Linda Mendoza

États-Unis Nationalité américaine

Légende : Non vu Vu Wishé

Réalisation / Long-métrages

Année Film Durée (min) Moyenne / Nombre de votes
2019 Katherine Ryan: Glitter Room65
2019 Wanda Sykes: Not Normal 66
2003 Bomba Latina (Chasing Papi) 80
Moyenne de tous ses films11.62

Réalisation / Court-métrages

Année Film Durée (min) Moyenne / Nombre de votes
2020 Les disparus de l'année (Yearly Departed) (court-métrage)44
2019 Tiffany Haddish: Black Mitzvah (court-métrage)55
2005 Louis C.K.: One Night Stand (court-métrage)30
Moyenne de tous ses films13.06

Réalisation de séries

Welcome to the Family
1x04 Molly and Junior Find a Place00/00/0000
1x05 Halloween00/00/0000
The Bernie Mac Show
1x03 The Main Event21/11/2001
1x09 Hot Hot Hot16/01/2002
1x12 Hall of Fame06/02/2002
3x14 The Getaway29/03/2004
3x15 Easy Rider05/04/2004
4x01 Big Brother08/09/2004
4x07 Nerdy Mac21/01/2005
4x12 You Got Served25/02/2005
5x13 Exercise in Fertility (1)13/01/2006
5x16 Bar Mizvah Crashers03/02/2006
5x17 Who's Your Mama31/03/2006
Grounded for Life (Parents à tout prix)
2x12 Don't Fear the Reefer06/02/2002
Everybody Hates Chris (Tout le monde déteste Chris)
1x13 Everybody Hates Picture Day02/02/2006
5x09 My Half-Acre07/02/2006
5x22 My Deja Vu My Deja Vu09/05/2006
6x07 His Story IV01/02/2007
6x22 My Point of No Return17/05/2007
7x07 My Bad Too10/04/2008
8x16 My Cuz22/04/2009
Gilmore Girls
6x16 Bridesmaid Revisited28/02/2006
Girlfriends (US)
6x19 It's Raining Men24/04/2006
6x20 I Don't Wanna Be A Player No More01/05/2006
Help Me Help You
1x13 Moving On19/12/2006
In Case of Emergency
1x10 The Good, the Bad, and the Mob28/03/2007
1x11 Happy Endings04/04/2007
Aliens in America (Tandoori & Hamburgers)
1x05 Help Wanted29/10/2007
1x15 The Muslim Card27/04/2008
1x04 Mardi Gras Croc Attack23/03/2008
Ugly Betty
2x16 Betty's Baby Bump08/05/2008
2x03 Let's Make a Deal09/09/2008
1x05 Band's Best Friend07/06/2009
In the Motherhood
1x06 Where There's a Will, There's a Wake02/07/2009
Sonny with a Chance (Sonny)
1x16 Sonny in the Kitchen with Dinner16/08/2009
30 Rock
6x17 Meet the Woggels12/04/2012
7x08 My Whole Life Is Thunder06/12/2012
Melissa & Joey
2x11 A Pair of Sneakers01/08/2012
2x19 Decemberfold03/04/2013
Men at Work
2x06 Tyler the Pioneer09/05/2013
2x07 Uncle Gibbs16/05/2013
2x08 The Gibbs-Orcism23/05/2013
3x06 Hi, Jude19/02/2014
1x04 The Switch05/06/2014
Brooklyn Nine-Nine
2x07 Lockdown16/11/2014
2x20 AC/DC26/04/2015
3x06 Into the Woods08/11/2015
4x15 The Last Ride25/04/2017
5x08 Return to Skyfire28/11/2017
5x13 The Negotiation25/03/2018
7x10 Admiral Peralta02/04/2020
8x09 The Last Day (1)16/09/2021
About a Boy
2x11 About a Hook27/01/2015
Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
1x05 Kimmy Kisses a Boy!06/03/2015
2x03 Kimmy Goes to a Play!15/04/2016
One Big Happy
1x03 Crushing It31/03/2015
Young & Hungry
2x05 Young & First Time22/04/2015
2x12 Old Digger13/01/2016
2x19 The Leftovers06/04/2016
3x06 Jack of All Trades09/11/2016
4x06 First and Last07/11/2017
5x03 Scarred for Life30/10/2018
5x19 Under the Influence16/04/2019
1x10 Demotion15/02/2016
2x16 Integrity Award16/03/2017
The Mindy Project
4x25 Freedom Tower Women's Health28/06/2016
The Good Place
1x10 Chidi's Choice05/01/2017
One Day at a Time (2017) (Au fil des jours (2017))
1x11 Pride & Prejudice06/01/2017
Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
2x08 Who Is Josh's Soup Fairy?06/01/2017
1x09 Emergency Punch-Up20/04/2017
L.A. to Vegas
1x04 The Affair23/01/2018
1x11 Jack Silver03/04/2018
Superior Donuts
2x19 The ICEMen Cometh30/04/2018
2x07 Messy06/02/2019
2x08 Workin' Me13/02/2019
Almost Family
1x11 Generational AF15/01/2020
Never Have I Ever (Mes Premières Fois)
1x03 ... gotten drunk with the popular kids27/04/2020
1x04 ... felt super Indian27/04/2020