Peter DeLuise

États-Unis Nationalité américaine

Né le 6 novembre 1966 (57 ans) • New York, État de New York (États-Unis)

Époux de Anne Marie DeLuise (depuis 2002)

Frère de Michael DeLuise, David DeLuise

Fils de Dom DeLuise

Légende : Non vu Vu Wishé

Acteur | Films

Année Film Rôle Moyenne / Nombre de votes
2012 21 Jump Street Officier Doug Penhall
1992 L'Equipée infernale (Rescue Me) Rowdy
1991 Les enfants des ténèbres (Children Of The Night) Mark Gardner
1986 Les Guerriers du Soleil (Solarbabies) Tug
Moyenne de tous ses films13.03
Juste ceux en tant que principal ou secondaire (3 films)12.67

Acteur | Téléfilms

Année Film Rôle Moyenne / Nombre de votes
2019 Croisière romantique (All Summer Long) Roland
2015 La folle histoire de La Fête à la maison (The Unauthorized Full House Story) Bill Stamos
2014 Une passion 3 étoiles (Recipe for Love) Présentateur
2003 Avant de te dire adieu (Before I Say Goodbye) Inspecteur Brennan
1994 Attack of the 5 Ft. 2 Women Stan Stant
Moyenne de tous ses films11.87
Juste ceux en tant que principal ou secondaire (3 films)11.6

Acteur | Séries

Année Série Rôle Moyenne / Nombre de votes
1992 Highlander Clinch
1987 21 Jump Street Doug Penhall
Moyenne de toutes ses séries14.24
Juste en tant que principal ou secondaire14.25

