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Réalisation de séries

Da Vinci's Inquest (Coroner Da Vinci)
4x06 Birds Have Been At Her11/11/2001
6x19 Nemesis26/04/2007
7x05 Action25/10/2007
8x04 Instinct09/10/2008
8x07 Identity30/10/2008
8x17 Hex26/03/2009
9x02 Metallo02/10/2009
9x10 Disciple29/01/2010
10x03 Supergirl08/10/2010
10x11 Icarus10/12/2010
3x05 Hero II: Broken Arrow12/11/2010
2x07 Gods and Monsters10/09/2012
Beauty and the Beast (2012)
1x09 Bridesmaid Up!13/12/2012
1x20 Anniversary02/05/2013
2x09 Don't Die on Me13/01/2014
3x05 The Most Dangerous Beast09/07/2015
Being Human (US)
3x06 What's Blood Got to Do With It?18/02/2013
3x07 One Is Silver and the Other Pagan25/02/2013
Haven (Les Mystères de Haven)
4x10 The Trouble With Troubles15/11/2013
Lost Girl
4x06 Of All the Gin Joints15/12/2013
5x04 When God Opens a Window28/12/2014
5x15 Let Them Burn18/10/2015
Motive (Motive : le mobile du crime)
2x03 Overboard20/03/2014
The 100 (Les 100)
1x11 The Calm28/05/2014
2x12 Rubicon11/02/2015
3x02 Wanheda (2/2)28/01/2016
4x09 DNR26/04/2017
5x07 Acceptable Losses19/06/2018
1x05 Night Three (1/2)17/12/2014
1x06 Night Three (2/2)17/12/2014
1x12 Dead Rat Live Rat Brown Rat White Rat02/06/2015
2x09 Cape Town08/12/2015
2x11 Fifty Shades of Grey Matter02/02/2016
2x16 Pour Some Sugar, Zombie29/03/2016
3x03 Eat, Pray, Liv18/04/2017
3x07 The Beauty of Our Weapons17/07/2015
3x08 My Name Is Datak Tarr and I Have Come to Kill You24/07/2015
Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments
1x11 Blood Calls to Blood22/03/2016
1x11 St. Lucifer11/04/2016
2x03 Sin-Eater10/10/2016
12 Monkeys
2x05 Bodies of Water16/05/2016
4x07 Daughters29/06/2018
1x07 A Fall from Grace01/08/2016
1x08 Eyes Wide Open08/08/2016
Dead of Summer (Dead of Summer : Un été maudit)
1x07 Townie09/08/2016
The Last Ship
3x10 Scuttle21/08/2016
Dark Matter
2x11 Wish I'd Spaced You When I Had the Chance09/09/2016
Once Upon a Time
6x09 Changelings27/11/2016
DC's Legends of Tomorrow
2x16 Doomworld28/03/2017
3x03 Zari24/10/2017
3x07 Welcome to the Jungle21/11/2017
4x12 The Eggplant, the Witch & the Wardrobe22/04/2019
5x22 Missing17/05/2017
6x12 All for Nothing01/02/2018
Midnight, Texas
1x07 Angel Heart04/09/2017
Marvel's Jessica Jones
2x03 AKA Sole Survivor08/03/2018
3x05 A.K.A I Wish14/06/2019
3x19 The Fanatical21/05/2018
1x10 New Beginnings06/06/2018
Marvel's Iron Fist
2x05 Heart of the Dragon07/09/2018
Outlander (Outlander : Le Chardon et le Tartan)
4x11 If Not for Hope13/01/2019
4x12 Providence20/01/2019
Another Life
1x05 A Mind of Its Own25/07/2019
1x06 I Think We're Alone Now25/07/2019