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Légende : Non vu Vu Wishé

Réalisation de séries

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (New York Unité Spéciale)
6x23 Goliath24/05/2005
7x09 Rockabye22/11/2005
7x13 Blast10/01/2006
7x18 Venom28/03/2006
7x21 Web09/05/2006
8x01 Informed19/09/2006
8x09 Choreographed28/11/2006
8x14 Dependent13/02/2007
8x15 Haystack20/02/2007
8x16 Philadelphia27/02/2007
8x20 Annihilated08/05/2007
9x02 Avatar02/10/2007
9x05 Harm23/10/2007
9x16 Closet22/04/2008
9x18 Trade06/05/2008
10x04 Lunacy21/10/2008
10x05 Retro28/10/2008
10x07 Wildlife18/11/2008
10x12 Hothouse13/01/2009
10x14 Transitions17/02/2009
10x16 Ballerina17/03/2009
10x20 Crush05/05/2009
10x22 Zebras02/06/2009
11x02 Sugar30/09/2009
11x04 Hammered14/10/2009
11x06 Spooked28/10/2009
11x08 Turmoil11/11/2009
11x14 Savior03/03/2010
11x15 Confidential10/03/2010
11x20 Beef21/04/2010
11x21 Torch28/04/2010
11x24 Shattered19/05/2010
12x02 Bullseye22/09/2010
12x04 Merchandise06/10/2010
12x06 Branded20/10/2010
12x08 Penetration10/11/2010
12x10 Rescue01/12/2010
12x16 Spectacle09/02/2011
12x22 Bang04/05/2011
13x05 Missing Pieces19/10/2011
13x18 Valentine’s Day18/04/2012
A Gifted Man
1x12 In Case of Blind Spots03/02/2012
Under the Dome
1x12 Exigent Circumstances09/09/2013
2x03 Force Majeure14/07/2014
2x12 Turn15/09/2014
3x01 Move On25/06/2015
3x13 The Enemy Within10/09/2015
Witches of East End
1x08 Snake Eyes24/11/2013
3x06 Guilty12/11/2014
Marvel's Agent Carter (Agent Carter)
1x05 The Iron Ceiling03/02/2015
Falling Skies
5x04 Pope Breaks Bad19/07/2015
1x06 God01/11/2015
Blue Bloods
6x12 Cursed15/01/2016
Bull (2016)
1x07 Never Saw the Sign22/11/2016
2x12 Seppuku30/03/2017
3x03 Sierra Maestra16/05/2018
3x04 Hospitium23/05/2018
Kevin (Probably) Saves the World
1x03 Sweet Little Lies17/10/2017
1x15 World's Worst Domino27/02/2018
Designated Survivor
3x02 #slipperyslope07/06/2019
1x03 2 MG CU BID08/10/2019