Ed Bianchi

États-Unis Nationalité américaine

Né le 24 avril 1942 (81 ans)

Légende : Non vu Vu Wishé

Réalisation | Films

Année Film Durée (min) Moyenne / Nombre de votes
1981 Fanatique (The Fan)94
Moyenne de tous ses films12

Réalisation | Téléfilms

Année Film Durée (min) Moyenne / Nombre de votes
2008 La fin du rêve (The Two Mr. Kissels) 86

Réalisation de séries

Homicide: Life on the Street (Homicide)
6x20 Secrets17/04/1998
7x05 Red, Red Wine06/11/1998
The Beat
1x04 Can I Get a Witness?11/04/2000
The Wire (Sur écoute)
1x06 The Wire07/07/2002
2x01 Ebb Tide01/06/2003
2x02 Collateral Damage08/06/2003
3x01 Time After Time19/09/2004
Hack (Le Justicier de l'ombre)
2x07 The Looking Glass08/11/2003
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (New York Unité Spéciale)
5x14 Ritual03/02/2004
1x05 The Trial of Jack McCall18/04/2004
1x09 No Other Sons or Daughters16/05/2004
2x01 A Lie Agreed Upon (1)06/03/2005
2x02 A Lie Agreed Upon (2)13/03/2005
2x09 Amalgamation and Capital01/05/2005
2x11 The Whores Can Come15/05/2005
2x12 Boy the Earth Talks To22/05/2005
3x04 Full Faith and Credit02/07/2006
3x08 Leviathan Smiles30/07/2006
The Jury (US)
1x01 Three Boys and a Gun08/06/2004
1x04 How Billy Got His Groove Back12/04/2006
1x05 Bury The Lead19/04/2006
1x02 Genesis 27:2916/07/2006
1x04 Matthew 5:630/07/2006
1x11 Matthew 22:1024/09/2006
2x05 Dear Landlord 1:3-428/10/2007
2x10 Things Have Changed 1:7-802/12/2007
3x03 Let Rome in Tiber Melt16/11/2008
3x06 The Chimes At Midnight07/12/2008
John from Cincinnati
1x05 His Visit: Day Four08/07/2007
Mad Men
1x03 Marriage of Figaro02/08/2007
1x11 I Hate These People09/10/2007
2x09 You Got Your Prom Date Pregnant04/03/2009
The Unusuals
1x10 The E.I.D.17/06/2009
1x09 Pilgrimage27/06/2009
1x12 The New King (1)18/07/2009
HawthoRNe (Hawthorne : Infirmière en chef)
1x06 Trust Me21/07/2009
2x02 The Starting Line29/06/2010
2x03 Road Narrows06/07/2010
4x02 Jump, Push, Fall21/09/2009
Mercy (Mercy Hospital)
1x10 I Saw This Pig And I Thought Of You06/01/2010
1x08 Caught in the Suck12/09/2010
The Killing (US)
1x02 The Cage03/04/2011
1x07 Vengeance08/05/2011
1x10 I'll Let You Know When I Get There29/05/2011
2x05 Ghosts of the Past22/04/2012
2x11 Bulldog03/06/2012
3x01 The Jungle02/06/2013
4x03 The Good Soldier01/08/2014
Boardwalk Empire
2x04 What Does The Bee Do?16/10/2011
3x06 Ging Gang Goolie21/10/2012
3x09 The Milkmaid's Lot11/11/2012
4x04 All In29/09/2013
4x09 Marriage and Hunting03/11/2013
5x03 What Jesus Said21/09/2014
5x05 King of Norway05/10/2014
Magic City
1x02 Feeding Frenzy13/04/2012
1x03 Castles Made of Sand20/04/2012
1x06 The Harder They Fall11/05/2012
1x08 Time and Tide01/06/2012
2x03 Adapt or Die28/06/2013
Bates Motel
1x08 A Boy and His Dog06/05/2013
2x06 Plunge07/04/2014
2x08 Meltdown21/04/2014
TURN: Washington's Spies (TURN)
1x02 Who by Fire13/04/2014
Halt and Catch Fire
1x05 Adventure29/06/2014
1x11 Part 1120/03/2015
1x13 Part 1320/03/2015
Ray Donovan
3x02 Ding19/07/2015
7x09 Bugs12/01/2020
The Get Down
1x06 Raise Your Words, Not Your Voice12/08/2016
1x04 Forget Safety, Be Notorious12/08/2016
1x02 Seek Those Who Fan Your Flames12/08/2016
1x08 The Beat Says, This is Way07/04/2017
1x11 Only from Exile Can We Come Home07/04/2017
1x10 Gamble Everything07/04/2017
2x10 With or Without You23/04/2017
Seven Seconds
1x10 A Boy and a Bike23/02/2018
1x07 Boxed Devil23/02/2018
2x01 A Thundering19/06/2019
2x02 New Beginnings26/06/2019
City on a Hill
1x02 What They Saw in Southie High23/06/2019
2x02 I Need a Goat04/04/2021