Réalisation | Téléfilms

Réalisation de séries

21 Jump Street
4x15 Back from the Future29/01/1990
5x10 Number One with A Bullet15/12/1990
5x14 Film at Eleven09/02/1991
Silk Stalkings (Les dessous de Palm Beach)
6x03 Divorce, Palm Beach Style29/09/1996
6x07 Talk Dirty To Me10/11/1996
The Net (Traques sur Internet)
1x10 Harvest17/10/1998
1x20 Last Man Standing13/03/1999
Stargate SG-1
2x18 Serpent's Song12/02/1999
2x20 Show and Tell26/02/1999
3x04 Legacy16/07/1999
3x06 Point of View30/07/1999
3x08 Demons13/08/1999
3x10 Forever in a Day08/10/1999
3x12 Jolinar's Memories (1)22/10/1999
3x13 The Devil You Know (2)29/10/1999
3x16 Urgo28/01/2000
4x02 The Other Side07/07/2000
4x03 Upgrades14/07/2000
4x04 Crossroads21/07/2000
4x06 Window of Opportunity04/08/2000
4x08 The First Ones18/08/2000
4x10 Beneath the Surface01/09/2000
4x12 Tangent15/09/2000
4x17 Absolute Power19/01/2001
4x19 Prodigy02/02/2001
5x02 Threshold (3)06/07/2001
5x04 The Fifth Man20/07/2001
5x06 Rite of Passage03/08/2001
5x08 The Tomb17/08/2001
5x10 200131/08/2001
5x12 Wormhole X-Treme!08/09/2001
5x18 The Warrior12/04/2002
5x20 The Sentinel03/05/2002
6x03 Descent21/06/2002
6x05 Nightwalkers12/07/2002
6x07 Shadow Play26/07/2002
6x09 Allegiance09/08/2002
6x14 Smoke & Mirrors24/01/2003
6x16 Metamorphosis07/02/2003
6x20 Memento07/03/2003
7x03 Fragile Balance20/06/2003
7x04 Orpheus27/06/2003
7x06 Lifeboat18/07/2003
7x07 Enemy Mine25/07/2003
7x11 Evolution (1)22/08/2003
7x12 Evolution (2)09/01/2004
7x16 Death Knell06/02/2004
8x07 Affinity20/08/2004
8x10 Endgame17/09/2004
8x16 Reckoning (1)25/02/2005
8x17 Reckoning (2)04/03/2005
8x19 Moebius (1)18/03/2005
8x20 Moebius (2)25/03/2005
9x08 Babylon09/09/2005
9x13 Ripple Effect20/01/2006
9x14 Stronghold27/01/2006
9x16 Off the Grid10/02/2006
9x18 Arthur's Mantle24/02/2006
10x08 Memento Mori08/09/2006
10x12 Line In the Sand20/04/2007
10x15 Bounty11/05/2007
10x16 Bad Guys18/05/2007
10x18 Family Ties08/06/2007
Higher Ground (Cœurs rebelles)
1x06 Crossroads18/02/2000
1x08 Seductions03/03/2000
1x16 Innocence05/05/2000
1x19 Because It's There26/05/2000
2x21 Lights, Camera, Val13/05/2000
2x22 Ride of the Valkyries20/05/2000
3x17 Amazon Val14/04/2001
The Outer Limits (1995) (Au-delà du réel : l'aventure continue)
7x09 Alien Shop22/06/2001
1x04 ...And the Ground, Sown with Salt22/03/2002
1x08 Firewall19/04/2002
3x19 The Illusion of Majesty21/04/2003
4x07 The World Turns All Around He (2/2)10/11/2003
4x14 The Others16/02/2004
4x15 Fear Burns Down to Ashes23/02/2004
4x16 Lost in a Space that Isn't There05/04/2004
4x17 Abridging the Devil's Divide12/04/2004
5x16 Saving Light from a Black Sun18/02/2005
5x18 Quantum Tractate Delirium15/04/2005
Stargate Atlantis
1x12 The Defiant One28/01/2005
1x18 The Gift11/03/2005
2x02 The Intruder22/07/2005
2x05 Condemned12/08/2005
2x19 Inferno03/03/2006
Blood Ties
1x12 Norman20/05/2007
Painkiller Jane
1x10 Portraits of Lauren Gray22/06/2007
1x18 Jane 11324/08/2007
1x05 Crappy Birthday To You08/02/2008
1x08 The Last Shot29/02/2008
Kyle XY
2x20 Primary Colors25/02/2008
2x22 Hello...10/03/2008
3x08 The Tell-Tale Heart02/03/2009
3x10 Bringing Down the House16/03/2009
1x06 Nubbins07/11/2008
2x11 Haunted08/01/2010
3x03 Bank Job29/10/2010
3x15 Wingman09/05/2011
The Guard (The Guard : Police Maritime)
2x03 Sounds of Loneliness12/11/2008
2x04 Fight or Flight19/11/2008
3x04 Boom08/06/2009
3x05 Lovesick15/06/2009
Stargate Universe
1x04 Darkness16/10/2009
1x05 Light23/10/2009
1x16 Sabotage07/05/2010
2x09 Visitation23/11/2010
2x11 Deliverance (2)07/03/2011
2x12 Twin Destinies14/03/2011
2x13 Alliances21/03/2011
2x17 Common Descent18/04/2011
Garage Sale Mysteries (La Boutique des secrets)
1x01 Garage Sale Mystery14/09/2013
1x02 All That Glitters26/10/2014
1x03 The Deadly Room28/04/2015
1x04 The Wedding Dress09/08/2015
1x05 Guilty Until Proven Innocent03/01/2016
Chesapeake Shores
1x02 Home to Roost, Part One21/08/2016
1x03 Home to Roost, Part Two28/08/2016
Dark Matter
2x09 Going Out Fighting26/08/2016
When Calls the Heart (Le Cœur a ses raisons (2014))
4x02 Heart of Truth26/02/2017
4x06 My Heart Will Go On26/03/2017
6x07 Hope is with the Heart19/05/2019
6x08 A Call from the Past26/05/2019
Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments
2x15 A Problem of Memory10/07/2017
3x02 The Powers That Be27/03/2018
Darrow & Darrow
1x01 Darrow & Darrow22/10/2017
The Wedding March (En route vers le mariage)
1x04 Something Old, Something New23/06/2018

Scénariste de séries

Stargate SG-1
4x08 The First Ones18/08/2000
4x14 The Serpent's Venom29/09/2000
4x20 Entity09/02/2001
5x07 Beast of Burden10/08/2001
5x18 The Warrior12/04/2002
5x19 Menace26/04/2002
6x09 Allegiance09/08/2002
7x03 Fragile Balance20/06/2003
7x04 Orpheus27/06/2003
7x07 Enemy Mine25/07/2003
7x12 Evolution (2)09/01/2004
7x16 Death Knell06/02/2004
8x07 Affinity20/08/2004
8x11 Gemini21/01/2005
Stargate Atlantis
1x08 Underground27/08/2004
1x12 The Defiant One28/01/2005
SGU Stargate Universe Kino (Webisodes)
1x05 Eli's Room22/10/2009
1x01 Get outta here22/10/2009
1x04 The Stargate room22/10/2009
1x03 No idea22/10/2009
1x06 Don't encourage him23/10/2009
1x02 Not the com lab23/10/2009
1x09 Not supposed to be in here26/10/2009
1x08 Marked hatch26/10/2009
1x07 Corridor conversation26/10/2009
1x10 Nobody cares26/10/2009
1x25 Drop the sirs17/05/2010
1x26 Like A Hug19/05/2010