Harry Harris

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Né le 8 septembre 1922 à Kansas City, Missouri (États-Unis)

Décédé le 19 mars 2009 à l'âge de 86 ans à Los Angeles, Californie (États-Unis)

États-Unis Nationalité américaine

Légende : Non vu Vu Wishé

Réalisation de séries

6x19 Tall Trapper21/01/1961
6x21 Bad Seed04/02/1961
6x25 Potshot11/03/1961
6x26 Old Faces18/03/1961
6x30 Minnie15/04/1961
7x01 Perce30/09/1961
7x03 Miss Kitty14/10/1961
7x11 Apprentice Doc09/12/1961
7x14 A Man a Day30/12/1961
7x16 Lacey13/01/1962
7x19 Catawomper10/02/1962
7x23 Reprisal10/03/1962
7x26 Durham Bull31/03/1962
7x28 The Dealer14/04/1962
7x31 Cale05/05/1962
7x34 The Boys26/05/1962
8x01 The Search15/09/1962
8x02 Call Me Dodie22/09/1962
8x06 Collie's Free20/10/1962
8x07 The Ditch27/10/1962
8x10 The Hunger17/11/1962
8x12 The Way It Is01/12/1962
8x16 Old Comrade29/12/1962
8x17 Louie Pheeters05/01/1963
8x19 Cotter's Girl19/01/1963
8x21 The Cousin02/02/1963
8x23 Ash16/02/1963
8x26 Anybody Can Kill a Marshal08/03/1963
8x28 I Call Him Wonder23/03/1963
8x30 The Far Places06/04/1963
8x34 Old York04/05/1963
8x37 Jeb25/05/1963
9x01 Kate Heller28/09/1963
9x03 Legends Don't Sleep12/10/1963
9x06 My Sister's Keeper02/11/1963
9x07 Quint's Trail09/11/1963
9x12 The Magician21/12/1963
9x15 Dry Well11/01/1964
9x17 Friend25/01/1964
9x23 Comanches Is Soft07/03/1964
9x24 Father's Love14/03/1964
9x26 Caleb28/03/1964
9x28 Bently11/04/1964
9x31 Trip West02/05/1964
9x32 Scot Free09/05/1964
9x34 Homecoming23/05/1964
9x36 Journey for Three06/06/1964
10x03 Old Man10/10/1964
10x04 The Violators17/10/1964
10x05 Doctor's Wife24/10/1964
10x06 Take Her, She's Cheap31/10/1964
10x07 Help Me Kitty07/11/1964
10x09 Jonah Hutchinson21/11/1964
10x12 Innocence12/12/1964
10x16 Run, Sheep, Run09/01/1965
10x17 Deputy Festus16/01/1965
10x30 The Pariah17/04/1965
10x31 Gilt Guilt24/04/1965
10x34 Honey Pot15/05/1965
10x36 He Who Steals29/05/1965
11x06 Kioga23/10/1965
11x07 The Bounty Hunter30/10/1965
11x23 Sanctuary26/02/1966
11x24 Honor Before Justice05/03/1966
11x27 Harvest26/03/1966
6x07 Incident at Two Graves07/11/1963
6x10 Incident at Confidence Creek28/11/1963
6x12 Incident of the Wild Deuces12/12/1963
6x19 Incident of the Pied Piper06/02/1964
Perry Mason (1957)
8x20 The Case of the Lover's Gamble18/02/1965
Branded (Le Proscrit)
1x05 The Bounty21/02/1965
1x06 Leap Upon Mountains...28/02/1965
1x07 Coward Step Aside07/03/1965
2x02 Now Join the Human Race19/09/1965
Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea (Voyage au fond des mers)
2x03 ...And Five of Us Are Left03/10/1965
2x08 Leviathan14/11/1965
2x15 Killers of the Deep02/01/1966
3x01 Monster from the Inferno18/09/1966
3x11 The Haunted Submarine27/11/1966
3x12 The Plant Man04/12/1966
3x18 The Fossil Men22/01/1967
3x20 The Mummy05/02/1967
3x22 No Escape from Death19/02/1967
4x02 The Deadly Dolls01/10/1967
4x03 Cave of the Dead08/10/1967
4x04 Journey with Fear15/10/1967
4x06 Man of Many Faces29/10/1967
The Legend of Jesse James (Jesse James)
1x13 The Man Who Was13/12/1965
Lost in Space (1965) (Perdus dans l'espace)
1x16 The Keeper (1)12/01/1966
1x17 The Keeper (2)19/01/1966
1x24 His Majesty Smith16/03/1966
1x26 All That Glitters06/04/1966
2x05 Space Circus12/10/1966
2x08 The Deadly Games of Gamma 602/11/1966
2x23 Treasure of the Lost Planet01/03/1967
The Time Tunnel (Au cœur du temps)
1x02 One Way to the Moon16/09/1966
1x27 Merlin the Magician17/03/1967
Mission: Impossible (1966)
1x08 The Ransom05/11/1966
9x07 The Gentle Ones29/10/1967
The Waltons (La famille des collines)
1x08 The Boy From the C.C.C.02/11/1972
2x01 The Journey13/09/1973
2x18 The Heritage17/01/1974
Kung Fu
3x04 This Valley of Terror28/09/1974
3x05 The Predators05/10/1974
3x14 A Lamb to the Slaughter11/01/1975
3x20 The Brothers Caine01/03/1975
3x22 The Thief of Chendo29/03/1975
Hawaii Five-O (1968) (Hawaï police d'État)
9x22 Requiem for a Saddle-Bronc Rider24/03/1977
10x20 Invitation to Murder23/03/1978
Eight Is Enough (Huit, ça suffit !)
2x01 Is There a Doctor in the House?14/09/1977
