Christopher Hollier

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Scénariste de séries

3x15 Façade14/03/2004
Kyle XY
2x06 Does Kyle Dream of Electric Fish16/07/2007
2x09 Ghost in the Machine06/08/2007
2x17 Grounded04/02/2008
3x06 Welcome to Latnok16/02/2009
666 Park Avenue
1x06 Diabolic04/11/2012
1x13 Lazarus19/02/2013
2x07 The Marchioness07/11/2013
The Originals
1x17 Moon Over Bourbon Street18/03/2014
2x03 Every Mother's Son20/10/2014
2x07 Chasing the Devil's Tail17/11/2014
2x13 The Devil Is Damned09/02/2015
2x22 Ashes to Ashes11/05/2015
3x06 Beautiful Mistake12/11/2015
3x13 Heart-Shaped Box19/02/2016
3x20 Where Nothing Stays Buried06/05/2016
4x04 Keepers of the House07/04/2017
4x08 Voodoo in My Blood12/05/2017
4x09 Queen Death19/05/2017
4x12 Voodoo Child16/06/2017
Once Upon a Time
7x05 Greenbacks03/11/2017
7x09 One Little Tear08/12/2017
7x15 Sisterhood30/03/2018
1x05 Tangled Web17/11/2017
1x09 Uncle Bubba28/12/2017
Roswell, New Mexico
1x04 Where Have All the Cowboys Gone?05/02/2019
1x12 Creep16/04/2019
2x04 What If God Was One of Us06/04/2020
2x08 Say It Ain't So04/05/2020
2x13 Mr. Jones15/06/2020