Arlene Sanford

États-Unis Nationalité américaine

Légende : Non vu Vu Wishé

Réalisation / Long-métrages

Réalisation de séries

Designing Women (1986) (Femmes d'affaires et dames de cœur)
1x16 Reese's Friend22/02/1987
The Wonder Years (1988) (Les années coup de cœur)
1x06 Dance With Me19/04/1988
Dear John (US)
1x08 Dancing in the Dark15/12/1988
Dream On
1x03 Sex and the Single Father22/07/1990
1x04 Sole Sister29/07/1990
1x05 Angst for the Memories05/08/1990
1x11 Up the River16/09/1990
1x13 Doing the Bossa Nova30/09/1990
1x14 Premarital Ex07/10/1990
2x06 Futile Attraction04/08/1991
2x07 No, I'm Just Happy to See You11/08/1991
2x09 Play Melville for Me25/08/1991
2x11 Pants on Fire08/09/1991
3x20 Domestic Bliss10/10/1992
Cop Rock
1x05 The Cocaine Mutiny24/10/1990
1x07 Cop-a-Feeliac07/11/1990
Sisters (Les Sœurs Reed)
1x06 Deja Vu All Over Again15/06/1991
1x06 The One with the Butt27/10/1994
The Naked Truth (Une fille à scandales)
1x05 Sex-Crazed Sitcom Zombie Gropes Shutterbug (In Midnight Morgue Orgy)!18/10/1995
1x06 Hero Pig Goes Hog Wild!01/11/1995
2x03 Itching for a Cat30/01/1997
2x04 The Sister Show06/02/1997
2x05 A Year in the Life13/02/1997
2x07 Comet Lands in Man's Garage27/02/1997
Ally McBeal
1x04 The Affair29/09/1997
2x16 Sex, Lies and Politics01/03/1999
2x18 Those Lips, That Hand19/04/1999
3x06 Changes29/11/1999
4x06 'Tis the Season27/11/2000
5x16 Love Is All Around (1)15/04/2002
5x17 Love Is All Around (2)15/04/2002
The West Wing (À la Maison Blanche)
1x12 He Shall, From Time to Time12/01/2000
Malcolm in the Middle (Malcolm)
1x02 Red Dress16/01/2000
1x11 Funeral09/04/2000
2x12 Krelboyne Girl14/01/2001
Gilmore Girls
1x02 The Lorelais' First Day at Chilton12/10/2000
Boston Public
1x09 Chapter Nine08/01/2001
2x20 Chapter Forty-Two06/05/2002
3x02 Chapter Forty-Six28/10/2002
1x12 Hook, Line, and Sinker24/01/2001
Once and Again (Deuxième chance)
2x15 Standing Room Only14/03/2001
1x05 Deer God14/10/2002
1x17 Everwood, Confidential17/02/2003
1x19 The Miracle of Everwood21/04/2003
Dawson's Creek (Dawson)
6x12 All the Right Moves22/01/2003
Eve (US)
1x07 Player Down03/11/2003
Desperate Housewives
1x03 Pretty Little Picture17/10/2004
1x06 Running to Stand Still07/11/2004
1x14 Love Is in the Air (a.k.a. What I Did for Love)13/02/2005
1x17 There Won't Be Trumpets03/04/2005
1x20 Fear No More01/05/2005
2x03 You'll Never Get Away From Me09/10/2005
2x10 Coming Home04/12/2005
7x09 Pleasant Little Kingdom05/12/2010
Kevin Hill
1x09 Going for the Juggler24/11/2004
Boston Legal (Boston Justice)
1x09 A Greater Good12/12/2004
2x02 Schadenfreude04/10/2005
2x14 Breast in Show07/02/2006
4x16 The Mighty Rogues15/04/2008
1x06 Dead in the Nethers12/09/2005
Arrested Development
3x05 Mr. F07/11/2005
Girlfriends (US)
6x08 Hot Girl on Girl Action14/11/2005
7x05 Everybody Hates Monica30/10/2006
Pepper Dennis
1x13 Star Anchor Weds Colleague04/07/2006
