Toni Graphia

États-Unis Nationalité américaine

Légende : Non vu Vu Wishé

Scénariste de séries

China Beach
3x06 Ghosts08/11/1989
3x19 Phoenix21/03/1990
Cop Rock
1x04 A Three-Corpse Meal17/10/1990
1x06 Oil of Ol' Lay31/10/1990
1x09 Marital Blitz05/12/1990
1x10 No Noose Is Good Noose12/12/1990
1x11 Bang the Potts Slowly26/12/1990
Quantum Leap (Code Quantum)
4x04 Justice - May 11, 196509/10/1991
Melrose Place (1992)
1x07 My Way19/08/1992
Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman (Docteur Quinn, femme médecin)
1x16 The Secret15/05/1993
2x03 Halloween30/10/1993
2x10 Sully's Choice11/12/1993
2x15 Another Woman22/01/1994
2x16 The Orphan Train29/01/1994
2x20 The First Circle26/03/1994
2x25 The Man in the Moon14/05/1994
3x01 The Train24/09/1994
3x06 Halloween II29/10/1994
3x11 Ladies' Night (1)26/11/1994
3x12 Ladies' Night (2)03/12/1994
4x02 Traveling All-Stars30/09/1995
1x08 Simon's Choice21/04/1995
1x15 Independence Day16/02/2000
1x18 Tess, Lies and Videotape17/04/2000
1x20 Max to the Max01/05/2000
1x22 Destiny (2)15/05/2000
2x03 Surprise16/10/2000
2x08 Meet the Dupes (1)20/11/2000
Carnivàle (La caravane de l'étrange)
1x07 The River26/10/2003
1x11 The Day of the Dead23/11/2003
Battlestar Galactica (2003)
1x03 Bastille Day28/01/2005
1x08 Flesh and Bone25/02/2005
2x04 Resistance05/08/2005
Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles (Terminator : Les Chroniques de Sarah Connor)
1x07 The Demon Hand25/02/2008
2x04 Allison from Palmdale29/09/2008
2x11 Self Made Man01/12/2008
2x17 Ourselves Alone06/03/2009
2x21 Adam Raised a Cain03/04/2009
Mercy (Mercy Hospital)
1x03 Hope You're Good, Smiley Face07/10/2009
1x13 Can We Talk About the Gigantic Elephant in the Ambulance?03/02/2010
1x19 There Is No Superwoman21/04/2010
1x07 Johnny McKee20/02/2012
1x09 Sonny Burnett05/03/2012
Outlander (Outlander : Le Chardon et le Tartan)
1x05 Rent06/09/2014
1x11 The Devil's Mark18/04/2015
1x13 The Watch02/05/2015
2x04 La Dame Blanche30/04/2016
2x07 Faith21/05/2016
2x13 Dragonfly in Amber09/07/2016
3x04 Of Lost Things01/10/2017
3x05 Freedom & Whisky08/10/2017
3x13 Eye of the Storm10/12/2017
4x01 America the Beautiful04/11/2018
4x09 The Birds & The Bees30/12/2018
4x13 Man of Worth27/01/2019
5x02 Between Two Fires23/02/2020
5x07 The Ballad of Roger Mac29/03/2020
5x12 Never My Love10/05/2020