Man from Atlantis (L'homme de l'Atlantide)
1x06 Shoot Out at Land's End08/11/1977
Dallas (1978)
3x17 Paternity Suit11/01/1980
5x16 The Phoenix29/01/1982
Falcon Crest
1x15 Heir Apparent19/03/1982
2x01 The Challenge01/10/1982
2x03 Troubled Waters15/10/1982
2x05 The Expose05/11/1982
2x07 The Namesake19/11/1982
2x09 The Vigil03/12/1982
2x19 The Odyssey18/02/1983
2x22 Climax11/03/1983
3x01 Cimmerean Dawn30/09/1983
3x03 Conspiracy14/10/1983
3x05 Judge and Jury28/10/1983
3x07 The Last Laugh11/11/1983
3x09 Chameleon Charades25/11/1983
3x11 The Betrayal09/12/1983
3x21 Little Boy Blue09/03/1984
3x23 Final Countdown23/03/1984
3x24 Love's Triumph06/04/1984
3x26 For Better, For Worse04/05/1984
4x01 Requiem28/09/1984
4x03 Strangers12/10/1984
4x05 Shadows26/10/1984
4x07 The Intruder09/11/1984
4x09 The Trump Card23/11/1984
4x11 Going Once, Going Twice07/12/1984
5x16 Collision Course24/01/1986
5x20 Flesh and Blood21/02/1986
5x21 Law and Ardor28/02/1986
5x25 Dangerous Ground11/04/1986
5x27 Consumed09/05/1986
5x29 Cataclysm22/05/1986
6x21 Battle Lines06/03/1987
Remington Steele (Les enquêtes de Remington Steele)
3x07 A Pocketful of Steele20/11/1984
3x09 Cast in Steele04/12/1984
4x05 Forged Steele12/11/1985
Magnum, P.I. (1980) (Magnum)
6x07 Going Home31/10/1985
7x04 Straight and Narrow15/10/1986
7x09 Novel Connection19/11/1986
8x03 Innocence, a Broad28/10/1987
8x04 Tigers Fan04/11/1987
8x11 Transitions17/02/1988
In the Heat of the Night (Dans la chaleur de la nuit)
2x06 Hot Nights27/12/1988
3x01 Rape24/10/1989
3x09 My Name is Hank19/12/1989
3x22 Citizen Trundel (2)08/05/1990
4x01 Brotherly Love (1)18/09/1990
4x02 Brotherly Love (2)18/09/1990
4x04 Perversions of Justice02/10/1990
4x05 And Justice for Some23/10/1990
5x01 A Woman Much Admired01/10/1991
5x02 Baby for Sale08/10/1991
5x04 Liar's Poker29/10/1991
5x18 Trundel's Will Be Done03/03/1992
5x20 Family Reunion07/04/1992
6x01 A Small War (1)28/10/1992
6x02 A Small War (2)04/11/1992
6x21 Lake Winahatchie05/05/1993
6x22 A Correct Settling12/05/1993
7x01 Child's Play16/09/1993
7x04 A Depraved Heart23/09/1993
7x09 Every Man's Family10/11/1993
MacGyver (1985)
5x13 Live and Learn15/01/1990
Father Dowling Mysteries (Le père Dowling)
3x07 The Murder Weekend Mystery08/11/1990
Jake and the Fatman (La loi est la loi)
4x17 I Cover the Waterfront06/03/1991
Sisters (Les Sœurs Reed)
3x16 Things Are Tough All Over06/02/1993
6x12 A Sudden Change of Heart06/01/1996
Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman (Docteur Quinn, femme médecin)
2x19 Life and Death12/03/1994
7th Heaven (7 à la maison)
1x09 See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil18/11/1996
1x14 Seven Is Enough03/02/1997
1x19 It's About George...28/04/1997
2x06 Breaking Up Is Hard to Do20/10/1997
2x13 Stuck in the Middle with You26/01/1998
3x06 And the Home of the Brave02/11/1998
3x11 Nobody Knows...11/01/1999
3x18 We the People15/03/1999
4x16 Say a Little Prayer for Me21/02/2000
5x18 Apologize23/04/2001
6x07 Prodigal12/11/2001
7x03 The Enemy Within30/09/2002
7x09 Lost Souls18/11/2002
7x19 That Touch of Bink (1)28/04/2003
8x03 PK (a.k.a. Preacher's Kid)29/09/2003
8x07 Getting to Know You03/11/2003
8x11 When Bad Conversations Happen to Good People05/01/2004
8x14 Healing Old Wounds26/01/2004
8x17 Two Weddings, an Engagement and a Funeral23/02/2004
8x20 High and Dry26/04/2004
9x02 The Best Laid Plans (2)20/09/2004
9x06 Fathers18/10/2004
9x09 Thanksgiving15/11/2004
9x13 The Fine Art of Parenting31/01/2005
9x18 Honor Thy Mother25/04/2005
10x01 It's Late19/09/2005
10x02 Home Run26/09/2005
10x06 Helpful31/10/2005
10x11 Xmas12/12/2005
10x14 The Magic Of Gershwin06/02/2006
10x19 Secrets17/04/2006
11x10 You Don't Know What You've Got 'Til He's Gone03/12/2006
11x12 Can I Just Get Something to Eat14/01/2007
11x22 And Away We Go...13/05/2007
Beverly Hills, 90210 (Beverly Hills)
8x31 The Wedding (1)20/05/1998
8x32 The Wedding (2)20/05/1998

Scénariste de séries

In the Heat of the Night (Dans la chaleur de la nuit)
5x01 A Woman Much Admired01/10/1991