Richard C. Okie

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États-Unis Nationalité américaine

Légende : Non vu Vu Wishé

Créateur de série

Année Série Statut Moyenne / Nombre de votes
2000 18 Wheels of Justice (La loi du fugitif) Terminée
1989 Major Dad Terminée

Scénario / Long-métrages

Année Film Durée (min) Moyenne / Nombre de votes
2019 Coup de foudre pour le capitaine (TV) (Sailing Into Love (TV))90
2009 Skyrunners : L'Odyssée des Frères Burns (Skyrunners)90
Moyenne de tous ses films14.25

Réalisation de séries

Simon & Simon (Simon et Simon)
8x07 Simon & Simon Jr.19/11/1988
Renegade (Le Rebelle)
4x22 The Road Not Taken28/04/1996

Scénariste de séries

Knight Rider (1982) (K-2000)
2x15 White-Line Warriors29/01/1984
2x20 A Good Knight's Work04/03/1984
3x04 Knights of the Fast Lane14/10/1984
3x06 K.I.T.T. vs. K.A.R.R.04/11/1984
3x16 Knightlines03/03/1985
4x10 Knight Behind Bars06/12/1985
Hunter (1984) (Rick Hunter)
3x01 Overnight Sensation27/09/1986
4x02 Playing God03/10/1987
Simon & Simon (Simon et Simon)
6x02 A.W.O.L02/10/1986
6x03 Still Phil After All These Years09/10/1986
6x09 The Case of Don Diablo20/11/1986
6x16 Judgement Call05/02/1987
6x22 Walking Point26/03/1987
7x03 You, Too, Can Be a Detective17/12/1987
7x08 Nuevo Salvador04/02/1988
7x16 May the Road Rise Up07/04/1988
8x04 The Merry Adventures of Robert Hood29/10/1988
8x04 The Merry Adventures of Robert Hood29/10/1988
8x10 Play It Again, Simon17/12/1988
Major Dad
1x01 Pilot17/09/1989
1x02 Just Polly & Me, and the Kids Make Five18/09/1989
1x04 Wedding02/10/1989
1x08 Robin's Awakening06/11/1989
1x09 Major Mom13/11/1989
1x10 Love Doctor20/11/1989
1x11 See the Hill ... Over the Hill27/11/1989
1x17 Major Coach05/02/1990
Quantum Leap (Code Quantum)
4x09 A Single Drop of Rain - September 7, 195320/11/1991
5x03 Leaping of the Shrew - September 27, 195629/09/1992
5x06 Star Light, Star Bright - May 21, 196627/10/1992
5x16 Return of the Evil Leaper - October 8, 195623/02/1993
5x18 Goodbye Norma Jean - April 4, 196002/03/1993
5x20 The Leap Between the States - September 20, 186230/03/1993
Renegade (Le Rebelle)
2x02 The Champ20/09/1993
2x05 No Good Deed...11/10/1993
2x08 Bonnie & Claire06/11/1993
2x09 Wheel Man08/11/1993
2x10 Windy City Blues15/11/1993
2x12 Hard Rider08/01/1994
2x16 Rabbit Redux31/01/1994
2x18 Once Burned, Twice Chey14/02/1994
2x20 Murderer's Row (1)25/04/1994
2x21 Murderer's Row (2)02/05/1994
3x01 Dutch On the Run (1)12/09/1994
3x03 Escape (3)26/09/1994
3x04 The King and I03/10/1994
3x05 Black Wind10/10/1994
3x14 Cop for a Day16/01/1995
3x15 Stalker's Moon23/01/1995
3x18 Living Legend13/02/1995
3x21 Split Decision01/05/1995
4x01 Sawed-Off Shotgun Wedding11/09/1995
4x03 The Ballad of D.B. Cooper25/09/1995
4x15 Stationary Target20/01/1996
4x22 The Road Not Taken28/04/1996
5x01 No Balls, Two Strikes13/09/1996
5x04 Five Minutes to Midnight04/10/1996
5x11 Ransom06/12/1996
5x19 Bounty Hunter of the Year14/03/1997
5x22 The Bad Seed04/04/1997
Earth: Final Conflict (Invasion Planète Terre)
1x02 Truth13/10/1997
1x08 Horizon Zero24/11/1997
Air America
1x19 Blown Away01/05/1999
Pacific Blue
5x01 Reckoning (2)18/07/1999
5x03 Blue Hawaii (1)01/08/1999
5x04 Blue Hawaii (2)08/08/1999
5x07 Dead Ringers29/08/1999
5x17 Fifty-Nine Minutes27/02/2000
5x22 S.N.A.F.U.09/04/2000
18 Wheels of Justice (La loi du fugitif)
1x01 Genesis12/01/2000
1x02 Key to the Highway19/01/2000
1x04 Showdown02/02/2000
1x11 Two Eyes for an Eye22/03/2000
1x17 Outside Chance02/08/2000
1x20 Legacy of Blood (1)23/08/2000
1x02 Parallax12/06/2001
1x03 Conundrum19/06/2001
1x04 Diplopia26/06/2001
1x05 Sacrifice03/07/2001
1x06 Legion10/07/2001
1x07 Maelstrom17/07/2001
1x08 Periculum24/07/2001
1x09 Thanatopis31/07/2001
1x10 Apprehension07/08/2001
1x11 Convergence14/08/2001
1x12 Transcendence21/08/2001
2x04 Consectatio24/06/2002
2x06 Nailed08/07/2002
2x12 Ubique26/08/2002
4x12 A View With a Room11/02/2016