Peter Ocko

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Etats-Unis Nationalité américaine

Légende : Non vu Vu Wishé

Créateur de série

Année Série Chaine Statut
2006 3 lbs. CBS terminée
2000 Baby Blues (Bébé Blues) The WB terminée

Réalisation de séries

Baby Blues (Bébé Blues)
1x03 Rodney Has Two Daddies04/08/2000

Scénariste de séries

Parker Lewis Can't Lose (Parker Lewis ne perd jamais)
1x07 Love's a Beast14/10/1990
1x21 Jerry's First Date24/03/1991
1x25 My Fair Shelly12/05/1991
2x01 Father Knows Less11/08/1991
2x07 Fat Boy and Little Man29/09/1991
2x14 Tower of Power15/12/1991
2x17 Civil Wars19/01/1992
2x22 Geek Tragedy12/04/1992
2x25 Diner '7517/05/1992
3x06 Jerry's Journey20/08/1992
3x07 Beauty and the Kube06/09/1992
3x14 The Love Bug11/04/1993
Dinosaurs (Dinosaures)
3x06 Germ Warfare06/11/1992
3x10 Wilderness Weekend18/12/1992
3x20 We Are Not Alone02/05/1993
4x01 Monster Under the Bed01/06/1994
4x03 The Greatest Story Ever Sold22/06/1994
Weird Science (Code Lisa)
1x02 Universal Remote12/03/1994
1x03 Cyrano DeBrainiac19/03/1994
1x08 One Size Fits All30/04/1994
1x13 Sex Ed04/06/1994
2x03 The Most Dangerous Wish20/08/1994
2x10 Camp Wannabe15/10/1994
3x02 Horseradish15/04/1995
3x07 Hot Wheels27/05/1995
3x16 Dead Can Dance05/08/1995
4x04 Chett-A-Nator27/01/1996
4x24 Pirates!13/07/1996
Baby Blues (Bébé Blues)
1x03 Rodney Has Two Daddies04/08/2000
1x07 Rodney Moves In18/08/2000
1x08 Ugly Zoe25/08/2000
2x04 A Baby Blues Christmas Special (a.k.a. The Christmas)24/02/2002
Dead Like Me
1x03 Curious George11/07/2003
1x09 Sunday Mornings22/08/2003
1x13 Vacation19/09/2003
Boston Legal (Boston Justice)
1x03 Catch and Release17/10/2004
1x09 A Greater Good12/12/2004
3 lbs.
1x01 Lost for Words14/11/2006
1x02 Of Two Minds21/11/2006
1x03 Heart-Stopping28/11/2006
1x04 Disarming10/10/2008
1x05 The God Spot17/10/2008
1x06 Bad Boys24/10/2008
Pushing Daisies
1x02 Dummy10/10/2007
2x02 Circus Circus08/10/2008
2x12 Water and Power06/06/2009
The Office (US)
7x07 Christening04/11/2010
Fairly Legal (Facing Kate)
2x01 Satisfaction16/03/2012
2x12 Force Majeure08/06/2012
2x13 Finale15/06/2012
1x05 What on Earth Is Wrong?06/08/2014
1x12 Before the Blood10/09/2014
3x07 The Adventure of the Nutmeg Concoction11/12/2014
3x08 End of Watch18/12/2014
3x16 For All You Know05/03/2015
3x20 A Stitch in Time16/04/2015
Black Sails
4x04 XXXII.19/02/2017