Terrence O'Hara

Né le 25 décembre 1945 (74 ans)

Etats-Unis Nationalité américaine

Époux de Shanna Reed

Légende : Non vu Vu Wishé

Acteur | Films

Année Film Rôle Moyenne / Nombre de votes
1986 The Destroyers (The Devastator) Spencer
1985 Vengeance (Naked Vengeance) Mark Harris

Réalisation / Long-métrages

Année Film Durée (min) Moyenne / Nombre de votes
2008 Menace sur Washington (TV) (Depth Charge (TV)) 84
1991 Mariage sanglant (TV) (The Perfect Bride (TV))94
Moyenne de tous ses films6.5

Réalisation de séries

Silk Stalkings (Les dessous de Palm Beach)
2x06 Bad Blood19/11/1992
2x16 Kid Stuff25/02/1993
2x17 Night Games01/04/1993
3x01 Team Spirit26/09/1993
3x03 To Serve And Protect17/10/1993
3x15 Whore Wars06/02/1994
4x03 Reluctant Witness26/09/1994
5x03 Sweet Punishment01/10/1995
Renegade (Le Rebelle)
1x14 Samurai25/01/1993
1x20 Vanished03/05/1993
2x06 The Rabbit and the Fox23/10/1993
2x10 Windy City Blues15/11/1993
2x15 Hostage24/01/1994
3x01 Dutch On the Run (1)12/09/1994
3x08 Muscle Beach31/10/1994
3x10 Thrill Kill14/11/1994
3x18 Living Legend13/02/1995
3x20 Broken On the Wheel of Love24/04/1995
4x01 Sawed-Off Shotgun Wedding11/09/1995
4x02 Honeymoon in Mexico18/09/1995
4x06 Dead Heat23/10/1995
4x11 Sins of the Father27/11/1995
Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman (Docteur Quinn, femme médecin)
4x21 Hearts and Minds09/03/1996
4x26 One Nation04/05/1996
5x01 Runaway Train21/09/1996
5x04 All That Glitters12/10/1996
5x06 Last Dance26/10/1996
5x26 Moment of Truth (2)27/09/1997
6x03 A Matter of Conscience11/10/1997
6x08 A Time to Heal (1)15/11/1997
6x09 A Time to Heal (2)22/11/1997
Touched by an Angel (Les anges du bonheur)
3x09 Something Blue10/11/1996
4x16 Redeeming Love01/02/1998
4x24 Elijah03/05/1998
4x26 The Spirit of Liberty Moon (1/2)17/05/1998
The Pretender (Le Caméléon)
1x11 Potato Head Blues (a.k.a. Bomb Squad)18/01/1997
1x15 Jaroldo!08/03/1997
1x17 Keys05/04/1997
1x19 Jarod's Honor03/05/1997
3x05 Betrayal14/11/1998
4x02 Survival02/10/1999
4x04 Risque Business06/11/1999
Prey (ADN, menace immédiate)
1x12 Progeny02/07/1998
Brimstone (Le Damné)
1x04 Repentence13/11/1998
Star Trek: Voyager
5x20 Think Tank31/03/1999
4x20 Second Sight27/04/1999
5x10 Mishap30/11/1999
5x17 People v. Gunny22/02/2000
5x23 Real Deal SEAL09/05/2000
5x24 Body Talk16/05/2000
6x01 Legacy (1)03/10/2000
6x02 Legacy (2)10/10/2000
6x08 A Separate Peace (2)28/11/2000
6x17 Valor13/03/2001
7x02 New Gun in Town02/10/2001
7x09 Dog Robber (1)20/11/2001
7x11 Answered Prayers11/12/2001
7x15 Head to Toe05/02/2002
8x04 Dangerous Game15/10/2002
8x18 Fortunate Son18/03/2003
10x01 Hail and Farewell, Part II (2)24/09/2004
10x04 Whole New Ball Game29/10/2004
Diagnosis Murder (Diagnostic : Meurtre)
7x09 The Mouth That Roared11/11/1999
Martial Law (Le flic de Shanghai)
2x15 Deathfist 5: Major Crimes Unit12/02/2000
Dark Angel
1x03 Flushed17/10/2000
The X Files (X Files : Aux frontières du réel)
8x08 Surekill07/01/2001
Third Watch (New York 911)
2x18 Honor16/04/2001
3x16 Sleep Tight04/03/2002
4x01 Deep Down06/10/2002
4x09 Long Day's Journey22/01/2003
4x15 Orpheus19/03/2003
5x13 Why We Fight11/02/2004
5x18 Origin21/04/2004
1x17 Reaper23/04/2002
1x20 Obscura14/05/2002
2x08 Ryan12/11/2002
2x22 Calling (1)13/05/2003
3x04 Slumber22/10/2003
3x15 Resurrection25/02/2004
3x21 Forsaken (1)12/05/2004
4x09 Bound17/11/2004
4x17 Onyx13/04/2005
5x02 Mortal06/10/2005
5x20 Fade27/04/2006
6x18 Progeny19/04/2007
The Shield
2x05 Greenlit04/02/2003
7x03 Money Shot16/09/2008
1x05 The Bone Scatterer10/03/2003
NCIS: Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS : Enquêtes spéciales)
1x05 The Curse28/10/2003
1x21 Split Decision11/05/2004
2x05 The Bone Yard26/10/2004
2x11 Black Water11/01/2005
2x12 Doppelgänger18/01/2005
3x04 Silver War11/10/2005
3x10 Probie29/11/2005
3x18 Bait14/03/2006
