Joel J. Feigenbaum

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Légende : Non vu Vu Wishé

Réalisation de séries

7th Heaven (7 à la maison)
1x10 The Last Call for Aunt Julie25/11/1996
2x07 Girls Just Want to Have Fun03/11/1997
2x20 Like a Harlot27/04/1998
3x02 Drunk Like Me28/09/1998
3x10 Here Comes Santa Claus14/12/1998
4x13 Who Do You Trust?31/01/2000
5x06 Broke06/11/2000
5x15 Sweeps19/02/2001
5x17 Crazy16/04/2001
6x03 Sympathy08/10/2001
6x12 Suspicion21/01/2002
6x17 Lip Service15/04/2002
6x19 Letting Go29/04/2002
7x02 Monkey Business Deux (2)23/09/2002
7x06 Regarding Eric21/10/2002
7x11 Sunday06/01/2003
7x13 It's Not Always About You27/01/2003
7x15 I Love Lucy10/02/2003
7x17 High Anxiety24/02/2003
7x20 Dick (2)05/05/2003
8x01 The Long Bad Summer (1)15/09/2003
8x02 An Early Fall (2)22/09/2003
8x09 Go Ask Alice17/11/2003
8x13 Major League19/01/2004
8x15 Don't Speak Ill of the Dead or the Living09/02/2004
8x19 There's No Place Like It19/04/2004
8x22 Little White Lies (1)10/05/2004
8x23 Little White Lies (2)17/05/2004
9x01 Dropping Trou (1)13/09/2004
9x03 The Song of Lucy27/09/2004
9x05 Vote11/10/2004
9x08 Why Not Me?01/11/2004
9x11 Wayne's World29/11/2004
9x14 First Date07/02/2005
9x17 Tangled Web We Weaved28/02/2005
9x19 Hungry02/05/2005
9x21 Mi Familia (1)16/05/2005
9x22 Mi Familia (2)23/05/2005
10x03 Mama's Gonna Buy You a Diamond Ring03/10/2005
10x04 Ring Around the Rosie10/10/2005
10x07 Soup's On07/11/2005
10x12 Got MLK?23/01/2006
10x16 Moving Ahead27/02/2006
10x20 And More Secrets24/04/2006
11x01 Turn, Turn, Turn25/09/2006
11x04 Don't Ax, Don't Tell22/10/2006
11x07 You Take the High Road12/11/2006
11x08 And I'll Take the Low Road19/11/2006
11x13 Script Number Two Hundred Thirty-Four21/01/2007
11x16 Gimme' That Ol' Time Religion18/02/2007
11x20 Nothing Says Lovin' Like Something From The Oven29/04/2007
Beverly Hills, 90210 (Beverly Hills)
8x23 Making Amends11/03/1998
9x10 Marathon Man09/12/1998
9x22 Local Hero14/04/1999
10x02 Let's Eat Cake15/09/1999
10x12 Nine Yolks Whipped Lightly22/12/1999
Melrose Place (1992)
7x23 The Younger Son Also Rises08/02/1999
Touched by an Angel (Les anges du bonheur)
6x17 Here I Am27/02/2000
7x12 The Lord Moves in Mysterious Ways21/01/2001
Charmed (1998)
2x19 Ex Libris27/04/2000
3x03 Once Upon a Time19/10/2000
3x12 Wrestling with Demons02/02/2001
3x18 Sin Francisco19/04/2001
3x20 Exit Strategy03/05/2001
4x04 Enter the Demon18/10/2001
4x09 Muse to My Ears13/12/2001
4x14 The Three Faces of Phoebe14/02/2002
5x04 Siren Song06/10/2002
5x09 Sam, I Am17/11/2002
5x20 Sense and Sense Ability27/04/2003
5x23 Oh My Goddess (2)11/05/2003
6x06 My Three Witches26/10/2003
6x10 Chris-Crossed23/11/2003
6x16 The Courtship of Wyatt's Father22/02/2004
8x09 Hulkus Pocus20/11/2005
Titans (2000)
1x07 Torn Between Two Mothers15/11/2000

Scénariste de séries

Knots Landing (Côte Ouest)
5x08 A Change of Heart17/11/1983
5x17 Second Chances19/01/1984
5x24 Yesterday, It Rained22/03/1984
6x08 Tomorrow Never Knows29/11/1984
6x10 Message in a Bottle13/12/1984
6x20 The Emperor's Clothes21/02/1985
6x30 The Long and Winding Road23/05/1985
8x05 Slow Burn09/10/1986
9x04 Half-Truths15/10/1987
Dallas (1978)
9x02 Rock Bottom27/09/1985
9x05 Saving Grace18/10/1985
9x08 Quandary08/11/1985
9x12 En Passant06/12/1985
9x19 Shadow Games31/01/1986
9x21 Dire Straits14/02/1986
9x25 Just Desserts14/03/1986
9x27 J.R. Rising04/04/1986
9x29 Thrice in a Lifetime02/05/1986
9x31 Blast from the Past16/05/1986
Falcon Crest
7x04 The Big Bang23/10/1987
Malibu Shores (Couleur Pacifique)
1x04 Against the Wall23/03/1996
1x08 The Road Not Taken20/04/1996
Pacific Palisades (Brentwood)
1x02 The Bet16/04/1997
1x08 Desperate Measure25/06/1997