/03/2009
Crash (2008) (Collision)
2x07 Johnny Hit and Run Pauline06/11/2009
Trauma (US)
1x08 M'Aidez16/11/2009
Miami Medical
1x03 What Lies Beneath16/04/2010
Dark Blue (Dark Blue : Unité Infiltrée)
2x03 Shelter of the Beast11/08/2010
The Vampire Diaries
2x06 Plan B21/10/2010
2x18 The Last Dance14/04/2011
2x22 As I Lay Dying12/05/2011
3x01 The Birthday15/09/2011
3x05 The Reckoning13/10/2011
3x10 The New Deal05/01/2012
3x16 191215/03/2012
3x22 The Departed10/05/2012
V (2009)
2x06 Siege15/02/2011
Make It or Break It (Championnes à tout prix)
2x17 To Thine Own Self Be True09/05/2011
The Client List
1x03 Tough Love22/04/2012
666 Park Avenue
1x04 Hero Complex21/10/2012
1x06 Legacies14/11/2012
1x14 The Odyssey13/02/2013
1x22 Darkness on the Edge of Town08/05/2013
2x01 City of Heroes09/10/2013
2x09 Three Ghosts11/12/2013
2x17 Birds of Prey26/03/2014
2x23 Unthinkable14/05/2014
3x04 The Magician29/10/2014
3x23 My Name Is Oliver Queen13/05/2015
4x02 The Candidate14/10/2015
4x09 Dark Waters09/12/2015
4x23 Schism25/05/2016
5x06 So It Begins09/11/2016
Do No Harm
1x05 A Stand-In20/07/2013
1x13 This Is How It Ends07/09/2013
Blue Bloods
4x02 The City That Never Sleeps04/10/2013
5x03 Burning Bridges10/10/2014
5x11 Baggage09/01/2015
5x21 New Rules24/04/2015
6x05 Backstabbers23/10/2015
6x21 The Extra Mile29/04/2016
7x03 The Price of Justice07/10/2016
7x14 In and Out03/02/2017
7x21 Foreign Interference28/04/2017
8x02 Ghosts of the Past06/10/2017
8x09 Pain Killers01/12/2017
8x21 The Devil You Know04/05/2018
9x03 Mind Games12/10/2018
9x21 Identity03/05/2019
10x02 Naughty or Nice04/10/2019
10x05 The Price You Pay25/10/2019
10x13 Reckless31/01/2020
11x02 In the Name of the Father11/12/2020
11x05 Spilling Secrets22/01/2021
12x06 Be Smart or Be Dead12/11/2021
12x15 Where We Stand04/03/2022
3x05 El Cucuy29/11/2013
4x06 Highway of Tears28/11/2014
4x17 Hibernaculum10/04/2015
5x07 Eve of Destruction29/01/2016
5x16 The Believer08/04/2016
The Tomorrow People (US)
1x20 A Sort of Homecoming21/04/2014
The 100 (Les 100)
1x09 Unity Day14/05/2014
1x08 Iconoclast01/10/2014
1x14 The Fearsome Dr. Crane02/02/2015
2x14 This Ball of Mud and Meanness14/03/2016
3x09 The Executioner14/11/2016
3x19 All Will Be Judged22/05/2017
4x07 A Day in the Narrows02/11/2017
The Flash (2014) (Flash (2014))
1x16 Rogue Time24/03/2015
1x18 Bezgranichnyy15/03/2016
1x11 Negative Copy11/01/2017
Lethal Weapon (L'arme fatale)
2x14 Double Shot of Baileys23/01/2018
2x18 Frankie Comes to Hollywood10/04/2018
3x09 Bad Santas04/12/2018
Shades of Blue (Shades of Blue : Une flic entre deux feux)
3x01 Good Police17/06/2018
3x02 The Hollow Crown24/06/2018
The Code (US)
1x06 1st Civ Div13/05/2019
Instinct (US)
2x04 Big Splash21/07/2019