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Victor Lobl

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Époux de Christina Pickles (1962-1985)

Légende : Non vu Vu Wishé

Réalisation de séries

Eden (US)
1x03 Eden 300/00/0000
1x06 Eden 600/00/0000
1x01 Eden 127/06/1993
Tales of the Gold Monkey (Jake Cutter)
1x04 Black Pearl13/10/1982
Little House on the Prairie (La petite maison dans la prairie)
9x10 Love29/11/1982
V (1983) (V : Les visiteurs)
3x04 The Deception09/11/1984
Shadow Chasers (Chasseurs d'ombres)
1x02 The Spirit of St. Louis21/11/1985
1x03 Amazing Grace28/11/1985
Sidekicks (Le Chevalier Lumière)
1x13 The Cousin Who Fell to Earth03/01/1987
Max Headroom
2x01 Academy18/09/1987
2x05 Whackets16/10/1987
2x07 Lessons05/05/1988
Beauty and the Beast (1987) (La Belle et la Bête)
1x19 Everything is Everything04/03/1988
1x22 A Happy Life08/04/1988
2x01 Chamber Music18/11/1988
2x02 Remember Love25/11/1988
2x04 Dead of Winter09/12/1988
2x12 Orphans06/03/1989
2x14 When the Bluebird Sings31/03/1989
2x15 The Watcher07/04/1989
2x17 Trial21/04/1989
2x19 The Hollow Men05/05/1989
2x22 The Rest is Silence02/06/1989
3x01 Though Lovers Be Lost (1)12/12/1989
3x02 Though Lovers Be Lost (2)12/12/1989
3x04 Nevermore20/12/1989
3x06 Beggar's Comet03/01/1990
3x10 In the Forests of the Night21/07/1990
The Bronx Zoo
2x08 If All the World's a Stage, Where's My Dressing Room01/06/1988
Knots Landing (Côte Ouest)
14x16 My Kingdom for a Horse04/03/1993
Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman (Docteur Quinn, femme médecin)
2x24 The Campaign07/05/1994
3x05 The Library22/10/1994
3x15 The End of the World14/01/1995
3x22 Bone of Contention11/03/1995
Northern Exposure (Bienvenue en Alaska)
6x10 Realpolitik12/12/1994
Beverly Hills, 90210 (Beverly Hills)
5x22 Alone at the Top22/02/1995
5x28 Girls on the Side03/05/1995
5x31 P.S. I Love You (1)24/05/1995
5x32 P.S. I Love You (2)24/05/1995
6x04 Everything's Coming Up Roses27/09/1995
10x15 Fertile Ground26/01/2000
Touched by an Angel (Les anges du bonheur)
2x02 Trust30/09/1995
2x07 Reunion04/11/1995
2x20 Portrait of Mrs. Campbell23/03/1996
2x24 Statute of Limitations18/05/1996
3x08 The Sky Is Falling03/11/1996
3x10 Into the Light17/11/1996
3x16 Crisis of Faith02/02/1997
3x20 Labor of Love09/03/1997
3x25 Full Moon04/05/1997
4x04 Children of the Night12/10/1997
4x05 Jones vs. God19/10/1997
4x08 My Dinner With Andrew09/11/1997
4x10 The Comeback23/11/1997
4x22 Cry, and You Cry Alone12/04/1998
5x02 Vengance Is Mine (1/2)27/09/1998
5x03 What Are Friends For?04/10/1998
5x08 The Wind Beneath My Wings08/11/1998
5x23 Black Like Monica02/05/1999
5x26 Godspeed23/05/1999
6x25 Mother's Day14/05/2000
7x07 God Bless the Child26/11/2000
7x11 Mi Familia07/01/2001
7x22 The Face of God29/04/2001
8x04 Manhunt20/10/2001
8x11 A Winter Carol16/12/2001
8x22 Forever Young11/05/2002
9x05 A Feather on the Breath of God26/10/2002
9x15 As It Is In Heaven15/02/2003
Central Park West
1x19 Everything Has Its Price21/06/1996
Promised Land
1x01 The Expatriate17/09/1996
1x03 The Motel01/10/1996
1x04 The Hostage08/10/1996
1x17 Amazing Grace25/02/1997
3x18 A Day in the Life22/04/1999
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
5x13 For the Uniform03/02/1997
6x12 Who Mourns for Morn?04/02/1998
6x19 In the Pale Moonlight15/04/1998
7x11 Prodigal Daughter06/01/1999
Star Trek: Voyager
4x19 The Killing Game, Part II04/03/1998
4x21 The Omega Directive15/04/1998
Diagnosis Murder (Diagnostic : Meurtre)
7x07 Gangland (1)09/11/1999
7x08 Gangland (2)09/11/1999
7x15 Jake's Women03/02/2000
7x20 Murder at BBQ Bob's20/04/2000
7x22 Swan Song04/05/2000
7x23 Out of the Past (1)11/05/2000
8x05 The Patient Detective09/11/2000
8x06 The Cradle Will Rock16/11/2000
8x07 Hot House30/11/2000
8x12 Sins Of The Father (1)02/02/2001
8x13 Sins Of The Father (2)09/02/2001