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Légende : Non vu Vu Wishé

Réalisation de séries

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (Les Experts)
10x03 Working Stiffs08/10/2009

Scénariste de séries

Star Trek: The Next Generation (Star Trek : La nouvelle génération)
5x19 The First Duty30/03/1992
6x09 The Quality of Life16/11/1992
6x14 Face of the Enemy08/02/1993
6x22 Suspicions10/05/1993
7x04 Gambit (1)11/10/1993
7x05 Gambit (2)18/10/1993
7x09 Force of Nature15/11/1993
7x13 Homeward17/01/1994
7x24 Preemptive Strike16/05/1994
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
1x05 Babel24/01/1993
4x24 The Quickening20/05/1996
Star Trek: Voyager
1x12 Heroes and Demons24/04/1995
SeaQuest DSV (SeaQuest, police des mers)
3x07 Equilibrium15/11/1995
3x09 Good Soldiers20/12/1995
The Outer Limits (1995) (Au-delà du réel : l'aventure continue)
3x18 A Special Edition25/07/1997
4x03 Hearts and Minds06/02/1998
4x04 In Another Life16/02/1998
4x05 In The Zone20/02/1998
4x09 Glyphic20/03/1998
4x23 Origin of Species27/11/1998
4x26 In Our Own Image18/12/1998
5x07 The Human Operators12/03/1999
5x16 Deja Vu09/07/1999
5x19 Stranded30/07/1999
5x22 Better Luck Next Time20/08/1999
2x05 The Way We Weren't14/04/2000
2x14 Beware of Dog11/08/2000
2x20 Liars, Guns and Money (2): With Friends Like These...12/01/2001
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (Les Experts)
3x04 A Little Murder17/10/2002
3x07 Fight Night14/11/2002
3x10 High and Low12/12/2002
3x13 Random Acts of Violence30/01/2003
3x15 Lady Heather's Box13/02/2003
3x18 Precious Metal03/04/2003
3x22 Play with Fire08/05/2003
4x03 Homebodies09/10/2003
4x06 Jackpot06/11/2003
4x14 Paper or Plastic?12/02/2004
4x22 No More Bets13/05/2004
4x23 Bloodlines20/05/2004
5x02 Down the Drain07/10/2004
5x05 Swap Meet28/10/2004
5x07 Formalities11/11/2004
5x16 Big Middle24/02/2005
5x24 Grave Danger (1)19/05/2005
5x25 Grave Danger (2)19/05/2005
6x01 Bodies in Motion22/09/2005
6x12 Daddy's Little Girl19/01/2006
6x14 Killer02/02/2006
6x23 Bang Bang11/05/2006
7x01 Built To Kill, Part 121/09/2006
7x02 Built To Kill, Part 228/09/2006
7x07 Post Mortem09/11/2006
7x12 Sweet Jane18/01/2007
7x16 Monster in the Box15/02/2007
7x20 Lab Rats12/04/2007
7x24 Living Doll17/05/2007
8x01 Dead Doll27/09/2007
8x06 Who and What08/11/2007
8x07 Goodbye & Good Luck15/11/2007
8x08 You Kill Me22/11/2007
8x16 Two and a Half Deaths08/05/2008
9x07 Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda20/11/2008
9x09 19 Down... (Part 1)11/12/2008
9x10 One to Go (Part 2)15/01/2009
9x18 Mascara02/04/2009
9x20 A Space Oddity16/04/2009
10x01 Family Affair24/09/2009
10x03 Working Stiffs08/10/2009
10x18 Field Mice15/04/2010
10x23 Meat Jekyll20/05/2010
Two and a Half Men (Mon oncle Charlie)
5x17 Fish in a Drawer05/05/2008
1x06 The Three Bad Wolves09/12/2011
1x07 Let Your Hair Down16/12/2011
1x12 Last Grimm Standing24/02/2012
Almost Human
1x08 You Are Here13/01/2014
The Expanse
1x04 CQB29/12/2015
1x09 Critical Mass02/02/2016
2x06 Paradigm Shift01/03/2017
2x13 Caliban's War19/04/2017
3x07 Delta-V23/05/2018
3x13 Abaddon's Gate27/06/2018
5x01 Exodus16/12/2020
5x09 Winnipesaukee27/01/2021
5x10 Nemesis Games03/02/2021
For All Mankind
1x04 Prime Crew08/11/2019