Michael Morris

États-Unis Nationalité américaine

Né le 30 mars 1958 (63 ans)

Michael Morris

Devenir fan

Époux de Mary McCormack (depuis 2003)

Légende : Non vu Vu Wishé

Réalisation de séries

Brothers & Sisters
1x21 Grapes of Wrath06/05/2007
2x08 Something New25/11/2007
2x11 The Missionary Imposition10/02/2008
2x15 Moral Hazard04/05/2008
3x07 Do You Believe in Magic?09/11/2008
3x09 Unfinished Business30/11/2008
3x18 Taking Sides08/03/2009
3x22 Julia26/04/2009
4x04 From France With Love18/10/2009
4x08 The Wine Festival15/11/2009
4x16 Leap of Faith28/02/2010
4x21 Where There's Smoke…25/04/2010
4x23 Light Out09/05/2010
5x01 Homecoming26/09/2010
5x10 Cold Turkey12/12/2010
5x14 One That Got Away13/02/2011
5x17 Olivia's Choice10/04/2011
5x21 For Better or For Worse01/05/2011
In Plain Sight (2008) (US Marshals, protection des témoins)
2x15 Don't Cry For Me Albuquerque09/08/2009
3x13 A Priest Walks Into A Bar30/06/2010
4x13 Something Borrowed, Something Blew Up07/08/2011
1x04 The Cost of Art27/02/2012
1x15 Bombshell14/05/2012
2x01 On Broadway05/02/2013
2x04 The Song26/02/2013
2x12 Opening Night20/04/2013
2x16 The Nominations26/05/2013
2x17 The Tonys26/05/2013
1x02 ...Except When the Bear is Chasing You06/10/2013
1x07 ...We're Not Going to Baileys Harbor10/11/2013
Kingdom (US)
1x04 Flowers29/10/2014
2x03 Broken or Missing28/10/2015
2x04 Be First04/11/2015
2x06 Pink at Night18/11/2015
2x07 The Demon Had a Spell25/11/2015
2x08 Smoker02/12/2015
3x03 Thank You, Boys14/06/2017
3x04 Headhunter21/06/2017
3x07 Platinum Level12/07/2017
3x08 Old Pueblo19/07/2017
1x10 Part 1020/03/2015
Halt and Catch Fire
2x05 Extract and Defend28/06/2015
3x06 And She Was20/09/2016
1x07 He Gone10/07/2016
2x05 Dallas17/07/2017
3x07 Hilter05/08/2018
House of Cards (US)
5x05 Chapter 5730/05/2017
5x06 Chapter 5830/05/2017
Animal Kingdom
2x11 The Leopard15/08/2017
Shameless (US)
8x03 God Bless Her Rotting Soul19/11/2017
3x07 Not You, Mr. Dake06/05/2018
13 Reasons Why
2x07 The Third Polaroid18/05/2018
2x08 The Little Girl18/05/2018
3x01 Yeah. I'm the New Girl23/08/2019
3x02 If You're Breathing, You're a Liar23/08/2019
Better Call Saul
4x05 Quite a Ride03/09/2018
5x03 The Guy for This02/03/2020
Locke & Key (Locke and Key)
1x01 Welcome to Matheson07/02/2020
1x02 Trapper / Keeper07/02/2020
For All Mankind
2x01 Every Little Thing19/02/2021
2x02 The Bleeding Edge26/02/2021

Scénariste de séries

My Three Sons
3x32 Let's Take Stock02/05/1963