The Game (US)
1x03 Gifted16/10/2006
1x05 Brittany's Super Sweet Sixth30/10/2006
1x13 The Iceman Cometh05/02/2007
3 lbs.
1x02 Of Two Minds21/11/2006
My Boys
1x06 Clubhouse Poison12/12/2006
1x13 Myths28/12/2006
1x16 Ethics06/08/2007
1x19 Douchebag in the City27/08/2007
2x06 Dudes Being Dudes17/07/2008
2x08 Jack and Bobby31/07/2008
3x05 Carpe Burritoem28/04/2009
3x07 Facebook the Past12/05/2009
4x07 Puss 'N' Glutes05/09/2010
Everybody Hates Chris (Tout le monde déteste Chris)
2x12 Everybody Hates Hall Monitors29/01/2007
Medium (Médium)
3x14 We Had a Dream28/02/2007
4x10 Wicked Game (2)31/03/2008
4x13 A Cure for What Ails You21/04/2008
4x15 Being Joey Carmichael05/05/2008
5x13 How to Make a Killing in Big Business (1)04/05/2009
5x14 How to Make a Killing in Big Business (2)04/05/2009
5x19 Bring Me the Head of Oswaldo Castillo01/06/2009
6x07 New Terrain06/11/2009
6x17 There Will Be Blood... Type A02/04/2010
6x21 Dead Meat14/05/2010
Psych (Psych : Enquêteur malgré lui)
2x07 If You're So Smart, Then Why Are You Dead?24/08/2007
1x05 Yorkshire Terrier Sucked Into the Internet23/03/2008
7x06 Mr. Monk Falls In Love22/08/2008
Lipstick Jungle (Les Reines de Manhattan)
2x07 Chapter Fourteen: Let the Games Begin07/11/2008
The Starter Wife (Starter Wife)
2x06 The Ex-Files07/11/2008
Grey's Anatomy
5x10 All By Myself04/12/2008
Drop Dead Diva
2x07 A Mother's Secret25/07/2010
Pretty Little Liars
1x08 Please Do Talk About Me When I'm Gone27/07/2010
1x20 Someone to Watch Over Me07/03/2011
2x17 Blond Leading the Blind23/01/2012
3x18 Dead to Me05/02/2013
4x17 Bite Your Tongue28/01/2014
5x10 A Dark Ali12/08/2014
6x04 Don't Look Now23/06/2015
Jane by Design
1x04 The Finger Bowl24/01/2012
Baby Daddy
1x06 Take Her Out of the Ballgame01/08/2012
White Collar (FBI : Duo très spécial)
4x05 Honor Among Thieves14/08/2012
Emily Owens, M.D. (Dr Emily Owens)
1x09 Emily and… the Love of Larping08/01/2013
Men at Work
3x02 Post-Posal22/01/2014
Mind Games
1x04 Apophenia18/03/2014
Young & Hungry
1x04 Young & Pregnant16/07/2014
4x01 Young & Hawaii01/06/2016
3x05 Road Happy22/10/2014
3x20 Time Changes Things29/04/2015
4x10 We've Got Nothing But Love to Prove09/12/2015
The Royals
1x03 We Are Pictures, or Mere Beasts29/03/2015
1x05 Unmask Her Beauty to the Moon12/04/2015
10x15 The Eye in the Sky23/04/2015
11x11 The Death in the Defense14/04/2016
1x06 Shedonism28/04/2015
Grace and Frankie (Grace et Frankie)
2x04 The Road Trip06/05/2016
3x02 The Incubator24/03/2017
3x10 The Labels24/03/2017
3x12 The Musical24/03/2017
Madam Secretary
3x07 Tectonic Shift20/11/2016
Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists (The Perfectionists)
1x07 Dead Week01/05/2019
1x08 Hook, Line and Booker08/05/2019
Almost Family
1x09 Rehabilitated AF01/01/2020

Scénariste de séries

Diff'rent Strokes (Arnold & Willy)
2x19 Valentine's Day Retrospective13/02/1980