Michael Vejar

États-Unis Nationalité américaine

Né le 25 juin 1943 (79 ans) • Los Angeles, Californie (États-Unis)

Aussi appelé : Mike Vejar

Légende : Non vu Vu Wishé

Réalisation / Long-métrages

Réalisation de séries

Quincy, M.E. (Quincy)
6x10 Headhunter04/02/1981
The Incredible Hulk (1977) (L'Incroyable Hulk)
4x14 The Harder They Fall27/03/1981
5x02 Two Godmothers09/10/1981
5x03 Veteran16/10/1981
5x05 Triangle13/11/1981
Magnum, P.I. (1980) (Magnum)
2x04 From Moscow to Maui29/10/1981
2x15 Try to Remember28/01/1982
2x18 Texas Lightning18/02/1982
2x21 The Elmo Ziller Story18/03/1982
3x08 Foiled Again11/11/1982
3x13 Of Sound Mind06/01/1983
3x16 Birdman of Budapest10/02/1983
3x18 Forty Years from Sand Island24/02/1983
3x21 ...By Its Cover31/03/1983
4x10 Operation: Silent Night15/12/1983
4x13 No More Mr. Nice Guy26/01/1984
5x15 All for One (1)31/01/1985
5x16 All for One (2)07/02/1985
6x10 Blood and Honor21/11/1985
Simon & Simon (Simon et Simon)
1x04 A Recipe for Disaster17/12/1981
1x06 The Dead Letter File05/01/1982
Tales of the Gold Monkey (Jake Cutter)
1x09 Honor Thy Brother24/11/1982
Matt Houston
1x13 The Purrfect Crime09/01/1983
2x12 The Outsider02/12/1983
3x09 Death Stalk23/11/1984
3x20 Killing Time22/02/1985
The A-Team (L'Agence tous risques)
2x21 Deadly Maneuvers28/02/1984
Riptide (US)
2x10 Catch a Fallen Star18/12/1984
Cover Up (Espion Modèle)
1x19 Who's Trying to Kill Miss Globe?09/03/1985
MacGyver (1985)
3x04 Ghost Ship19/10/1987
3x06 GX-102/11/1987
3x08 The Widowmaker16/11/1987
3x16 The Spoilers14/03/1988
3x18 Rock the Cradle18/04/1988
3x20 Murderer's Sky09/05/1988
4x01 The Secret of Parker House31/10/1988
4x03 The Outsiders28/11/1988
4x11 The Battle of Tommy Giordano20/02/1989
6x01 Tough Boys17/09/1990
6x09 Bitter Harvest19/11/1990
6x14 Eye of Osiris04/02/1991
6x19 Strictly Business08/04/1991
7x02 The 'Hood23/09/1991
7x07 Good Knight MacGyver (1)04/11/1991
7x08 Good Knight MacGyver (2)11/11/1991
7x13 The Stringer25/04/1992
Star Trek: The Next Generation (Star Trek : La nouvelle génération)
1x19 Coming of Age14/03/1988
The Bronx Zoo
2x09 When I Paint My Masterpiece08/06/1988
Mission: Impossible (1988) (Mission impossible, 20 ans après)
1x07 The Cattle King18/12/1988
1x09 The Haunting28/01/1989
Quantum Leap (1989) (Code Quantum)
1x07 The Color of Truth - August 8, 195503/05/1989
Zorro (1990) (Les Nouvelles Aventures de Zorro)
1x03 Water19/01/1990
1x06 The Sure Thing09/02/1990
1x07 Zorro's Other Woman16/02/1990
1x14 The Magician09/03/1990
1x19 A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing13/04/1990
1x21 The Bounty Hunters27/04/1990
P.S.I. Luv U (Enquêtes à Palm Springs)
1x02 Smile, You're Dead21/09/1991
Walker, Texas Ranger
1x02 Borderline24/04/1993
2x05 End Run13/11/1993
1x10 Scoop11/03/1994
RoboCop (RoboCop, la Série)
1x05 What Money Can't Buy15/04/1994
1x10 When Justice Fails20/05/1994
1x12 Inside Crime01/07/1994
1x17 Heartbreakers09/09/1994
1x22 Public Enemies26/11/1994
