Colin Bucksey

Angleterre Nationalité anglaise

Légende : Non vu Vu Wishé

Réalisation / Long-métrages

Année Film Durée (min) Moyenne / Nombre de votes
1996 Jalousie maternelle (TV) (A Kidnapping in the Family (TV))100
1996 September (TV)178
1990 Curiosity Kills (TV)86
Moyenne de tous ses films13

Réalisation de séries

The New Adventures of Robin Hood (Les Nouvelles Aventures de Robin des Bois)
4x01 Ringside Murder00/00/0000
3x12 Assault On Castle Dundeen06/12/1998
Bergerac (Bergerac, le flic de Jersey)
2x07 Miracle Every Week20/02/1983
Miami Vice (Deux flics à Miami)
4x03 Death and the Lady16/10/1987
4x08 Like a Hurricane20/11/1987
4x11 A Rock and a Hard Place22/01/1988
5x16 Victims of Circumstance05/05/1989
Midnight Caller (Jack Killian, l'homme au micro)
2x05 Watching Me, Watching You31/10/1989
2x08 End of Innocence28/11/1989
Space Precinct
1x04 Double Duty24/10/1994
Nash Bridges
1x05 The Javelin Catcher19/04/1996
4x15 Resurrection19/02/1999
4x16 Pump Action26/02/1999
4x17 Hide and Seek05/03/1999
4x18 Boomtown26/03/1999
4x23 Frisco Blues07/05/1999
5x04 Girl Trouble15/10/1999
Sliders (Sliders : Les mondes parallèles)
2x09 Obsession24/05/1996
CI5: The New Professionals (Les Nouveaux Professionnels)
1x08 Choice Cuts14/11/1999
1x10 Orbit28/11/1999
Holby City
3x12 Runaway23/01/2001
3x13 Choices30/01/2001
6x03 End of the Line21/10/2003
6x04 Trick or Treat28/10/2003
4x04 Stan Down03/08/2001
4x07 Walpurgis Night24/08/2001
4x10 Magic Baby28/09/2001
4x12 Bad Carrot01/02/2002
4x13 76908/02/2002
Kojak (2005)
1x04 East Sixties10/04/2005
1x09 All Bets Off (1/2)15/05/2005
NCIS: Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS : Enquêtes spéciales)
3x07 Honor Code01/11/2005
3x14 Light Sleeper24/01/2006
4x05 Dead and Unburied17/10/2006
4x12 Suspicion16/01/2007
4x16 Dead Man Walking20/02/2007
5x08 Designated Target13/11/2007
5x11 Tribes15/01/2008
Night Stalker (Night Stalker : Le Guetteur)
1x10 What's The Frequency, Kolchak?17/03/2006
The 4400 (2004) (Les 4400)
3x03 Being Tom Baldwin18/06/2006
3x08 Blink23/07/2006
4x03 Audrey Parker's Come and Gone01/07/2007
1x09 Primal12/09/2006
3x13 Finders Keepers12/01/2007
Burn Notice
1x03 Fight or Flight12/07/2007
4x09 Center of the Storm05/08/2010
5x02 Bloodlines30/06/2011
Breaking Bad
2x12 Phoenix24/05/2009
3x08 I See You09/05/2010
4x04 Bullet Points07/08/2011
5x06 Buyout19/08/2012
Crash (2008) (Collision)
2x09 Endangered Species20/11/2009
Trauma (US)
1x17 Sweet Jane19/04/2010
Medium (Médium)
7x05 Talk to the Hand22/10/2010
Person of Interest
1x05 Judgement20/10/2011
House M.D. (Dr House)
8x13 Man of the House20/02/2012
5x02 Have You Met the Eel Yet?18/07/2012
1x05 Lesser Evils01/11/2012
2x07 Penance11/11/2012
2x17 Victory24/03/2013
3x08 Secrecy17/11/2013
4x03 Ashes12/10/2014
4x14 Kindred25/01/2015
Do No Harm
1x09 Circadian Rhythms17/08/2013
1x05 The Six Ungraspables13/05/2014
1x06 Buridan's Ass20/05/2014
The Bridge (US)
2x04 The Acorn30/07/2014
2x10 Eidolon10/09/2014
Resurrection (US)
2x07 Miracles09/11/2014
Better Call Saul
1x04 Hero23/02/2015
1x08 Rico23/03/2015
2x07 Inflatable28/03/2016
Battle Creek
1x11 The Hand Off17/05/2015
Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders (Esprits criminels : Unité sans frontières)
1x01 The Harmful One16/03/2016
The Family
1x08 Sweet Jane17/04/2016
1x11 Election Day08/05/2016
Masters of Sex
4x01 Freefall11/09/2016
4x04 Coats or Keys02/10/2016
4x06 Family Only16/10/2016
The Man in the High Castle (Le Maître du Haut Château)
2x02 The Road Less Traveled15/12/2016
2x09 Sic Transit Imperium16/04/2017
3x01 Tie Goes to the Runner25/03/2018
3x03 A Generation Too Late08/04/2018
3x12 Elmsley Count10/06/2018
4x01 Chucky Rhoades's Greatest Game17/03/2019
4x08 Fight Night05/05/2019
4x12 Extreme Sandbox09/06/2019
Ten Days in the Valley
1x02 Day 2: Cutting Room Floor08/10/2017
2x01 Critical28/05/2018
Wu-Tang: An American Saga
1x10 Assassination Day23/10/2019
The Sinner
3x05 Part V05/03/2020
1x05 Behind God's Back09/03/2020
1x06 The Most Sinful Mf-er Alive16/03/2020
The Great
1x02 The Beard15/05/2020
1x07 A Pox on Hope15/05/2020
1x08 Meatballs at the Dacha15/05/2020