Michael Fresco

pas de portrait

États-Unis Nationalité américaine

Frère de Rob Fresco, Victor Fresco

Fils de David Fresco

Aussi appelé : Mike Fresco

Légende : Non vu Vu Wishé

Réalisation de séries

Dirty Dancing (1988)
1x08 Turn Me Loose31/12/1988
China Beach
2x13 Twilight22/03/1989
3x06 Ghosts08/11/1989
3x22 Strange Brew30/04/1990
4x10 I Could Have Danced All Night ... But Didn't04/06/1991
Doogie Howser, M.D. (Docteur Doogie)
1x20 Use a Slurpy, Go to Jail28/02/1990
3x22 That's What Friends Are For29/04/1992
Cop Rock
1x06 Oil of Ol' Lay31/10/1990
Law & Order (New York Police Judiciaire ou New York District)
1x10 Prisoner of Love04/12/1990
Northern Exposure (Bienvenue en Alaska)
3x11 Dateline: Cicely06/01/1992
4x08 Thanksgiving23/11/1992
4x25 Old Tree24/05/1993
5x02 The Mystery of the Old Curio Shop27/09/1993
5x07 Rosebud08/11/1993
5x12 Mr. Sandman10/01/1994
5x15 Hello, I Love You31/01/1994
5x21 I Feel the Earth Move02/05/1994
6x01 Dinner at Seven-Thirty19/09/1994
6x08 Up River14/11/1994
6x13 Horns18/01/1995
6x23 Tranquility Base26/07/1995
Murder One
1x02 Chapter Two26/09/1995
1x04 Chapter Four12/10/1995
1x08 Chapter Eight16/11/1995
1x14 Chapter Fourteen12/02/1996
1x23 Chapter Twenty-Three23/04/1996
2x01 Chapter One, Year Two10/10/1996
2x11 Chapter Eleven, Year Two23/01/1997
2x16 Chapter Sixteen, Year Two26/05/1997
1x01 Pilot08/01/1999
1x02 Home Again15/01/1999
1x08 Blind Faith26/02/1999
1x13 Family Tree23/04/1999
1x14 Good Fellows30/04/1999
1x15 Two to Tango07/05/1999
1x17 Heaven Can Wait21/05/1999
2x01 The Third Thing24/09/1999
2x08 Thank You Providence (1)26/11/1999
2x09 Thank You Providence (2)26/11/1999
2x13 The Reunion04/02/2000
2x17 The Storm17/03/2000
2x20 Taking a Chance on Love28/04/2000
2x23 Paradise Inn19/05/2000
3x01 Safe at Home20/10/2000
3x06 The Thanksgiving Story (1)24/11/2000
3x07 The Thanksgiving Story (2)24/11/2000
3x09 Big Night05/01/2001
3x11 Saved by the Bell02/02/2001
3x19 Meet Joe Connelly27/04/2001
3x22 Falling18/05/2001
4x01 Dad28/09/2001
4x04 You Can Count on Me19/10/2001
4x08 Rocky Road16/11/2001
4x10 The Mating Dance14/12/2001
4x13 The Good Fight25/01/2002
4x17 The Whole Truth05/04/2002
4x22 Out of Control10/05/2002
5x01 A New Beginning04/10/2002
5x03 Cloak and Dagger18/10/2002
5x07 Truth and Consequences15/11/2002
Missing (2003) (Missing : Disparus sans laisser de trace)
1x01 Pilot02/08/2003
The O.C. (Newport Beach)
1x10 The Perfect Couple12/11/2003
1x14 The Countdown17/12/2003
2x04 The New Era02/12/2004
2x09 The Ex-Factor20/01/2005
2x14 The Rainy Day Women24/02/2005
2x22 The Showdown05/05/2005
3x06 The Swells10/11/2005
3x07 The Anger Management17/11/2005
3x16 The Road Warrior09/03/2006
3x19 The Secrets and Lies30/03/2006
2x10 Mr. Monk and the Paperboy16/01/2004
9x13 Good Intentions16/01/2004
North Shore (North Shore : Hôtel du Pacifique)
1x07 More02/08/2004
1x18 Catwalk16/12/2004
Dead Like Me
2x11 Ashes to Ashes03/10/2004
Medical Investigation (NIH : alertes médicales)
1x07 Alienation29/10/2004
Joan of Arcadia (Le monde de Joan)
2x18 Secret Service04/03/2005
My Name Is Earl (Earl)
1x12 O Karma, Where Art Thou?12/01/2006
2x07 Mailbox09/11/2006
2x10 South Of The Border, Part Uno07/12/2006
2x18 Guess Who's Coming Out of Joy22/02/2007
2x21 G.E.D.26/04/2007
2x23 The Trial10/05/2007
3x01 My Name Is Inmate 28301-016, Part 127/09/2007
3x02 My Name Is Inmate 28301-016, Part 227/09/2007
3x03 The Gangs of Camden County04/10/2007
3x17 No Heads and a Duffel Bag17/04/2008
3x19 Love Octagon01/05/2008
3x21 Camdenites: Part 115/05/2008
3x22 Camdenites: Part 215/05/2008
4x03 Joy In A Bubble02/10/2008
4x10 Earl and Joy's Anniversary13/11/2008
4x12 Reading Is a Fundamental Case04/12/2008
Conviction (2006)
1x08 Downhill14/04/2006
The Knights of Prosperity (Les as du braquage)
1x04 Operation: Deliver the Case24/01/2007
1x05 Operation: Ralph31/01/2007
Aliens in America (Tandoori & Hamburgers)
1x10 Church10/12/2007
1x13 Community Theater16/03/2008
Worst Week
1x05 The Club20/10/2008
Better Off Ted
1x01 Pilot18/03/2009
1x02 Heroes25/03/2009
1x03 Through Rose Colored HAZMAT Suits01/04/2009
1x05 Win Some, Dose Some15/04/2009
1x09 Bioshuffle30/06/2009
1x11 Father, Can You Hair Me?21/07/2009
1x12 Jabberwocky11/08/2009
2x01 Love Blurts08/12/2009
2x08 The Impertence of Communicationizing12/01/2010
The Deep End
1x01 Pilot21/01/2010
Raising Hope
1x01 Pilot21/09/2010
1x02 Dead Tooth28/09/2010
1x03 Dream Hoarders05/10/2010
1x11 Toy Story07/12/2010
2x05 Killer Hope01/11/2011
2x09 The Men of New Natesville06/12/2011
3x07 Candy Wars20/11/2012
Against the Wall
1x01 Pilot31/07/2011
1x01 Pilot28/09/2011
1x02 The Barbecue05/10/2011
1x03 The Chatterer12/10/2011