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Légende : Non vu Vu Wishé

Réalisation / Long-métrages

Scénario / Long-métrages

Année Film Durée (min) Moyenne / Nombre de votes
1999 Teenage Space Vampires90
Moyenne de tous ses films7

Réalisation de séries

1x09 Victoria's Secret07/11/1996
Silk Stalkings (Les dessous de Palm Beach)
7x08 Air Tight Alibi05/10/1997
7x20 Ramone P.I.05/04/1998
8x17 Cook's Tour21/03/1999
Stargate SG-1
1x18 Solitudes06/02/1998
1x21 Politics (1)27/02/1998
2x02 In the Line of Duty03/07/1998
2x04 The Gamekeeper17/07/1998
2x13 Spirits23/10/1998
2x16 A Matter of Time29/01/1999
2x22 Out of Mind (1)12/03/1999
3x01 Into the Fire (2)25/06/1999
3x03 Fair Game09/07/1999
3x05 Learning Curve23/07/1999
3x07 Deadman Switch06/08/1999
3x18 Shades of Grey11/02/2000
3x22 Nemesis (1)10/03/2000
4x01 Small Victories (2)30/06/2000
4x05 Divide and Conquer28/07/2000
4x07 Watergate11/08/2000
4x09 Scorched Earth25/08/2000
4x14 The Serpent's Venom29/09/2000
4x15 Chain Reaction05/01/2001
5x01 Enemies (2)29/06/2001
5x03 Ascension13/07/2001
5x05 Red Sky27/07/2001
5x07 Beast of Burden10/08/2001
5x15 Summit (1)22/03/2002
5x16 Last Stand (2)29/03/2002
5x19 Menace26/04/2002
5x22 Revelations17/05/2002
6x01 Redemption (1)07/06/2002
6x02 Redemption (2)14/06/2002
6x04 Frozen28/06/2002
6x06 Abyss19/07/2002
6x08 The Other Guys02/08/2002
6x19 The Changeling28/02/2003
6x22 Full Circle21/03/2003
7x01 Fallen (1)13/06/2003
7x02 Homecoming (2)13/06/2003
7x05 Revisions11/07/2003
7x09 Avenger 2.008/08/2003
7x14 Fallout23/01/2004
7x21 Lost City (1)12/03/2004
7x22 Lost City (2)19/03/2004
8x06 Avatar13/08/2004
8x08 Covenant27/08/2004
9x07 Ex Deus Machina26/08/2005
9x20 Camelot10/03/2006
10x06 20018/08/2006
Earth: Final Conflict (Invasion Planète Terre)
4x16 Trapped By Time19/02/2001
4x18 Blood Ties16/04/2001
5x17 Honour And Duty08/04/2002
5x19 Subversion22/04/2002
The Invisible Man (2000) (Invisible Man)
2x16 The Three Phases of Claire14/09/2001
1x10 Journeys End in Lovers Meeting03/05/2002
2x01 Letters from the Other Side (1/2)10/10/2003
2x02 Letters from the Other Side (2/2)17/10/2003
2x05 Rites of Passage31/10/2003
2x07 Voices in the Dark07/11/2003
2x09 Running on Empty08/12/2003
4x21 The Dissonant Interval (1/2)10/05/2004
4x22 The Dissonant Interval (2/2)17/05/2004
5x17 Totaled Recall08/04/2005
5x19 One More Day's Light (1/2)22/04/2005
5x20 Chaos and the Stillness of It (2/2)29/04/2005
Stargate Atlantis
1x01 Rising, Part 116/07/2004
1x02 Rising, Part 216/07/2004
1x10 The Storm (1)17/09/2004
1x11 The Eye (2)21/01/2005
1x16 The Brotherhood25/02/2005
1x19 The Siege, Part 118/03/2005
1x20 The Siege, Part 225/03/2005
2x01 The Siege (Part 3)15/07/2005
2x03 Runner29/07/2005
2x06 Trinity19/08/2005
2x09 Aurora23/09/2005
2x11 The Hive (2)06/01/2006
2x14 Grace Under Pressure27/01/2006
2x17 Coup d'Etat17/02/2006
2x18 Michael24/02/2006
3x01 No Man's Land (2)14/07/2006
3x02 Misbegotten (3)21/07/2006
3x03 Irresistible28/07/2006
3x08 McKay and Mrs. Miller08/09/2006
3x09 Phantoms15/09/2006
3x13 Irresponsible27/04/2007
3x14 Tao of Rodney04/05/2007
3x16 The Ark18/05/2007
3x20 First Strike (1)22/06/2007
4x01 Adrift (2)28/09/2007
4x02 Lifeline (3)05/10/2007
4x06 Tabula Rasa02/11/2007
4x13 Quarantine18/01/2008
4x16 Trio08/02/2008
4x19 The Kindred (2)29/02/2008
4x20 The Last Man (1)07/03/2008
1x01 Sanctuary for All (1)03/10/2008
1x02 Sanctuary for All (2)03/10/2008
1x03 Fata Morgana10/10/2008
1x05 Kush24/10/2008
1x07 The Five14/11/2008
1x09 Requiem05/12/2008
1x12 Revelations, Part 102/01/2009
1x13 Revelations, Part 209/01/2009
2x01 End of Nights (1)09/10/2009
2x02 End of Nights (2)16/10/2009
2x04 Hero30/10/2009
2x08 Next Tuesday04/12/2009
2x12 Kali (1)15/01/2010
2x13 Kali (2)15/01/2010
3x01 Kali (3)15/10/2010
3x02 Firewall22/10/2010
3x06 Animus19/11/2010
3x07 Breach26/11/2010
3x10 Hollow Men17/12/2010
3x11 Pax Romana15/04/2011
3x17 Normandy23/05/2011
3x19 Out of the Blue13/06/2011
4x01 Tempus07/10/2011
4x04 Monsoon28/10/2011
4x07 Icebreaker18/11/2011
4x09 Chimera29/11/2011
4x11 The Depths16/12/2011
Primeval: New World
1x01 The New World29/10/2012
1x11 The Inquisition05/02/2013
1x12 The Sound of Thunder, Part 112/02/2013
1x13 The Sound of Thunder, Part 219/02/2013
Goodnight for Justice (La Loi de Goodnight)
2013x01 Queen of Hearts26/01/2013
Aurora Teagarden Mysteries (Aurora Teagarden)
1x01 A Bone to Pick15/04/2015
1x02 Real Murders26/07/2015
1x07 Last Scene Alive07/01/2018
1x09 The Disappearing Game29/07/2018
1x12 A Very Foul Play18/08/2019
1x14 Reunited & It Feels So Deadly18/10/2020
1x03 Ring of the Magi16/04/2015
1x04 Minos23/04/2015
1x07 Love and Time21/05/2015
1x08 Danger and Desire28/05/2015
Dark Matter
1x11 Episode Eleven21/08/2015
2x02 Wild, Wild Westerley08/07/2016
2x03 Shaft15/07/2016
Chesapeake Shores
1x01 Pilot14/08/2016
1x04 We're Not Losing a Son…04/09/2016
1x05 We're Gaining a Daughter11/09/2016
1x08 Deals Undone02/10/2016
1x09 Exes Mark the Spot09/10/2016
Travelers (Les Voyageurs du temps)
1x04 Hall07/11/2016
1x05 Room 10114/11/2016
Good Witch (Un soupçon de magie)
4x07 Til Death Do Us Part10/06/2018
4x08 All Dressed Up17/06/2018
5x09 The Comet11/08/2019
5x10 The Graduation18/08/2019

Scénariste de séries

4x07 Icebreaker18/11/2011