Phil Traill

Etats-Unis Nationalité américaine

Légende : Non vu Vu Wishé

Réalisation / Long-métrages

Année Film Durée (min) Moyenne sur 20 - nbre de votes
2011 Chalet Girl 97
2009 All About Steve 100
Moyenne de tous ses films11.39

Réalisation de séries

Worst Week

1x12 The Article12/01/2009

Kath & Kim (US)

1x13 Celebrity12/02/2009

10 Things I Hate About You

1x05 Don't Give Up04/08/2009
1x13 Great Expectations12/04/2010

Cougar Town (Bienvenue à Cougar Town)

1x08 Two Gunslingers18/11/2009

Raising Hope

1x13 A Germ of a Story15/02/2011
1x16 The Cultish Personality08/03/2011
2x15 Sheer Madness21/02/2012


1x14 The Body15/02/2012
2x06 Friendship Fish28/11/2012
2x14 T-Ball & Sympathy20/02/2013
2x18 Brown Trembler27/03/2013

The Middle

3x16 The Concert15/02/2012
3x22 The Clover09/05/2012
3x24 The Wedding23/05/2012
4x06 Halloween III: The Driving24/10/2012
4x09 Christmas Help05/12/2012
4x10 Twenty Years12/12/2012
4x15 Valentine's Day IV13/02/2013
4x20 Dollar Days10/04/2013
5x14 The Award26/02/2014
5x15 Vacation Days05/03/2014
5x18 The Smell02/04/2014
6x03 Major Anxiety08/10/2014
6x14 The Answer18/02/2015
6x16 Flirting with Disaster04/03/2015
7x04 Risky Business14/10/2015
7x23 Find My Hecks11/05/2016
8x02 A Tough Pill to Swallow18/10/2016
8x14 Sorry Not Sorry14/02/2017
8x21 Clear and Present Danger02/05/2017
9x02 Please Don't Feed the Hecks10/10/2017
9x04 Halloween VIII: Orson Murder Mystery24/10/2017
9x07 Thanksgiving IX14/11/2017

How to Live with Your Parents (for the Rest of Your Life)

1x09 How to Get Involved29/05/2013

A to Z

1x07 G is for Geronimo13/11/2014


1x14 Andre from Marseille18/02/2015

Fresh Off the Boat (Bienvenue chez les Huang)

1x08 Phillip Goldstein10/03/2015
2x06 Good Morning Orlando03/11/2015
2x12 Love and Loopholes09/02/2016

The Last Man on Earth

1x04 Sweet Melissa15/03/2015

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

2x22 The Chopper10/05/2015

Modern Family

7x13 Thunk in the Trunk17/02/2016

The Real O'Neals

1x05 The Real Spring Fever22/03/2016