Models Inc.
1x16 Look Who's Stalking09/11/1994
Babylon 5
2x03 The Geometry of Shadows16/11/1994
2x14 There All the Honor Lies27/04/1995
2x21 Comes the Inquisitor26/10/1995
3x02 Convictions16/11/1995
3x08 Messages from Earth (1)22/02/1996
3x13 A Late Delivery from Avalon25/04/1996
3x14 Ship of Tears02/05/1996
3x16 War Without End (1)16/05/1996
3x17 War Without End (2)23/05/1996
4x13 Rumors, Bargains and Lies15/05/1997
4x15 No Surrender, No Retreat29/05/1997
4x17 The Face of the Enemy12/06/1997
5x03 The Paragon of Animals04/02/1998
5x14 Meditations on the Abyss27/05/1998
Renegade (Le Rebelle)
3x13 Rancho Escondido09/01/1995
The X-Files (X-Files : Aux frontières du réel)
2x21 The Calusari14/04/1995
Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman (Loïs et Clark, les nouvelles aventures de Superman)
3x07 Ultra Woman12/11/1995
4x11 'Twas the Night Before Mxymas15/12/1996
The Sentinel (La Sentinelle)
1x05 Cypher24/04/1996
1x07 Rogue08/05/1996
F/X: The Series (FX, Effets Spéciaux)
1x04 High Risk23/09/1996
1x05 Payback30/09/1996
1x11 Eye of the Dragon11/11/1996
1x12 Target18/11/1996
1x15 Shivaree27/01/1997
1x18 Quicksilver17/02/1997
2x14 Inferno23/02/1998
2x17 Thief18/05/1998
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
5x11 The Darkness and the Light06/01/1997
5x24 Empok Nor19/05/1997
6x02 Rocks and Shoals06/10/1997
6x22 Valiant06/05/1998
7x15 Badda-Bing, Badda-Bang24/02/1999
7x20 The Changing Face of Evil28/04/1999
7x22 Tacking into the Wind12/05/1999
Star Trek: Voyager
4x09 Year of Hell, Part II12/11/1997
5x11 Latent Image20/01/1999
6x03 Barge of the Dead06/10/1999
6x10 Pathfinder01/12/1999
6x15 Tsunkatse09/02/2000
6x19 Child's Play08/03/2000
6x22 Muse26/04/2000
7x01 Unimatrix Zero, Part II04/10/2000
7x09 Flesh and Blood, Part I29/11/2000
7x13 Repentance31/01/2001
7x15 The Void14/02/2001
7x21 Friendship One25/04/2001
7x24 Renaissance Man16/05/2001
Crusade (2267 l'ultime croisade)
1x02 The Long Road16/06/1999
1x04 The Path of Sorrows30/06/1999
1x09 Racing the Night04/08/1999
1x11 The Needs of Earth18/08/1999
7 Days (Sept jours pour agir)
2x03 Parker.com13/10/1999
2x12 Buried Alive09/02/2000
2x22 Playmates and Presidents17/05/2000
3x06 Deloris Demands15/11/2000
Star Trek: Enterprise
1x05 Unexpected17/10/2001
1x09 Civilization14/11/2001
1x15 Shadows of P'Jem06/02/2002
2x06 Marauders30/10/2002
2x12 The Catwalk18/12/2002
3x04 Rajiin01/10/2003
3x11 Carpenter Street26/11/2003
3x14 Stratagem04/02/2004
4x05 Cold Station 12 (2)05/11/2004
4x11 Observer Effect21/01/2005
4x14 The Aenar (3)11/02/2005
1x18 A Means to an End05/07/2002
1x19 Things Left Unsaid (1)12/07/2002
1x20 Things Left Unsaid (2)19/07/2002
2x04 Deus Ex Machina31/10/2003
2x06 The Mysterious Mr. Smith07/11/2003
2x11 The Past Is Prologue22/12/2003
2x14 Interregnum (1)12/01/2004
2x15 Interregnum (2)19/01/2004
The Dead Zone (Dead Zone)
2x11 Playing God30/03/2003
Third Watch (New York 911)
5x18 Purgatory09/04/2004
10x20 Unknown Soldier15/04/2005