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American Dad!
1x03 Stan Knows Best08/05/2005
2x02 A Smith in the Hand18/09/2005
2x10 Rough Trade08/01/2006
3x02 The American Dad After School Special17/09/2006
3x08 Irregarding Steve10/12/2006
3x17 I Can't Stan You06/05/2007
4x06 42-Year-Old Virgin18/11/2007
4x15 Stanny Slickers II: The Legend of Ollie's Gold11/05/2008
5x08 Chimdale25/01/2009
5x17 Every Which Way But Lose26/04/2009
6x04 Brains, Brains, and Automobiles18/10/2009
6x12 May the Best Stan Win14/02/2010
7x07 The People vs. Martin Sugar05/12/2010
7x10 Stanny Boy and Frantastic23/01/2011
7x18 Flirting with Disaster15/05/2011
8x11 Old Stan in the Mountain19/02/2012
8x16 The Kidney Stays In The Picture01/04/2012
9x03 Can I Be Frank With You?04/11/2012
9x15 The Missing Kink14/04/2013
10x02 Poltergasm06/10/2013
10x09 Vision: Impossible05/01/2014
10x20 The Longest Distance Relationship18/05/2014
12x04 Big Stan on Campus15/02/2016
13x05 Stan Smith as Keanu Reeves as Stanny Utah in Point Breakers22/02/2016
12x12 The Shrink18/04/2016
13x13 Widow's Pique25/04/2016
13x21 Next of Pin20/06/2016
14x07 Ninety North, Zero West19/12/2016
14x15 The Life and Times of Stan Smith24/07/2017
15x02 Paranoid Frandroid12/02/2018
15x09 The Never-Ending Stories09/04/2018