Philip John

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Réalisation / Long-métrages

Année Film Durée (min) Moyenne / Nombre de votes
2016 Moon Dogs94
2007 Wedding Belles95
Moyenne de tous ses films15.5

Réalisation de séries

A Mind to Kill
4x01 Colour Blind24/03/2001
4x02 Box19/05/2001
Murphy's Law (La Loi de Murphy)
2x05 Convent07/06/2004
2x06 The Group14/06/2004
The Bill (Brigade volante)
20x77 Old Timer03/11/2004
20x78 Playing with Fire04/11/2004
Sugar Rush (UK)
2x06 Episode 620/07/2006
2x07 Episode 727/07/2006
2x08 Episode 803/08/2006
2x09 Episode 910/08/2006
2x10 Episode 1017/08/2006
Mistresses (UK)
1x03 Episode 322/01/2008
1x04 Episode 429/01/2008
Wire in the Blood (La Fureur dans le Sang)
6x07 The Dead Land (1)24/10/2008
6x08 The Dead Land (2)31/10/2008
Ashes to Ashes
2x05 Blood Staines18/05/2009
2x06 Truth Canal25/05/2009
Material Girl
1x05 Episode 511/02/2010
1x06 Episode 617/02/2010
New Tricks (Flics toujours)
7x03 Left Field24/09/2010
7x09 Gloves Off05/11/2010
8x01 Old Fossils04/07/2011
8x05 Moving Target01/08/2011
9x07 Dead Poets08/10/2012
9x08 Blue Flower15/10/2012
9x09 Parts of a Whole22/10/2012
10x05 Cry Me a River27/08/2013
10x06 Into the Woods03/09/2013
11x03 Deep Swimming01/09/2014
11x04 Ghosts08/09/2014
Being Human (UK) (Being Human : La confrérie de l'étrange)
3x03 Type 406/02/2011
3x05 The Longest Day20/02/2011
3x06 Daddy Ghoul27/02/2011
4x01 Eve of the War05/02/2012
4x02 Being Human 195512/02/2012
4x03 The Graveyard Shift19/02/2012
4x05 Hold the Front Page04/03/2012
4x08 The War Child25/03/2012
5x01 The Trinity03/02/2013
5x02 Sticks and Ropes10/02/2013
5x03 Pie and Prejudice17/02/2013
Downton Abbey
4x05 Episode Five20/10/2013
4x06 Episode Six27/10/2013
5x06 Episode Six26/10/2014
5x07 Episode Seven02/11/2014
6x03 Episode Three04/10/2015
6x04 Episode Four11/10/2015
Crossing Lines
2x04 Everybody Will Know27/07/2014
1x09 Rebound13/04/2015
1x10 To Victor, the Spoils13/04/2015
Outlander (Outlander : Le Chardon et le Tartan)
2x09 Je Suis Prest04/06/2016
2x10 Prestonpans11/06/2016
2x12 The Hail Mary25/06/2016
2x13 Dragonfly in Amber09/07/2016
The Halcyon (The Halcyon, un palace dans la tourmente)
1x07 Episode 713/02/2017
1x08 Episode 820/02/2017
Marvel's Iron Fist
2x06 The Dragon Dies at Dawn07/09/2018
1x01 Episode 117/08/2021
1x02 Episode 224/08/2021
1x03 Episode 331/08/2021