Arika Lisanne Mittman

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Légende : Non vu Vu Wishé

Scénariste de séries

Cracking Up
1x08 The Fixer17/04/2004
South of Nowhere
3x01 The Valley of the Shadows10/08/2007
3x02 Can't Buy Me Love10/08/2007
3x03 The It Girls17/08/2007
3x05 The Truth Hurts31/08/2007
3x08 Gay Pride21/09/2007
3x09 Career Day10/10/2008
3x10 Spencer's 18th Birthday17/10/2008
3x12 Love and Kisses07/11/2008
3x16 On the Precipice (1)12/12/2008
3x17 On the Precipice (2)12/12/2008
Legend of the Seeker (Legend of the Seeker : L'épée de vérité)
2x04 Touched28/11/2009
2x11 Torn13/02/2010
2x14 Bound20/03/2010
2x20 Eternity08/05/2010
Medium (Médium)
7x07 Native Tongue05/11/2010
7x09 The People in Your Neighborhood19/11/2010
6x08 Sins of Omission20/11/2011
7x08 Argentina18/11/2012
8x07 Dress Code11/08/2013
1x06 What the World Needs Now29/07/2014
1x07 Preventative Medicine05/08/2014
3x13 Hemlock05/02/2015
3x22 The Best Way Out Is Always Through30/04/2015
4x05 The Games Underfoot10/12/2015
4x20 Art Imitates Art10/04/2016
1x07 Stranded21/11/2016
1x16 The Red Scare20/02/2017
2x01 The War to End All Wars11/03/2018
2x08 The Day Reagan Was Shot06/05/2018
2x12 The Miracle of Christmas Part II20/12/2018