4x03 Singled Out03/10/2006
4x09 Twisted Sister21/11/2006
4x13 Sharif Returns23/01/2007
4x23 Trojan Horse08/05/2007
5x06 Chimera30/10/2007
5x15 In The Zone29/04/2008
6x07 Collateral Damage11/11/2008
6x14 Love and War27/01/2009
6x20 Dead Reckoning31/03/2009
7x05 Code of Conduct20/10/2009
7x18 Jurisdiction16/03/2010
7x22 Borderland11/05/2010
8x05 Dead Air19/10/2010
8x18 Out of the Frying Pan22/03/2011
8x22 Baltimore03/05/2011
9x05 Safe Harbor18/10/2011
9x12 Housekeeping03/01/2012
9x19 The Good Son27/03/2012
10x03 Phoenix09/10/2012
10x14 Canary05/02/2013
10x21 Berlin23/04/2013
11x04 Anonymous was a Woman15/10/2013
11x11 Homesick17/12/2013
11x20 Page Not Found08/04/2014
12x04 Choke Hold14/10/2014
12x10 House Rules16/12/2014
12x17 The Artful Dodger10/03/2015
13x02 Personal Day29/09/2015
13x11 Spinning Wheel15/12/2015
13x17 After Hours01/03/2016
14x04 Love Boat11/10/2016
14x13 Keep Going24/01/2017
14x21 One Book, Two Covers18/04/2017
15x03 Exit Strategy10/10/2017
16x02 Love Thy Neighbor02/10/2018
16x09 Tailing Angie04/12/2018
16x22 ...and Executioner07/05/2019
17x01 Out of the Darkness24/09/2019
Threat Matrix (Agence Matrix)
1x11 Mexico08/01/2004
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (Les Experts)
5x19 4 x 414/04/2005
6x06 Secrets and Flies03/11/2005
6x12 Daddy's Little Girl19/01/2006
6x23 Bang Bang11/05/2006
1x07 Family Values11/06/2005
2x15 The Running Man03/02/2006
The Unit (The Unit - Commando d'élite)
2x02 Extreme Rendition26/09/2006
2x16 Games of Chance20/02/2007
3x10 Gone Missing27/11/2007
4x15 Hero08/03/2009
Standoff (Standoff : Les négociateurs)
1x06 One Shot Stop07/11/2006
1x13 The Fix29/01/2007
1x20 Fall From Grace19/04/2007
2x11 Shaun of the Dead09/12/2007
1x06 AKA12/11/2007
1x07 Melissa19/11/2007
1x08 Flood, Wind, and Fire03/12/2007
1x09 Boulet in a China Shop10/12/2007
Sons of Anarchy
1x12 The Sleep of Babies19/11/2008
2x05 Smite06/10/2009
NCIS: Los Angeles
1x02 The Only Easy Day29/09/2009
1x10 Brimstone15/12/2009
1x15 The Bank Job09/02/2010
2x03 Borderline28/09/2010
2x15 Tin Soldiers08/02/2011
2x20 The Job29/03/2011
3x03 Backstopped04/10/2011
3x15 Crimeleon14/02/2012
3x17 Blye, K. (2)28/02/2012
3x24 Sans Voir, Part II15/05/2012
4x01 Endgame25/09/2012
4x12 Paper Soldiers15/01/2013
4x24 Descent14/05/2013
5x01 Ascension24/09/2013
5x16 Fish Out of Water04/03/2014
6x19 Blaze of Glory30/03/2015
7x16 Matryoshka (2)22/02/2016
8x02 Belly of the Beast25/09/2016
8x15 Payback19/02/2017
9x05 Mountebank29/10/2017
10x06 Asesinos04/11/2018
10x19 Searching31/03/2019
11x04 Yellow Jack20/10/2019
Lie to Me
2x06 Lack of Candor09/11/2009
2x20 Exposed23/08/2010
2x12 The Hollow Men15/01/2010
The Chicago Code
1x10 Bathhouse & Hinky Dink02/05/2011
Rizzoli & Isles (Rizzoli & Isles : Autopsie d'un meurtre)
2x08 My Own Worst Enemy29/08/2011
1x08 Game Ogre13/01/2012
1x20 Happily Ever Aftermath04/05/2012
2x02 The Kiss20/08/2012
2x12 Season of the Hexenbiest16/11/2012
2x13 Face Off08/03/2013
2x17 One Angry Fuchsbau05/04/2013
3x07 Cold Blooded13/12/2013
3x13 Revelation28/02/2014
3x18 The Law of Sacrifice11/04/2014
4x02 Octopus Head31/10/2014
4x14 Bad Luck20/03/2015
4x20 You Don't Know Jack01/05/2015
5x19 The Taming of the Wu29/04/2016
6x11 Where the Wild Things Were17/03/2017
The Finder
1x02 Bullets19/01/2012
King & Maxwell
1x06 Stealing Secrets15/07/2013
1x07 Quicksand24/09/2014
NCIS: New Orleans (NCIS : Nouvelle-Orléans)
1x06 Master of Horror28/10/2014
1x12 The Abyss13/01/2015
1x22 How Much Pain Can You Take?05/05/2015
2x22 Help Wanted03/05/2016
1x07 Quadriplegia and Quality Time11/11/2015
The Blacklist (Blacklist)
3x08 Kings of the Highway19/11/2015
4x06 The Thrushes27/10/2016
4x17 Requiem20/04/2017
5x06 The Travel Agency01/11/2017
6x10 The Cryptobanker08/03/2019

Scénariste de séries

Silk Stalkings (Les dessous de Palm Beach)
4x03 Reluctant Witness26/09/1994
1x07 Melissa19/11/2007