Robert C. Dennis

Canada Nationalité canadienne

Né le 17 novembre 1915 • Courtright, Ontario (Canada)

Décédé le 14 septembre 1983 (67 ans) • Los Angeles, Californie (États-Unis)

Légende : Non vu Vu Wishé

Scénario / Long-métrages

Année Film Durée (min) Moyenne / Nombre de votes
1978 Le retour du Capitaine Nemo (TV) (The Amazing Captain Nemo (TV))98

Réalisation de séries

Barnaby Jones
6x11 The Devil's Handmaiden01/12/1977
Charlie's Angels (1976) (Drôles de Dames)
2x20 The Sandcastle Murders01/02/1978

Scénariste de séries

Mickey Spillane's Mike Hammer (1958) (Mike Hammer (1958))
1x39 Mere Maid00/00/0000
Alfred Hitchcock Presents (1955) (Alfred Hitchcock présente (1955))
1x04 Don't Come Back Alive23/10/1955
1x08 Our Cook's a Treasure20/11/1955
1x11 Guilty Witness11/12/1955
1x17 The Older Sister22/01/1956
1x19 The Derelicts05/02/1956
1x22 Place of Shadows26/02/1956
1x27 Help Wanted01/04/1956
1x33 The Belfry13/05/1956
2x09 Crack of Doom25/11/1956
2x14 John Brown's Body30/12/1956
2x16 Nightmare in 4-D13/01/1957
2x23 One for the Road03/03/1957
2x34 Martha Mason, Movie Star19/05/1957
2x38 A Little Sleep16/06/1957
3x02 The Mail Order Prophet13/10/1957
3x05 The Silent Witness03/11/1957
3x10 The Diplomatic Corpse08/12/1957
3x11 The Deadly15/12/1957
3x15 Together12/01/1958
3x19 The Equalizer09/02/1958
3x23 The Right Kind of House09/03/1958
3x29 Fatal Figures20/04/1958
3x33 Post Mortem18/05/1958
3x34 The Crocodile Case25/05/1958
3x35 A Dip in the Poole01/06/1958
4x12 Mrs. Herman and Mrs. Fenimore28/12/1958
4x14 The Morning After11/01/1959
4x34 Curtains for Me07/06/1959
4x36 Invitation to an Accident21/06/1959
Perry Mason (1957)
1x23 The Case of the One-Eyed Witness22/02/1958
1x38 The Case of the Terrified Typist21/06/1958
3x07 The Case of the Golden Fraud21/11/1959
3x09 The Case of the Artful Dodger12/12/1959
4x06 The Case of the Wandering Widow22/10/1960
4x20 The Case of the Barefaced Witness18/03/1961
4x24 The Case of the Violent Vest29/04/1961
5x05 The Case of the Crying Comedian14/10/1961
5x23 The Case of the Absent Artist17/03/1962
5x30 The Case of the Lonely Eloper26/05/1962
6x07 The Case of the Unsuitable Uncle08/11/1962
6x12 The Case of the Polka-Dot Pony20/12/1962
6x15 The Case of the Prankish Professor17/01/1963
6x19 The Case of the Surplus Suitor28/02/1963
6x27 The Case of the Potted Planter09/05/1963
7x08 The Case of the Floating Stones21/11/1963
7x19 The Case of the Fifty-Millionth Frenchman20/02/1964
7x24 The Case of the Simple Simon02/04/1964
7x26 The Case of the Antic Angel16/04/1964
7x29 The Case of the Tandem Target14/05/1964
8x16 The Case of the Thermal Thief14/01/1965
8x25 The Case of the Deadly Debt01/04/1965
The Untouchables (1959) (Les Incorruptibles)
1x03 The Jake Lingle Killing29/10/1959
1x05 Ain't We Got Fun?12/11/1959
1x07 Mexican Stake-Out26/11/1959
1x10 The Dutch Schultz Story17/12/1959
1x19 The Big Squeeze18/02/1960
1x23 Three Thousand Suspects24/03/1960
The Fugitive (1963) (Le fugitif)
1x12 Glass Tightrope03/12/1963
1x26 Somebody to Remember24/03/1964
The Outer Limits (1963) (Au-delà du réel)
2x06 Cry of Silence24/10/1964
2x09 I, Robot14/11/1964
2x13 The Duplicate Man19/12/1964
2x15 The Brain of Colonel Barham02/01/1965
My Mother the Car (Une mère pas comme les autres)
1x03 What Makes Auntie Freeze28/09/1965
Get Smart (1965) (Max la Menace)
1x13 Aboard the Orient Express11/12/1965
I Spy (US) (Les espions)
1x17 Always Say Goodbye26/01/1966
1x22 The Conquest of Maude Murdock02/03/1966
3x25 Carmelita is One of Us08/04/1968
1x27 The Curse of Tut (1)13/04/1966
1x28 The Pharaoh's in a Rut (2)14/04/1966
2x07 The Spell of Tut (1)28/09/1966
2x08 Tut's Case is Shut (2)29/09/1966
Twelve O'Clock High
3x08 The Pariah04/11/1966
The Wild Wild West (Les Mystères de l'Ouest)
2x13 The Night of the Skulls16/12/1966
2x19 The Night of the Tartar03/02/1967
2x27 The Night of the Wolf31/03/1967
3x03 The Night of the Assassin22/09/1967
3x12 The Night of the Legion of Death24/11/1967
3x23 The Night of the Simian Terror16/02/1968
4x19 The Night of the Pistoleros21/02/1969
The F.B.I. (Sur la piste du crime)
2x17 The Courier15/01/1967
7x14 The Recruiter19/12/1971
Dragnet (1967)
1x02 The Big Explosion19/01/1967
1x08 The Candy Store Robberies09/03/1967
2x01 The Grenade14/09/1967
2x03 The Badge Racket28/09/1967
2x04 The Bank Jobs05/10/1967
2x05 The Big Neighbor12/10/1967
2x10 The Missing Realtor16/11/1967
2x20 The Big Starlet01/02/1968
2x24 The Suicide Attempt29/02/1968
2x26 The Big Investigation14/03/1968
3x02 Juvenile - DR-0526/09/1968
3x06 Homicide - DR-0624/10/1968
3x09 Training - DR-1821/11/1968
3x20 Juvenile - DR-1927/02/1969
4x03 S.I.U. - The Ring02/10/1969
4x04 D.H.Q. - Medical09/10/1969
4x16 Burglary - The Son05/02/1970
4x20 Missing Persons - The Body05/03/1970
4x25 Burglary - Baseball09/04/1970
Hawaii Five-O (1968) (Hawaï police d'État)
1x17 Face of the Dragon22/01/1969
2x03 Forty Feet High and It Kills!08/10/1969
2x07 Sweet Terror05/11/1969
2x09 The Singapore File19/11/1969
2x12 The Devil and Mr. Frog10/12/1969
2x19 The One With the Gun28/01/1970
Mission: Impossible (1966)
4x11 Time Bomb21/12/1969
1x14 Flight Plan28/12/1971
3x03 Memo from a Dead Man19/09/1973
3x18 Duel in the Desert16/01/1974
4x20 The Investigator26/02/1975
4x23 Tomorrow Ends at Noon19/03/1975
5x24 Blood Lines25/02/1976
1x04 Brushfire19/02/1972
Barnaby Jones
1x05 Perchance to Kill11/03/1973
1x11 To Denise, With Love and Murder22/04/1973
Kojak (1973)
1x16 Eighteen Hours of Fear20/02/1974
2x15 Loser Takes All22/12/1974
The Manhunter (Le Justicier)
1x15 Web of Fear01/01/1975
1x16 Day of Execution15/01/1975
Starsky & Hutch
1x07 Death Notice15/10/1975
Charlie's Angels (1976) (Drôles de Dames)
1x11 The Seance15/12/1976
2x20 The Sandcastle Murders01/02/1978
The Six Million Dollar Man (L'homme qui valait 3 milliards)
4x12 Task Force19/12/1976
The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries
2x03 The Mystery of King Tut's Tomb25/09/1977
Project U.F.O.
2x06 Sighting 4022: The Camouflage Incident02/11/1978
Matt Houston
1x10 Joey's Here05/12/1982